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					“Exposure to Paint”

A 2 day weekend creative workshop which
combines photography and painting

       Gallery 36, Exeter
       March 13th & 14th 2010, 9.30-4pm
       £150 per person total including simple
       buffet lunch on both days.
       £30 for painting equipment hire if req’d.

Suitable for beginners or experienced artists
and photographers who would like to explore
the creative processes and connections between these two media.

Day 1 – Creative Photography with Tony Cobley

Tony is a professional photographer with a passion for sharing his ideas with others, particularly
with regards to the creative aspects of photography. The Saturday workshop will explore how to
compose great images, consider the different qualities of light and also will look at the abstract
opportunities for photography.

The day is dedicated to creative development rather than technical gadgetry and participants are
welcome to bring along any type of camera from camera phone to digital SLR. Digital cameras are
preferred so that the images can be seen on the day.

The atmosphere will be stimulating, relaxed, fun and full of practical experimentation and
positive encouragement. The day will end with a slideshow and critique of everyone’s images and
a selection of an image each to print. Each person’s chosen image will be taken on and developed
in the second day…

Day 2 – Acrylic Painting with Jane Vaux

Jane has the belief that everyone can paint and with the added creativity of the photographic
workshop as a starting point, inspirational opportunities arise!

In a completely supportive and encouraging atmosphere - experimenting with the effects acrylic
paint can produce enabling all to enjoy a relaxed yet challenging and exciting workshop.

Jane will start the day with a brief demonstration and brain storming session looking at ways to use
the photography images developed the day before.
All students will be encouraged to explore new ways of seeing - shape, texture, light and shade.
This should result in producing a piece of art within the day.

Please bring your own acrylic paint, board/canvas, palette board, knives and brushes - or request a
basic pack on your booking form at an extra cost of £30 - to be added to your payment.

The Tutors
Tony’s website is:
Jane’s website is:

Please contact Tony for a booking form: email: Tel: 07886 871711

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