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									 Volume 4 Issue 3

 May/June 2008

                               Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage                        302 North Goodman Street, Suite 200
                                                                                             Rochester, New York 14607

                                                                                                  From the Director
  Inside this issue:
  •   From the Director          Happy Spring! It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been at OSTM for a few short months, since
  •   Massage Therapy            there was snow on the ground when I began, and flowers blooming outside in the courtyard
      Career Fair                today. It’s been a fabulous few months getting to know the School, our students, staff,
                                 faculty and alumni. Have you ever met someone and just “clicked” with them immediately?
  •   OSTM on Facebook           You just knew you’d become friends? Well, that’s how I’ve felt since the first time I stepped
  •   Continuing                 foot here. It’s a good feeling.
                                 I am truly enjoying the diversity of OSTM. From day students to night students. From 18 year-
  •   Graduation                 olds to those in their 50’s. From different ethnic backgrounds, geographic areas, orienta-
                                 tions, likes and dislikes. And student interests are even more diverse than their back-
  •   Public Clinic              grounds. What a wonderful thing to celebrate – DIVERSITY!
  •   From the Alumni
      Association                Currently, we are planning for the graduation of students who are completing the program
                                 and at the same time preparing for the entry of new students, ready to begin their studies.
  •   Mural                      We celebrate the accomplishments of so many who are ready to take the next step, and
  •   Adopt-A-Highway            welcome those on the verge of the first step of the journey.
  •   Alumni Association         Never lose sight of the fact that “the journey is the reward.”
  •   Anniversaries              -Michelle

  •   Summer Alumni
      Event                                                                    Massage Therapy Career Fair
  •   Calendar of Events
                                 The Rochester Campus will host a career fair on July 26, 2008 from 11am - 2pm. Organiza-
  •   Bookstore                  tions from the Rochester area who hire or use massage therapists as part of their practice
  •   Announcements              are invited to host a booth. Students and alumni from both the Rochester and Syracuse
                                 OSTM campuses are invited to attend.
  •   Birthdays
                                 Anyone wishing to host a table should contact Michelle Ames at the School via phone (585-
                                 241-0070) or email ( Table fees are $25 per organization.

                                 There is no fee for students and alumni to attend the fair, although an RSVP is appreciated
                                 so that we may plan accordingly.

OSTM on Facebook
Sarah Mulhall, Admissions Director, has created a group for OSTM on Facebook. Anyone is welcome to join! Simply visit the
group: “Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage” and click the link to join the group. There’s space for members to upload
photos, video, and have online chat through message boards. Please stop in and join!
Page 2                                                                                                                       OSTM

Continuing Education                                                                   Register online at

OSTM is committed to providing our graduates and the massage community with a broad menu of continuing education
classes. It is our philosophy that continued education should be one of the cornerstones of the OSTM program. It is our goal
to provide continuing education presenters who are knowledgeable and accomplished in their respective fields. OSTM Roch-
ester has many upcoming Continuing Education Classes scheduled. If you have any suggestions for a class you would like to
attend at OSTM please call Kate Wake at (585) 241-0070, or email your suggestions to For
further descriptions on the following workshops or for our Syracuse campus’ Continuing education schedule, please visit
“continuing ed” on the OSTM website.

                                  Posturology 101                                                       June 13-15, 2008
                                  Instructor: Neurosomatic        Payment in full or a deposit     occupational therapists and
                                  Educators, INC.                 of $50 is required at the        certified athletic trainers are
                                                                  time of registration. Full       welcome to attend.
                                  6/13-6pm-9:30pm, 6/14
                                                                  payment is due by June 10,
                                  and 6/15-9am-6pm                                                 Supplies you will need to
                                                                  2008. A $50 cancellation
                                                                                                   bring to the workshop: pen,
                                  $199 per participant            fee will be charged when
                                                                                                   paper, sheets, massage
                                                                  there is less than one
                                  Location: Rochester Campus                                       table, stool and bolster.
                                                                  weeks’ notice. LMTs, chiro-
                                  CE Hours: 18-20                 practors, nurses, physical         Friday evening is open to the
                                                                  therapists, medical doctors,       public! Please R.S.V.P. with

Paul St. John, LMT, nationally and internationally acclaimed teacher, lecturer and developer of the St. John method of Neuro-
muscular Therapy. Paul started teaching his method in 1978. In 1987 he received the Massage Therapist of the Year Award
from the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, and has been a featured speaker at the American Massage Therapy As-
sociation National Conventions, as well as many AMTA State Conventions. In 2005 Paul launched his latest innovation in man-
ual medicine, Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy, a structurally integrative approach to pain relief. Through Neurosomatic Edu-
cators, the teaching outlet for INT, Paul lectures internationally on the benefits of these innovative techniques. Presently, Mr.
St. John maintains a thriving practice at the St. John - Clark Pain Treatment Center in St. Petersburg, FL where he continues to
pursue his passion of helping those in pain.

