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Work together, Learn together, Believe together

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Work together, Learn together, Believe together
        Governors report to Parents 2008-09
Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I submit to you The Governors Annual Report.
You will see that the Governors have been busy dealing with various issues
which have arisen from time to time, meeting regularly as the occasion
The Staff are dedicated, and committed to providing the highest standards of
teaching. The pupils are making good progress in all aspects of their
Your Governors have attended and observed lessons being taught in all
subject areas, and this has given us a very good insight into the modern ways
of imparting knowledge to the children.
The behaviour of the children has been a delight to see, and they have
demonstrated a very strong desire to learn.
I hope you enjoy reading our report, and I commend it to you as it augers well
for the future.

Yours faithfully

Tom Jones
Chairman of the Governing Body

School Council
“Penyffordd Junior School is a wonderful environment and there are lots of fun
ways to learn. Our education here is very rich, as we learn spellings, Maths,
English, Science, P.E., History, Geography, Art Design and Technology, ICT, R.E.
and Music which we have our own room for.”

Eco School Committee
“Our Eco-School committee consists of representatives from all classes of
representatives from all our classes. We play an important role in decision
making and participation in order to reduce the environmental impact of our
school. We have been involved in setting up a nature area, Litter-picking rotas,
Recycling, Composting, Walking to School, Trying to Save Water and Energy
and Attending meetings with other schools on Fair Trade”.
Financial Summary 2008/09

                                       Budget       Projected    Difference
                                        08/09    spend 08/09
Employees                             295,210        322,798         26,888
Premises                               21,766          19,701         2,064
Transport                                 150               0           150
Supplies                                8,775          10,901         2,126
Agency                                    670             670             0
Income                                      0        (13,085)        13,085
LEA Support                             7,220           7,220             0
TOTAL                                                348,205         44,313

*** Note: No Governor has claimed any monies.

Donations from Friends of Penyffordd School (FOPS)

       £1,000.00       April 2009
       £1,100.00       July 2009

We would like to thank Fops for their continued support in fundraising with
which we have been able to purchase, Maths Resources, a Guided Reading
Scheme, a Bike Rack and part-funding for all our trips.
Attendance Figures 03/09/08 to 17/07/09                                          25th June 2009

                                                                                        Transition activities for KS 1/2 and KS 2/3
                                                     Sessions         %
                                                                                        GTCW funded research project into developing thinking skills and
Attendances                                                 40204         93.6          assessment for learning completed
Authorised absences                                          2417          5.6          Improving pupils attendance
Unauthorised absences                                         253          0.8          Sustainable energy project implemented
Possible Attendance                                         42974                       School won cricket county finals (won tickets to the Ashes) and
Including                                                                               football League
Approved Educational Activity                                   602        1.4          After-School clubs very popular
Lates before registration closed                                 46        0.1          Various trips organised
Lates after registration closed                                   4        0.0
Unexplained absences                                            321        0.8

School Attendance Policy

Good attendance is vitally important to a child’s development. A
telephone message to explain a child’s absence is required and a note
must by sent on the child’s return to school. All absences are logged on
the school’s electronic register and our figures are reported to our Local
Authority. Holidays must not exceed two weeks during the academic
year and holiday forms must be signed in advance then co-signed by the
Head teacher. These forms are available from school.
School Strategies for the following were discussed:                                  The 2009 Governing Body

23rd October 2009
                                                                               REPRESENTING          NAME                         TERMINATION
       School Development Plan agreed                                                                                             DATE
       Tracking of pupil progress electronically
       New Curriculum open evening for parents                                 LEA GOVERNORS         Cllr T W Jones OBE (Chair)   21/01/13
       Thinking Skills and Assessment for Learning
       Year 3 Additional Needs Meeting held                                                          Mrs Karen Lloyd              08/12/12
       Transition meeting with Castell Alun and Abbot’s Lane held                                    Mrs Pat Ransome              02/10/11
       Governors in school day very successful
       World Week successful                                                   MINOR AUTHORITY       Mrs Margaret Jones           07/02/09
       Super thinking day held to develop thinking skills stratefies
                                                                               PARENT GOVERNORS      Mrs Zoe Randall              23/10/12
       Inclusion audit carried out
                                                                                                     Mrs Kathryn Woolley          23/10/12
4th March 2009                                                                                       Mrs Carolyn Owens            23/10/12
                                                                                                     Mr Andy Wood                 ??/10/10
       Feedback on Estyn inspection, Outstanding features included:
       Identification of and provision of Children’s Needs, Inclusion,         TEACHER GOVERNOR      Mr Frazer Holland            06/11/12
       Transition of Infants and to High School, Sustainable Development,
       Eco-Schools, Provisions for off-site and out of hours provision,        STAFF GOVERNOR        Vacancy                      06/11/13
       entrepeneurship, Design Technology, Consultation of Parents;
       responding to views, teacher assessment arrangements. Next steps:       CO-OPTED GOVERNORS    Mrs Sue Holmes (V.Chair)     06/02/13
       Improve Bilingualism, Maths and a key skill and Monitoring of                                 Mrs Gill Baines              06/02/13
       attendance                                                                                    Mrs Alison Mathews           08/10/10
       Assessment data shows positive impact of RM Maths and Catch-up
       programme                                                               HEADTEACHER           Mrs Jane Jones
       School involving in training staff county wide
       New Teaching and Learning Policy created                                CLERK TO THE          Mrs Monika Gravill
       PHSE Scheme of work revised in line with new orders                     GOVERNORS             45 Penymynydd Road
       Playground buddy system implemented                                                           Penyffordd
       Governors in School Day
                                                                                                     CH4 0LF
       Wide range of after-school clubs, partially helped by lottery funding
       Many visits were held
       Y5 went to Pentrellyncymer
       Y6 went to Nant BH
School Holiday Dates and Training Days 2009-10               Additional Needs Policy
                            Autumn Term 2009
                                                             Every child experiencing Additional Needs will be welcomed and valued
Training Day                  Tuesday        1st September   as an individual. Penyffordd Junior School, through policy and practice,
Training Day                  Wednesday      2nd September   aims to identify and support such pupils in accordance with the
School Opens                  Thursday       3rd September   guidelines offered in the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs.
School Closes (Half Term)     Friday         23rd October    To do this the school identifies the level of the pupil’s needs by
School Opens                  Monday         2rd November    assessing Maths, Reading and Spelling twice a year, and follows up
School Closes                 Friday         18th December   parental queries and concerns. Some children, a small minority, are
                                                             assessed by the Senior Inclusion Support Teacher or by the Educational
                            Spring Term 2010                 Psychologist and other agencies. Parents and Pupils are consulted at all
                                                             stages of referral.
Training Day                  Monday         4th January
School Opens                  Tuesday        5th January     It is polity of the Governors to use all the Additional Needs allocation.
School Closes (Half Term)     Friday         12th February   We provide the equivalent of two mornings of support; the funding
School Opens                  Monday         22nd February
                                                             buys less than one morning.
School Closes (Easter)        Thursday       25th March
Training Day                  Friday         26th March

