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									                                                              Scrap And Demolition & Material Handling

We manufacture many different types and sizes of grapples. These range from a car grapple with an eight foot opening to a
small railroad tie grapple. We can custom manufacture a grapple for you and your specific application.

                                                  We have a variety of scrap grapples
                                                  available. All rotating grapples are
                                                  360º continuous rotating. All pins and
                                                  bushings are made of heat-treated
                                                  material and are lubricated easily
                                                  through grease fittings.

2 x 3 tine fully rotating scrap & demo grapple     Our grapples feature:

                                                  • Hi-tensile T-1 steel tines
                                                  • All tines hard surfaced
                                                  • Heavy-duty rotators
                                                  • Heavy-duty cylinders
                                                  • Stress proof pins                                   4 tine offered from ½ to 2 yard
                                                  • Replaceable bushings at all hinge points
                                                  • Protected grease fittings
Heavy duty car grapple with 8’ 6” opening
                                                   All grapples are furnished with or
                                                   without the hanger that will fit your

                                                   All grapples are complete with all
                                                   hoses and fittings.

                                                   If you need an application specific grapple
                                                   designed and manufactured we can help

                                                   Contact us for further information
                                                   and a quotation.
                                                                                                        4 tine scrap grapple
Fixed demo grapple with 3 x 4 tine. Also
available with 2 x 3 tine and 4 x 5 tine

     Iron Ax 4 Tine Material Handling Grapple                                 Iron Ax 2 X 3 Scrap And Demolition Grapple

  Code           Weight lbs.           Tines       A in.   B in.             Code       Weight lbs.     Tines      A in.       B in.

  AX44               2,204                 4        71      57               IA2X3         2,280             5      48          60
  AX45               2,645                 4        79      61

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