ATTENTION STUDENTS! Neurosomatic Educators proudly announces the 2nd annual Paul St. John Scholarship Contest 2008.
Neurosomatic Educators is looking for bright stars who are driven toward making a positive impact on the future of healthcare
through the practice of Integrative Neursomatic Therapy. Neurosomatic Educators is offering (3) Scholarships to Massage
Therapy students who are interested in continuing their education into the field of Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy, devel-
oped by the father of Neuromuscular Therapy, Paul St. John. Awards: (2) Level 1 Somatic Scholarships (Full Cost $2875), (1)
Full Certification Scholarship-Level 1 Somatic and Level 2 Neurosomatic (Full Cost $6250). This is an essay contest that will
be judged by certified instructors of Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy. For the official contest rules and contest form please
see the “Staff to Student” board in the student lounge. Good luck!
Volume 4 Issue 3                                                                                                             Page 3

                                                                                                    “Liberty is the breath
The Art of Japanese Zen Facial Massage with Aromatherapy Essential Oils    August 1, 2008           of life to nations.”

Instructor: Wolfgang Luck-      Full payment is required at      Supplies you will need to          -George Bernard Shaw
mann, A.P., LMT, DiHom          the time of registration.        bring to the workshop: one
                                Deadline for registration is     set of sheets and pen and
5pm-9pm                         July 31, 2008. A $25 cancel-     paper for note taking. Par-
                                lation fee will be charged       ticipants must be able to
$50 per participant
                                when there is less than one      expose shoulders and area
Location: Rochester campus      weeks’ notice. Licensed          above clavicles, please
                                Massage Therapists and           come dressed accordingly.
CE hours: 18                    nurses are invited to attend.

Wolfgang Luckmann A.P. (Acupuncture Physician), LMT, DiHom, is a licensed acupuncture physician, massage therapist and
homeopath who has taught internationally for the last twenty years. He trained in traditional Chinese medicine at the Acupres-
sure Acupuncture Institute, Miami and in Clinical Advanced Therapeutic Massage at the College for Natural Health, Miami. He
has taught Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Amma, Tui-na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) and Sports
Massage. He has pioneered many uses of Oriental Body Modalities for psycho-somatic disorders including treatments for
ADHD/Hyperactivity and Autism. He has also pioneered several massage modalities aimed at bringing Eastern and Western
concepts closer in treating ADHD/Hyperactivity and Psycho-Somatic diseases. Currently he is holding numerous workshops for
massage therapists and acupuncturists at different locations in the United States.

Lomi Lomi-Temple Style                                             August 2-3, 2008

Instructor: Wolfgang           Payment in full or a deposit      Supplies you will need to
Luckmann, A.P., LMT, DiHom     of $50 is required at the time    bring to the workshop: 2
                               of registration. Full payment     sheets, towel, massage
8/2 and 8/3-8:30am-            is due by July 19, 2008 to        cream, and essential oils:
5:30pm                         receive early registration fee.   Rosemary, Lemongrass,
                               A $50 cancellation fee will be    Patchouli, Sandalwood, Juni-
$225 early registration        charged when there is less        per and Peppermint. Come
$275 late registration         than one weeks’ notice.           dressed as if it were Swedish
(starting July 20, 2008)       Licensed Massage Thera-           massage.
                               pists and nurses are invited
Location: Rochester campus     to attend.                        See Wolfgang’s bio above
CE hours: 18
Page 4                                                                                                                     OSTM

                               Five Day Intensive Seminar with James Waslaski                        September 3-7, 2008
                               Instructor: James Waslaski        Payment in full or a deposit      Supplies you will need to
                                                                 of $50 is required at the time    bring to the workshop:
                               When: 9/3/08, Registration        of registration. Full payment     sheets, massage table,
                               starts at noon, class is from     is due by September 1,            bolster, stool, massage
                               1pm-10pm. 9/4-7/08, 9am-          2008. A $50 cancellation          lubricant, and anything else
                               6pm (times are subject to         fee will be charged when          you think you may need for
                               change).                          there is less than one weeks’     the weekend.
                                                                 notice. LMTs, Chiropractors
                               $699 per participant              and PTs are invited to attend.
                               Location: Rochester campus

                               CE Hours: 40

James Waslaski past chair of the AMTA National Sports Massage Education Council, is an author and international lecturer
who has pioneered deep, pain-free orthopedic massage and sports injury treatments. James is a licensed massage therapist,
and currently teaches seminars throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Scotland, London, Costa Rica, Greece, and the
Caribbean. All seminars utilize his unique multidisciplinary approach, blended from disciplines around the world, resulting in
structural integration, pain-free movement and enhanced performance.