                            Summer Term 2010                 More Able and Talented

                                                             At Penyffordd Junior School we recognise that we have more able and
Training Day                  Monday         12th April
                                                             talented children. Individual children should be encouraged to develop
School Opens                  Tuesday        13th April
School Closed (May Day)       Monday         3rd May         their attributes, skills and potential within a learning environment that
School Closes                 Friday         28th May        embraces equality of opportunity and provision. Abilities and talents
School Opens                  Monday         7st June        will emerge in a wide range of subjects and fields. It is important to
School Closes                 Friday         16th July       develop the whole child. Schools and individuals can thrive in a culture
                                                             of ambition and aspiration.

                                                             Making provision to meet the needs of More Able and Talented pupils
                                                             therefore will benefit ALL pupils’ Curriculum of Opportunity.
Percentage achieving Level 4 or above at Key State 2 (Teacher          The school was last inspected in Spring, 2009, by a team of Estyn
Assessment)                                                            inspectors. There were three recommendations for the school following
                                                                       the inspection, which have been addressed via a Post Inspection Action
Penyffordd Juniors Cohort size- Boys 18     Girls 24

                                                                       Recommendation 1
                        2005         2006   2007       2008     2009
English    School        87.5        91.7      90      90.5       88
                                                                       Improve standards and progressive planning in th use of mathematics to
           LEA           78.4        80.5    78.9      81.9       82   support learning.
           Wales         78.5          79    78.6      79.8       81
                                                                       Action: All staff have devised a plan for the progressive development of
Maths      School        87.5        94.4      90      90.5       92   maths as a key skill.
           LEA           77.3          82    79.9        84       83
           Wales         79.2          80    80.4      81.3       82
                                                                       Recommendation 2

                                                                       Raise standards in bilingualism.
Science    School        87.5        91.7    96.7      97.6       88
           LEA           86.5        84.5      84      88.6       87   Action: Staff are working to devise a plan for the progressive
           Wales         85.8          87    84.9      85.6       86
                                                                       development of bilingual skills. Work is already underway and shildren
CSI        School        83.3        91.7    83.3      83.3       88   are using more complex language patterns for incidental Welsh.
           LEA           71.7        75.1    73.3      77.9       78
                                                                       Recommendation 3
           Wales         73.3          74    74.1      75.5       77
                                                                       Further develop procedures to monitor attendance.

                                                                       Action: More stringent rules for holiday applications by parents has
                                                                       been applied.

                                                                       Our School and the Community Work Closely Together
Progress since the last inspection
                Funds were raised to support Ty Gobaith Cymru (Hope         2007 – Mrs Jones appointed - Head teacher
                House Wales) during our harvest service. This year the             Miss Crompton - Deputy Head teacher
                service was held in the Trinity Chapel.
                                                                            2008 - Mr Davies - Class Teacher
                We sold Daffodils in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care,               Mrs Papper - Class Teacher and AN Teacher
                Poppies in aid of the Royal British Legion and Shoe Boxes          Mrs Monika Gravill – Admin Assistant
                were collected in aid of Operation Christmas Child.                Mrs Littler – Classroom Assistant

                We continue to be supported by a loyal band of Reading      2009 – No new staff
                Helpers, with thanks.

                FOPS meetings are held, alternately, in our school an
                Abbot’s Lane and fund raising events involving the
                Children are well supported.

                We continue to host a number of visits by various
                members of the local and wider community inc: Police,
                Fire Service, Health Professionals, Key Strings, Library
                Talks and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

                Children have visited Trinity Chapel and had visits from
                the Minister from the above.

Staff Changes

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