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					King’s College, Cambridge
       ~ a passion for excellence

                                    Wine list
     All our House Wines are from impeccable sources, each vintage is assessed before
     bottling and our own label then attached at the bottling plant.

1    King’s College French White, Vin de Pays d’Oc, 2002                                          £9.95
     The White House Selection has an aromatic entry, a medium weight mid palate and a
     crisp clean finish. It is very good value and works well with light dishes such as
     gravadlax or salmn. It can also be drunk as an aperitif.

2    King’s College French Red, Vin de Pays de l’Aude, 2003                                       £9.95
     The Red House Selection has good fruit definition without being cloying or heavy. It
     matches chicken brilliantly but can easily accompany both light meat and vegetarian

3    Le Mesnil, Blancs de Blancs, NV Champagne                                                    £24.50
     Our House Champagne is made by the co-operative in Le Mesnil from 100% grand cru
     vineyards. It consistently beats all the ‘grande marque’ champagnes in blind tastings
     and is probably the highest quality non-premium champagne on the market. We give it
     one to two years bottle age in our cellars before using which allows the wine to
     develop very distinctive yeasty flavours. This wine has been a staple of the college
     cellar for over twenty years and not a single bottle has disappointed.

4    King’s College Port – Romariz LBV 1998                                                       £17.50
     This late bottled vintage shows the warmth of the fortification but also has raisin fruit.
     It is a wonderful accompaniment to both chocolate and cheese and can also be enjoyed
     on its own at the end of a meal.
     White Wines
5    Steenberg Motif Blanc, Constantia, 2003 (South Africa)                                       £10.50
     Made by one of the best wineries in South Africa, this crisp Sauvignon based wine has
     concentrated fruit and a crisp finish. It would accompany seared tuna very well and also
     be a good match for fried tiger prawns.

6A   The Beak, Semillon/Sauvignon/Chenin, Barossa Valley, 2002 (Australia)                        £10.25
     A good streak of acidity gives this wine depth and length, it has a clean entry and a
     slightly floral exit. It has enough weight to compliment both fish and light meat dishes.

6    Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Felines Jourdan, Coteaux du Languedoc, 2003 (France)               £11.00
     A brilliantly vibrant wine that has citrus and floral notes on entry.
     An outstanding aperitif that also works with lighter flavoured dishes.

7    Alpha Zeta Chardonnay, Veneto, 2002 (Italy)                                                  £11.00
     Classic chardonnay fruit opens out to a mid palate of some complexity. It is not a warm
     climate chardonnay and does not have the tropical fruit overtones associated with
     southern hemisphere wines. A versatile wine which would be wonderful with
     artichokes or poached fish laksa.

8    Chateau Grand Village, Bordeaux, 2003 (France)                                               £11.75
     A very good sauvignon from Bordeaux with good acidity and classic herbaceous notes.
     This represents outstanding value from a region that has frequently exploited its world
     markets. The wine works as an aperitif as well as with light fish dishes or chicken.

9    Orvieto Classico, Poggio Calvelli, Umbria 2002 (Italy)                                       £12.00
     A blend of the five traditional grapes of this region with a touch of chardonnay added.
     This has a zesty fruit entry and mid weight that makes it both an excellent aperitif and a
     good match for a light first course.

10   Chenin Blanc, Muldersbosch, Stellenbosch, 2002 (South Africa)                                £12.95
     From one of the outstanding wineries in Stellenbosch this characterful wine displays
     notes of apricot and lime and has a firm acidic backbone. It goes very well with Cromer
     crab or roasted salmon.

11   Pinot Blanc, Domaine Paul Blanck, Alsace, 2002 (France)                                      £14.50
     This wine has a delicate floral entry with a full-bodied mid palate. It works very well
     with Asian flavours and can also be drunk as an aperitif.
     White Wines (cont’d)
12   Riesling, Domaine Paul Blanck, Alsace, 2002 (France)                                         £15.50
     This brilliant Riesling from Alsace is probably the most versatile white wine on the list.
     It has a crisp entry with notes of kerosene, a full mid palate with warm fruit and a
     good acidic exit. It is a fantastic accompaniment to Thai fish cakes, tuna rolls, smoked
     chicken or couscous with apricots and lemon.

