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“Happy Mothers Day”

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                      “Happy Mother’s Day”...
                      T         hese are hollow words
                               to thousands of down-
                               and-out mothers living
                      in flea-bag hotels or on dirty
                      city sidewalks.
                         It’s heart-breaking, but
                      women and children are the
                      fastest growing segment of
                      the homeless population in
                      our nation. Many are victims
➤ Words of
  Encouragement       of domestic violence…
  page 2              fleeing the abuse in their
                      homes only to be confronted
                      with the harsh realities of life
                      on the street.
                         These are mothers struggling to find     women and children were helped in our
                      food and safe shelter for their families.   area. People like Lillian and her family –
➤ Hope confronts      Overwhelmed with concern for the            read her incredible story on page 3.
  Tragedy             wellbeing of their children, many suffer       And God uses people like you, too. Our
  page 3              from severe depression and anxiety. For     shelters and programs, offering tangible
                      most, the future looks bleak.               expressions of grace and restoration, would
                         But there is a God who cares for         not be possible without your support.
                      these lost families with a fierce love!        This Mother’s Day, remember the
                      The Salvation Army has been                 blessings you received from you mother…
                      commissioned by Him to share His            and then be a blessing to another mother in
➤ On the Blvd. of
  Broken Dreams
                      compassion… providing healing in the        desperate need.
  page 4
                      present… and hope for the future.
                         We open our arms… and our doors to        “My people will live in peaceful
                      women in need. Providing peace,             dwelling places, in secure homes,
                      encouragement and shelter from the          undisturbed places of rest.”
                      storm. Last year alone, over 30,000                                       — ISAIAH 32:18

                    Phone: 213-896-9160 • Web:                                 1
Words of Encouragement…
                        a child, how
       “I  remember as       r Christmas
    Salvation   Army made ou                       “I sal
                        us kids. The          Salva ute T e
    for a ll eight of                                         h
                           ht boxes of               tion A
    Salvatio  n Army broug          use      rescui         rmy f
                       ts to our ho                 ng a           o
     clothing and gif               –                     youn r
            just befor e Christmas          in the
                                                   la           g ma
                   er to be for
                                gotten     wond te 1920s. T n in seriou
             a nev                               erful o         he        s
             g esture on yo
                           ur part!       the go        fficers Salvation trouble bac
                           good                 od              mu        Arm        k
              Keep up the                world work they st be comm y and its
                                               .Ia              ha        en
              work.”                    they c m a small ve done aro ded for all
                  Phyllis                     are for          exam      und t
                                                           the un      ple                    he
                                               Leroy             fortun of how
                    “At the age
                                  of 12, The
                Salvation Arm
                              y sent me an
                 sister to sum              d my
                               mer camp at
                    Lake. I am re            Star
                                   tired now, bu              “In the late
                   will always re                 tI                     ed a
                                 member that              30s, you help
                  experience a                                             need
                                s it is the on           young man in
                 time I ever g                 ly        and he never
                               ot to go to                              in 1943
                camp.”                                  it. I met him
                        John                                                  ed at Geiger
                                                       while h  e was station
                                                                                  orps. We
                                                       Field in th e Army Air C
                                                                           0 years, 4
                                                      were   married for 4                 e
                                                                               he went hom
                                                               12 days, then
                                                 months and
                                                                e Lord.”
                                                 to be with th

                              “There is no reward equal to that
                              of doing the most good to the
                              most people in the most need.”
                                                             Evangeline Booth—1919
                                       wife of William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army

                                                                                               THE MOST

                                                              Farewell Letter From the
                                                                 Divisional Leaders
         Lillian’s Story
                                                                                             For the past short two
                                                                                        years, our service here as
                                                                                        Divisional leaders has been
                                                                                        filled with many emotions.