     “It is easy to be         Foundations in Myofascial Release                                     October 4-5, 2008
     brave from a safe
     distance.”                Instructor: Walt Fritz, PT       Payment in full or a deposit of   Supplies you will need to bring
                                                                $50 is required at the time of    to the workshop: sheets,
                               When: 9:00am-5:30PM              registration. Full payment is     massage table, bolster, stool,
     -Aesop                                                     due by September 26, 2008.        massage lubricant, and any-
                               $325 per participant
                                                                A $50 cancellation fee will be    thing else you think you may
                                                                charged when there is less        need for the weekend.
                               Location: Rochester campus
                                                                than one weeks’ notice. LMTs,
                                                                Chiropractors and PTs are
                               CE Hours: 15
                                                                invited to attend.

Walt Fritz, PT is a licensed physical therapist with over 16 years of Myofascial Release experience. He has instructed at over
50 Myofascial Release Seminars nationally and has now developed his own unique style of Myofascial Release education.
Working from the strengths of his predecessors, Walt emphasizes the straightforward effectiveness of Myofascial Release
without the hype or hyperbole. In his FOUNDATIONS in MYOFASCIAL RELEASE class, Walt brings an approachable, easy to
understand style of teaching, one that can easily be assimilated into your treatment regime. Walt is the owner of the PAIN
RELIEF CENTER in Rochester, NY. He also hosts the national website,
Volume 4 Issue 3                                                                                                            Page 5

Earthstone Hot Stone Workshop                                            October 18, 2008
Instructor: Yvette Hayden,       Payment in full or a deposit       Massage Therapists only are
LMT, BS                          of $50 is required at the          invited to attend.
                                 time of registration. Full
10am-7pm                                                            Supplies you will need to
                                 payment is due by October
                                                                    bring to the workshop: 8
$225 per participant             11, 2008. A $50 cancella-
                                                                    hand towels, 1 set of sheets,
                                 tion fee will be charged
Location: Rochester campus                                          2 extra pillow cases and
                                 when there is less than one
CE hours: 8                      weeks’ notice. Licensed

Yvette Hayden, LMT, BS, is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Aromatherapist. She designs treatments and
products for high-end spas, and shares her knowledge and skills through programs for nurses, women’s groups and massage
therapists. After studying several different teachings of Hot Stones Massage, Yvette synthesized the best of techniques to
create the most comprehensive, effective version of this incredible treatment.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the June 2008 graduation. Both day and
evening students who are completing their programs in June will participate in graduation
ceremonies at 5:30pm on Friday, June 20.

June’s graduation ceremony will be held in the auditorium of the Memorial Art Gallery at 500
University Avenue in Rochester. There will be a graduation reception immediately following
hosted at the School.

Please join us in celebrating with our June graduates!

Public Clinic                                                                                       “The best and most
Public Clinic is in session! Just a reminder, we            1 massage                  $35
                                                                                                    beautiful things in
are now booking one month at a time. On the                 2 massages                 $65          the world cannot be
                                                            3 massages                 $90
15th of the month our books open for the                    4 massages                 $120
                                                                                                    seen or even touched.
following month (for example we will begin                  5 massages                 $150         They must be felt
booking for the month of June on May 15th.).                6 massages                 $180
                                                                                                    with the heart.”
The public is welcome to book 2 massages
per month (or one double per month) in our         Clinic gift certificates make great Mother’s
Public Clinic. Please be aware there is a          Day gifts!                                       -Helen Keller
24- hour cancellation policy. Our appoint-
ment times for this term are as follows:           Professional clinic (OSTM graduates waiting
Monday-Wednesday 5pm, 6:30pm and 8pm,              for their board results) is scheduled to start
Thursday and Friday 5pm and 6:30pm. Clinic         July 7th. The cost for Professional clinic is
is open occasional Saturdays for the following     $40. The following forms of payment are
appointment times: 9am, 10:30am, 12:30pm           accepted for Professional clinic: cash, check,
and 2pm. Alumni Association members are            Visa or MasterCard. Cash gratuities are
welcome to book one massage per month in           accepted in Professional clinic. We no longer
student clinic.                                    accept student clinic gift certificates for
                                                   Professional clinic. We apologize for any
Clinic prices are as follows:                      inconvenience.
Page 6                                                                                                                                         OSTM