13   Gewurztraminer, Domaine Paul Blanck, Alsace, 2002 (France)                                   £17.00
     From the same Domaine as the Riesling, this wine also accompanies many of the Asian
     inspired dishes brilliantly. It has more weight than the Riesling and shows the typical
     lychee flavours of the grape. Try it with crispy duck pancakes and plum sauce.

14   Chablis, G. Duplessis, 2001 (France)                                                         £20.50
     A fine crisp Chablis from a small producer. It shows the steely fruit characteristic of
     the area, but is not as full bodied as the ‘Prelude’ and more restrained in personality.
     It works very well with smoked salmon.

15   Prelude Chardonnay, Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River, 2000 (Australia)                         £22.50
     From one of the top five Australian Producers of Chardonnay, this Leeuwin Estate’s
     ‘Baby Art Series’, is a fabulous white wine packed with vibrant fruit and brilliant
     acidity at the close. It is more Burgundian in style than new world and represents
     better value than most white burgundies. This is the white wine to bring a smile to the
     lips and would happily sit next to Cromer crab, curried vegetables or light meats.
     Winemaking at the very highest level.
      Red Wines
16    Domaine de Callory, Vins de Pays du Comte Tolosan, 2000 (France)                                   £10.75
      An outstanding vintage has produced a full-bodied wine with elegance. This wine is dry on
      the finish but opens with ripe blackberry and redcurrant notes. It is a very good substitute for
      rather more expensive claret.

17    Lonsdale Ridge, Shiraz/Cabernet, Victoria, 2002 (Australia)                                        £11.75
      Fabulous fruit opens this wine which develops into a firm structure at some length. It is well
      balanced and less sweet than many Australian wines at this price level. A great match for
      middle eastern inspired dishes.

18A   Vitiano, Falesco, Umbria, 2002 (Italy)                                                             £11.75
      Made by Riccardo Cotarello, the most sought after wine maker in Italy and principally from
      Cabernet. This is a full-bodied wine with firm fruit flavours and a streak of plum or cherry at
      the exit. It is one of the best value wines currently made in Italy and is a fantastic
      accompaniment to full flavoured dishes such as Toulouse sausages or beef stroganoff.

18    Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Colle Morino, Barbi, 2002 (Italy)                                         £12.00
      Harvested from the hills around Teramo, considered to be the best region in Abruzzo for
      Montepulcians. An arresting wine loaded with luscious fruit, with an explosive finish.
      Tannins are ripe and the wine shows some length - works well with full flavoured dishes.

19    Cotes du Rhone, Santa Duc, 2001 (France)                                                           £12.50
      A blend of 65% Syrah and 35% Grenache with a dense purple colour and lots of fresh crisp
      fruit. This is a versatile wine suitable for buffet style foods.

20    Lirac, Cotes du Rhone, Villages, Chateau de Segries, 2001 (France)                                 £12.75
      An established superior estate, producing wine that exceeds expectation year on year. Lots of
      sweet fruit with crisp acidity to give a nice crunchy texture. Flavours of black cherries and
      spice on the finish.
     Red Wines (cont’d)
21   Pinot Noir, Duckbill, 2002 (Western Australia)                                                  £13.25
     An excellent value pinot noir from the up and coming Great Southern Region in
     Western Australia. It is pale in colour but the intense sweet fruit of Pinot shines
     through - a fabulous value wine for Pinot lovers. This matches aubergine/vegetable
     and goats cheese.

22   Wakefield Shiraz, Clare Valley, 2002 (Australia)                                                £14.50
     This is a bold almost breath-taking wine, bursting with heady aromas and packed with
     sweet fruit. It keeps its balance and finishes with good length, probably the densest red
     wine on the list and a brilliant match for Greek charred lamb.

23   Vina Pomal, Crianza, Rioja, 2000 (Spain)                                                        £14.75
     Classic Rioja, notes of vanilla on the entry with a full-bodied and aromatic close. This
     accompanies red meat, game or cheese very well.