  Tragedy                                                                               Joy and wonder as lives
                                                                                        continue daily to be
                                                                                        transformed through The
                                                                                        Salvation Army’s life-
                                                              changing ministries and sadness as natural
                                                              disasters and social ills continue to put so many
                                                              people at the mercy of the streets and strangers.
                                                              We have seen financial challenges and blessings,

                          S   ome find it hard to believe
                          but homelessness can happen to
                                                              and worked to help the ministries meet the Army’s
                                                              mission with the best stewardship of our resources.
                                                              Two things have been constant – God’s amazing
                          anyone. Nearly one year ago, it     grace and your faithful support.
                          happened to Lillian, a then              The outpouring of assistance The Salvation
                          pregnant mother of three.           Army has received from you has allowed us to
                                                              touch the lives of families in Southern California
                                Lillian, her husband,         and elsewhere (Katrina, Indonesia) with material
                           Marcus, and children were          items like clothing, food and shelter. But, most
                           living the American dream in a     importantly, we have been able to reach out to
                           comfortable home, with a new       hurting souls and provide healing, hope and the
baby on the way. It only took one day for their dream         promise of God’s everlasting love.
life to turn into a nightmare.                                     Our appointment as Divisional leaders in
    One night on his way home from work, Marcus               Southern California will end this summer as we
stopped at a grocery store, was confronted by a man who       take up new appointments at the Territorial
                                                              Headquarters of the Central Territory (Chicago) as
shot and killed him for his money and car.
                                                              Chief Secretary and Territorial Women’s Ministries
    Lillian was devastated. She had no family members         Secretary. We will miss the work being done here,
to turn to and blamed herself for her husband’s death         and will be praying for the continued support and
because she insisted that he stop and pick up groceries       commitment to make a difference in this
before coming home. She sank into a deep depression.          community.
Her pregnancy became high risk and Lillian was unable              Thank you for your generous support of The
to work, and unable to provide for her children.              Salvation Army’s work and mission. Please know
                                                              that the Army will continue “doing the most good”
    Lillian got on government aid, and pawned
                                                              with your contributions of time, money and
everything they owned to survive. Still they were barely      resources.
making ends meet to pay for food, doctor bills, and rent.
                                                                   Now, we prepare for the transfer of leadership
With no car, phone or money, Lillian ended up having          and continuation of this work, knowing that they
her baby boy in the streets. That’s when she realized she     too will be blessed as they are part of touching the
needed help.                                                  lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and
     Lillian finally came to The Salvation Army worn and      children who seek our assistance every year.
tired from her struggles. It took a while for her to accept
                                                              God bless you,
that she was homeless and needed help.
    Currently, Lillian and her children are living in a
Salvation Army shelter where they receive food,               Major Paul R. Seiler
counseling and a safe place to sleep. The Salvation Army
helped her find daycare and is assisting her in her job
search… restoring Lillian’s dignity and hope for the
future… one step at a time.
                                                              Major Carol Seiler

                                         A Beacon of Light
                                        on the Boulevard of
                                                          Broken Dreams

H        ollywood, CA - It used to be synonymous
with the “good life”… glamour, fame, and success.
Nowadays, Hollywood is symbolic of broken
dreams, hard-luck and addiction.
     Located on Hollywood Blvd., The Salvation
Army Hollywood Temple Corps is fighting hard to
save lives destined for destruction. Captains Carlos
and Rosa Rodriquez provide food for the hungry,
counseling to the weary, worship services to the
spiritually bankrupt and other vital life-lines to the
destitute of their community.
     Thank you. Your support is helping The
Salvation Army rebuild broken dreams on the streets       Captain Rosa Rodriguez lends a compassionate hand to
of Hollywood.                                                             a woman on the streets of Hollywood.

    5K Trail Run and Nature Walk
               Run a Mile in my Shoes
     Join The Salvation Army for the 5K Nature Trail Run at The Salvation Army
Camp Mt. Crags and Gilmore (26801 Dorothy Drive, Calabasas, California
91302) on Saturday, June 17, 2006. The run/walk will benefit The Salvation
Army Summer Camps.
     With your support, The Salvation Army can show children the beauty of the
camp environment in the hopes that their camp experience will produce positive
self-esteem and life-long friendships.
                                                                          BY June 9        AFTER June 9
  8:00 AM Check in and packet pick-up                5K Trail Run           $30                $35
  9:00 AM Start of 5K trail run
                                                     5K Nature Walk         $30                $35
  9:15 AM Start of nature walk
                                                     Children 4-16          $15                $20
  9:45 AM Finish line expo & celebration

For sponsorship opportunities or to participate, please contact Emy Pena, 213-607-7304 Or visit:


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