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The Midas Awards


									                             The Midas Awards
                                  2006 Winners List
                               AUSTRIA                                                Orchard Communications; Woking England
                               Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann Werbe. GmbH                Finalist Certificate
                               Vienna Austria                                           Lloyds TSB Corporate Banking
                               Gold Midas                                               “Fighting Financial Crime: Stemming The Tide”
                                                                                        Best Non-Broadcast Video
                                 Mastercard “Empty Envelope”
GRAND MIDAS WINNERS              Best Direct Mail

                               ILLUSTREE - Höller, Pfaller, Seiger OEG                ESTONIA
BBDO Campaign GmbH
                               Vienna Austria                                         Kontuur LB OÜ; Tallinn Estonia
 Düsseldorf Germany            Silver Midas                                           Finalist Certificate
   Old-Age Provision              Österreichische Volksbanken AG “Zukunfts-Berater”     Hansa Liising “Godzilla and UFO”
     “Autumn of Life”            Best Website                                           Auto Leasing
 Best Place-Based Media
                               BRAZIL                                                 FINLAND
            Fallon             OpenFilms Brazil; São Paulo Brazil                     Evia Ltd; Helsinki Finland
 Minneapolis MN USA            Gold Midas                                             Finalist Certificate
             Citi               Caixa Economica Federal “Syndrome”                      CECAPITAL Group “ICECAPITAL/Safety Box”
                                 Sponsorship                                            Investment Advisors
 “Live Richly. Thoughts On
      Life And Money”
    Best Brand Reminder        CANADA                                                 GERMANY
                               JAN Kelley Marketing; Burlington Canada                HEIMAT, Berlin; Berlin Germany
                               Finalist Certificate                                    Finalist Certificate
                                 AIC “The Power of Commitment”                          GOYA “Goya Shares”
                                 Mutual Funds                                           Best Copywriting

                               Foote Cone & Belding Toronto; Toronto Canada           Publicis Berlin GmbH; Berlin Germany
                               Finalist Certificate                                    Silver Midas
                                 TD Canada Trust “Bouncing Ball”                         Berliner Sparkasse “Sparkassen Wunschkredit”
                                 Best Television Commercial                             Other

                               Lowe Roche Advertising; Toronto Canada                 antwerpes & partner ag; Cologne Germany
                               Silver Midas                                           Silver Midas
                                  Mackenzie Investments “‘Burn Rate’ Campaign“
                                                                                         “The New Coup Of DocCheck AG”
                                 Mutual Funds
                                                                                        Annual Report