24   Chateau La Tour de By, Medoc, 1997 (France)                                                     £15.50
     A great value classic claret. The tannins are ripe and the fruit still vibrant in a wine that
     is now drinking at its peak. This provides a wonderful glass with cheese/end of meal

25   Chateau Batailley, Grand Cru Classe, Pauillac, 1993 (France)                                    £17.00
     This fine Pauillac always needs time to show it’s best. Now fully mature it is a solid
     constructed wine with the classic ‘cedar’ nose that people associate with claret.
     A great accompaniment to beef or venison.

26   Chorey les Beaune, Tollot Beaut, 1997 (France)                                                  £23.50
     From one of the best value producers in Burgundy, this Pinot Noir has a firm backbone
     and ripe fruit flavours. It is very much in the modern style, accentuated by the vintage
     and works very well with full flavoured dishes such as duck cassoulet.
27A   Coteaux du Layon Saint Aubin, Clos les Treize Vents, Domaine du Petit Metris, 2002        £17.50
      Made from Chenin this sweet wine has fantastic delineation. It has some mineral notes
      as well as sweetness and an underlying acidity keeps this from being cloying. One of
      the most versatile dessert wines available, it will accompany most of the desserts on
      the menu.

27    Chateau Petit Vedrines, Sauternes, 2001 37.5cl, (France)                                  £13.00
      Classic peach kernel and honey characterise this wine and shows the class of its
      appellation. The perception of sweetness is offset by fruit, dried apricot and melon,
      which makes this a very good partner for fruit deserts and cheese.

28    Cava, Aliguer Brut, 2000 (Spain)                                                          £12.75
      A crisp refreshing sparkler with earthy hints at the close. Many wines from this region
      in Spain are lacklustre if inoffensive. This example has personality and real flavour.
      An exceptional alternative to champagne.

29    Beaumont des Crayeres, Fleur de Rose, Brut, 1997 Champagne                                £32.00
      A rose champagne bursting with Pinot fruit with the additional complexity of a
      vintage wine. This is a very classy sparkling wine that can also match food very well.
      Try it with chocolate dessert, the strawberry syllabub or the seafood ragout with

30    Vilmart, NV, Champagne                                                                    £32.00
      This house produces some of the finest champagnes. Tom Stevenson in his
      authoritative book on the region notes that the vintage 1990 Couer de Cuvee is one of
      the two greatest champagnes made since the war. This non-vintage does not have the
      power of the vintage, but is also a tenth of the price. An outstanding wine.
31   King’s College Manzanilla, E. Lustau                                                        £11.50
     A light sherry with a pronounced salty entry and clean finish
     Excellent aperitif wine.

32   King’s College Fino , E. Lustau                                                             £11.50
     Made by the Great Bodega Lustau. A crisp and delicate wine of finesse.

33   King’s College Amontillado, E. Lustau                                                       £11.50
     A fuller-bodied sherry, nutty and with good acidity.
     Not sweet but rounded and warm.

34   Blandy’s, Duke of Cumberland, Medium Rich, Madeira                                          £15.50
     A rich warming glass of nutty complexity.

35   Justino Henriques, Madeira, Malmsey, 10 Years Ago                                           £22.50
     A rich after dinner wine with a full body and great length.

36   Taylor’s, 1983, Vintage Port                                                                £28.50
     Prunes and dried figs characterise the entry to this wine and has the class of one of the
     most highly valued houses in Portugal. There’s no better accompaniment to a mature
     flavoured cheese than an after dinner wine with a full body and great length.
     The Fellows’ Cellar contains some of the finest wines made in the world, bought on
     release and aged in our temperature controlled cellars. The oldest Soleras date back to
     the nineteenth century and most of the finest vintages from the major wine regions are
     represented. The Cellar is eclectic with bottles from First Growth Bordeaux, such as
     Chateau Latour, super Tuscans ie Sassicaia to regional wines from up and coming
     areas in Spain, France and even Tasmania. This selection is indicative of some of the
     wines available and stock levels for each wine vary considerably. The Butler will be
     happy to advise, if none of the wines on this list tempt you.

37   Pesquera Crianza, Ribera del Duero, 1998                                                    £30.95
     The wine critic Robert Parker compares Pesquera to Pomerol. This is not as full bodied
     or weighty as the reserva wines, but it has a great deal of fruit complexity and a fine
     tannic structure. It would be great with Greek charred lamb.

38   Cornas, N. Verset, 1994                                                                     £32.25
     From the most consistent maker in the appellation, this wine is full of red fruits with a
     smoky aftertaste. It is drinking beautifully now and would be a perfect partner for
     roast beef.

39   Chateau Lynch Bages, 5eme Cru Pauillac, 1993                                                £36.00
     This Grand Bordeaux is now ready to drink. It does not have the weight or density of
     some vintages of this great chateau, but is none the worse for that. It has beautiful
     structure and fantastic delineation and is very well priced for a wine of such standing.

40   Vieux Chateau Certan, Grand Vin, Pomerol, 1993                                              £40.00
     One of the most famous estates in Pomerol. It has less merlot and more cabernet franc
     than most wines of this appellation. It is an elegant, well structured wine.

41   Hermitage, Marquis de la Tourette, Delas, 1993                                              £41.00
     White Hermitage ages gracefully, slowly evolving a complexity not common in white
     wines. This is packed with greengage and marzipan flavours that are slowly turning
     into more rounded notes of butterscotch. Straw in colour and powerful in the finish it
     is a classic white wine from one of France’s greatest vineyards. Superb with grilled
     baby chicken or artichoke tortellini.
42   Riesling, Grand Cru Hengst, Josmeyer, 1983                                        £43.00
     Alsation wines are built to last, and this is no exception. Josmeyer produce
     wines of great purity and delineation. This is a brilliant Riesling that now
     shows typical kerosene notes on entry with a full-bodied mid palate and a
     fantastic close. It is perhaps the most versatile of these fine wines, able to
     accompany chicken, tuna, prawns or salmon.

43   Chardonnay, Art Series, Leeuwin Estate, 2000                                      £58.00
     The big brother of the ‘Prelude’ on the Butler’s List. This is dream New
     World Chardonnay made in the Burgundian style. There are perhaps only
     three or four rivals to this wine in all of Australia, or indeed the New
     World. It has fabulous opulence with extraordinarily dense fruit and a
     buttery almost viscous mid palate. This is one of the greatest white wines in
     the cellar and would make a celebration meal very special.

44   Meursault, Blagny, F. Jobard, 1995                                                £70.00
     The most respected winemaker in Meursault produces wines that require
     long cellaring to finally develop into the most complex white wines in the
     world. Toasted almonds characterise this wine, which is one of the stars of
     the region and would be the perfect match for shellfish.

45   Chateau Rayne Vigneau, 1er cru Sauternes, 1995                                    £44.00
     A Sauterne that shows the typical peach kernel entry with great balancing
     acidity in the mid palate. It is almost dessert in its own right, a glassful of
     honeyed fruit and tangy lemon-lime after taste. Perfect for an exotic fruit

46   Quinta do Noval, 1966                                                             £90.00
     Figs and burnt sugar comprise the entry to this fully mature port from one
     of the grandest houses. It is now losing any overt sweetness and becoming
     a beautiful glass of fortified nectar. Probably wasted on a cheese selection:
     try it with a single blue and sweet biscuit - a match made in heaven.
    Beach Blanket Bingo                                                       £6.50
    (Equal parts of canberry & grapefruit juice, splash of soda & lime)

    Virgin Mary                                                               £6.50
    (Tomato juice, worcester sauce, tabasco, lime juice & celery salt)

    Bugs Bunny                                                                £6.75
    (Equal quantities of carrot & orange juice, dash of tabasco)

    Long Hard & Burning                                                       £7.00
    (Orange juice, cucumber juice, strawberry juice & bitters)

    Strawberry Smoother                                                       £7.00
    (Strawberry puree, orange juice, banana, lots of ice)

    Cinderella                                                                £7.00
    (Equal quantities of pineapple, orange, & lemon juice with grenadine &

    Watermelon Breeze                                                         £7.50
    (Juice of watermelon, fresh ginger, fresh mint)

    Plus ~   Various Plain Fruit Juices ranging from £5.00 to £7.00 per jug
                     Sparkling Elderflower Water @ £7.00 per jug
                  Still & Sparkling Mineral Water @ £2.50 per bottle

                  ALL PRICES ARE FOR A LITRE JUG - Equals 6 Glasses

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