                               cchm:ping; London England
                               Finalist Certificate
                                 Invisible Brand “Invisible Brand”
                                 Corporate Magazine
                 BBDO Campaign GmbH Düsseldorf                             Deutsche Bank “Winning with the Logo/Print Ad”   THE NETHERLANDS
                 Düsseldorf Germany                                        Best Photography
                                                                                                                            PPGH JWT; Amsterdam The Netherlands
                 Gold Midas
                                                                           Deutsche Bank “Winning with the Logo/TVC”        Finalist Certificate
                  Investment counseling “Funny Money”                      Best Corporate Identity
                   Banking; Best Copywriting                                                                                  ABN AMRO “‘Making more possible’ Volvo Ocean
                                                                                                                              Race Integrated Campaign”
                   Old-Age Provision “Autumn of Life”                    Neue Digitale; Frankfurt am Main Germany             Best Integrated Campaign
                   Retirement Financial Services                         Gold Midas
                                                                                                                              ABN AMRO Private Banking “For Life”
                                                                          Skyper “Skyper”                                     Retirement Financial Services
                 RTS Rieger Team; Düsseldorf Germany                       Real Estate
                 Finalist Certificate
                   ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG                              Serviceplan Gruppe für innovative
                   “Annual Report 04/05 - Accept No Limits”                                                                 NEW ZEALAND
                                                                         Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG
                   Annual Report                                         München Germany                                    Sugar; AUCKLAND New Zealand
                                                                         Finalist Certificate                                Gold Midas
                 JWT Frankfurt; Frankfurt Germany                          WWK Insurance “Who Knows What The                  TSB Bank “Expect More”
                 Gold Midas                                                Future Will Bring?”                                Banking
                  CMC Markets “24 - Money Never Sleeps”                    `Best Photography
                   Online Brokers; Best Direction; Best Cinematography                                                      TEQUILAAuckland; Auckland New Zealand
                                                                         Strichpunkt GmbH; Stuttgart Germany                Silver Midas
                 McCann Erickson Frankfurt GmbH                          Finalist Certificate                                   ASB Bank “Bootscraper”
                 Frankfurt Germany                                         ComBOTS AG “We Are Ready - Annual Report 2005”     Best Direct Mail
                 Silver Midas                                              Annual Report
                    Credit Suisse “New Perspectives-Campaign”                                                               Finalist Certificate
                   Best Photography                                                                                           ASB Bank “Bootscraper”
                 Finalist Certificate                                     HONG KONG                                            Grant Thornton “We See Things Differently”
                   Credit Suisse “New Perspectives-Campaign”
                                                                         OgilvyOne Worldwide Hong Kong                        Accounting, Audit And Tax Service; Best Billboard
                   Corporate Image
                                                                         Central Hong Kong
                   Credit Suisse “Youth Advancement”                     Finalist Certificate
                                                                           AXA China Region Ltd. “The Magic Lamp”           SPAIN
                   Winterthur Insurance “Viva Life”                        Financial Planning

                   Best Cinematography                                                                                      Atletico International Advertising S. L.
                                                                                                                            Barcelona Spain
                 McEmotion GmbH/McCann Erickson Frank-                                                                      Silver Midas
                                                                         ISRAEL                                                House and Home Protection Letter “The Only Tool”
                 furt GmbH; Frankfurt Germany
                 Gold Midas                                              Gitam/BBDO; Ramat Gan Israel                         Best Cinematography
                   DOMCURA AG “Water Damage-Campaign”                    Finalist Certificate                                Finalist Certificate
                   Best Photography                                        Clal Insurance “Piggy Bank”                        Legal Expenses Insurance “Our Rights”
                                                                           Insurance                                          Legal Services
                 SKADIALOG Werbeagentur GmbH
                 Frankfurt Germany
                 Finalist Certificate                                     MALAYSIA                                           SWEDEN
                   DZB “Your Way To The Capital Market”                  HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
                   Other                                                                                                    SWE Advertising Agency; Stockholm Sweden
                                                                         Kuala Lumpur Malaysia                              Silver Midas

                                                                         Finalist Certificate                                   FöreningsSparbanken Real Estate Agent
                 Deutsche Bank AG; Frankfurt/Main Germany
                                                                           HSBC Anytime Money “Bigger Plans”                   (Fastighetsbyrån) “Bosse Valentino”
                 Finalist Certificate
                                                                           Best Direct Mail                                   Real Estate
                   Deutsche Bank “Winning with the Logo/Film”
                   Employee Communications

                 SWITZERLAND                                           Finalist Certificate                              Finalist Certificate
                 McCann Erickson; Zurich Switzerland                     Citi “Land Of Credit”                            MasterCard “Cashier”; “Trophy Room”
                                                                         Credit Card                                      Best Television Commercial
                 Finalist Certificate
                   XL Capital “Fundamental Strength”                     Nuveen Investments “Smarter Ways To Be           MasterCard “PayPass Campaign”
                   Best Photography                                      Conservative: Dog”                               Best Integrated Campaign
                                                                         Best Television Commercial
                 Wirz /BBDO; Zürich Switzerland                          Nuveen Investments “Smarter Ways To Be         OgilvyOne; New York NY USA
                 Gold Midas                                              Conservative: Infinity Pool”                    Silver Midas
                  Die Schweizerische Mobiliar “Photographer”             Sponsorship                                       American Express “Roddick vs. PONG”
                   Insurance                                                                                              Credit Card
                                                                       DeVito/Verdi; New York NY USA                    Finalist Certificate
                                                                       Gold Midas                                         Ameritrade “Investing Side”; “Marathon”
                 USA                                                    Jackson Hewitt “6 to 8 Weeks”                     Online Brokers
                                                                         Accounting, Audit And Tax Service”
                 Planit; Baltimore MD USA
                                                                       Silver Midas                                     Saatchi & Saatchi; New York NY USA
                 Finalist Certificate
                                                                          Jackson Hewitt “Exciting”                     Gold Midas
                   Chevy Chase Bank “Star Awards”
                   Best Animation
                                                                         Accounting, Audit And Tax Service”               Ameriprise Financial “What’s Next”
                                                                                                                          Financial Planning
                 M1 Partnership; Culver City CA USA                    Kaplan Thaler Group; New York NY USA
                                                                       Gold Midas                                       Sullivan; New York NY USA
                 Finalist Certificate
                                                                        Aflac “Aflac Campaign”                            Finalist Certificate
                   Nationwide Exchange Services “NES Corporate Logo”
                   Best Corporate Identity
                                                                         Insurance                                        Fidelity Investments “Benefits Are No Joke”
                                                                       Silver Midas                                       Best Television Commercial
                 Wunderman Detroit; Dearborn MI USA                       Aflac “Silent Movie”
                                                                         Insurance                                      Wunderman NY; New York NY USA
                 Finalist Certificate
                                                                                                                        Finalist Certificate
                   Ford Motor Credit Corporation “FMCC Brand Video”    Finalist Certificate
                   Best Television Commercial                                                                             Citibank “Citibank Thank You Integrated
                                                                         U.S. Bank “U.S. Bank”                            Campaign”; “ID Theft/Protection Campaign”
                                                                         Banking                                          Banking
                 Lopez Negrete Communications
                 Houston TX USA                                        masius; New York NY USA                          Young & Rubicam; New York NY USA
                 Finalist Certificate                                   Finalist Certificate                              Finalist Certificate
                   Visa Check Card “Visa/Speed Of Light”                 Jefferies “Jefferies Brand Campaign”

                   Credit Card                                                                                            SunTrust “Charleston Launch: Bridge”
                                                                         Banking                                          Banking
                 Fallon; Minneapolis MN USA                                                                               Vanguard “Vipers”
                                                                       McCann Erickson; New York NY USA                   Best Art Direction
                 Gold Midas                                            Gold Midas
                   Citi “Train”; “ThankYou: Wizard/Disposal/Desk”       MasterCard “Airport Campaign”
                   Credit Card                                                                                          Terry/Kane Orlando (TKO); Orlando FL USA
                                                                         Best Illustration
                                                                                                                        Finalist Certificate
                 Silver Midas                                          Silver Midas                                       CNL Income Properties, Inc. “Wake Up To Income”

                    Citi “ThankYou: Piggy/Pirates/Changing Lives”         MasterCard “Dog Trilogy”                        Best Direct Mail
                   Banking                                               Best Music
                   Citi “ThankYou: Sandbox/Tie/Surfboards”               MasterCard “Priceless Involvement”
                   Credit Card                                           Best Integrated Campaign
                   Citi “The People You Work For/Highest Happiness       Mastercard “World Cup Sponsorship - ‘Fever’“
                   Bracket/Live Richly. Thoughts On Life And Mo”         Sponsorship
                   Corporate Image

               Organic, Inc.; San Francisco CA USA
               Gold Midas
                Bank of America “Small Business 24/7”
                 Best Integrated Campaign
               Finalist Certificate
                 Bank of America “Small Business 24/7”

               Methodologie; Seattle WA USA
               Finalist Certificate
                 Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
                 “Report of Affordable Housing and
                 Community Investment Initiatives”
                 Annual Report

               Mullen; Wenham MA USA
               Finalist Certificate
                 GM Cardmember Services “GM Cardmember
                 Best Website


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