         “We don’t know                                                                    From the Alumni Association
         who we are until
                                              Come to the May alumni meeting for some hands-on work! How many of you have clients
         we see what we                       expressing to you “Oh my shoulder is aching… killing me… it hurts so bad!
         can do.”
                                              On Tuesday, May 13 from 6:30-8:30 I am excited to announce the opportunity to be
                                              engaged in a hands on session focusing on the shoulder and its pathologies with Anne M.
         -Martha Grimes                       Flatley.
                                              Our featured presenter is Anne M. Flately, LMT, ATC & CSCS. Anne is currently an Assistant
                                              Professor in the Health and Physical Education Department at Monroe Community College.
                                              She is a Massage Therapist for the Rochester Razorsharks and the lacrosse team the
                                              Rattlers. She has 25 years as an Athletic Trainer and specializes in therapeutic sports and
                                              orthopedic massage. She is also a member of the Emergency Response Massage
                                              If you plan to attend please call 241-0070 to R.S.V.P.
                                              *All LMT’s should wear tank shirt/athletic bra and bring sheets for the table.
                                              Hope to see you all there,
                                              Polly Sadler
                                              OSTM Alumni President

                                              For those of you who have residual nightmares of staring at the blank, stark, emotionless
                                              white walls of the science room, a solution to ease your suffering has arrived! A mural has
                                              been painted as a dedication to the growth and transformative
                                              process that massage school can be and is for so many of us. If
                                              you go into the science room now, you will see a giant painting of
                                              the tree of life encapsulating a quote from Buddha that reads,
                                              “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart
                                              give yourself to it.” Painted hands were used to create the leaves
                                              of the tree and the grass on the ground. The faculty and staff cre-
                                              ated the grassy foundation that gives nourishment and support to
                                              the tree, and the students made up the leaves that grow off of the
   Diane Addabbo decorating OSTM’s new        tree, branching out into the world as new life emerges.
    tree of life mural in the science room.

                                              So if you happen to be near the school, stop in and see our new
                                              mural. Place your hand on the wall and add your energy to
                                                                                                                     Diane Addabbo and Allen Galante
                                              OSTM’s tree of life!                                                        adding their handprints
                                                                                                                            to the Tree of life.

      “Recall as often as you                                                                                    Adopt a Highway
      wish, a happy memory
      never wears out.”                       OSTM Rochester has adopted a stretch of highway to care for! Our first highway cleanups
                                              will be at 9:00am on Saturday, May 10 and June 7. Our responsibility is a stretch of Route
      -Libbie Fudim                           96 in Pittsford. Highway signs indicating our sponsorship are already up!

                                              Anyone wishing to join us in cleaning up a little section of the planet, contact Michelle at
                                              the School. 585-241-0070.
Volume 4 Issue 3                                                                                                   Page 7

Alumni Association Benefits
OSTM has added many new benefits to              Continuing Education discounts: members
Alumni Association membership. We hope           will receive 10% tuition discount on all
that if you are not currently a member, you      Continuing Education (CE) classes unless
will consider joining the OSTM Alumni            otherwise prohibited by the CE provider.
Association. Please read on to learn about       The tuition for the CE class must be paid in
all the benefits of joining!                     full 30 days prior to the CE class to receive
                                                 the discount.
Bookstore discounts: Twice a year (once in
the summer and once in the winter)               Referral award: members who are
members receive a 10% discount on all or         instrumental in helping a student enroll in
any in-stock bookstore items including           the program receive a $100 (OSTM
books, oils, clothing, charts, etc.              bookstore Gift Certificate) referral award.
                                                 Please contact your campus for referral
Oily Tuesday/Wednesday: Members who              brochures and additional information on the
attend association meetings receive a 10%        referral program.
discount on a gallon of any in-stock mas-
sage lubricant.                                  Free Clinic massages: members receive one
                                                 free massage a month (based on space
Trips & events: members will receive priority    availability) in a private clinic room!
notice and opportunity on our expanded
field trip and events calendar.                  Free Transcripts: members receive
                                                 individual transcripts upon request, at no
Website listing: members are listed, upon        charge.
request, on the school’s “Find a Therapist”
referral page.                                   Insurance discount: membership entitles
                                                 you to a $50 discount on insurance through
Job opportunities: members will receive          membership in the ABMP.
advance notification on job opportunities or
requests for paid therapists.

      Membership in the OSTM Alumni Association is only $25 per year!

Happy Anniversary                                                                                “Everything you
                                                                                                 can imagine is
Congratulations to everyone celebrating their OSTM Anniversary! Thank you for your
dedication to OSTM.                                                                              real.”
Maryjo Marvin, Office Manager celebrates her sixth anniversary May 29th.
                                                                                                 -Pablo Picasso
Sarah Mulhall, Director of Admissions celebrates her first anniversary June 1st.
Jen Westacott, Assistant Executive Director celebrates her first anniversary June 1st.
Dr. Jividen, Faculty (daytime pathology instructor) celebrates his fourth anniversary June

Alumni Summer Event
We are planning a fantastic event for our alumni this summer. Come join us for an Amazing
OSTM Race! Based on the popular television show, racers will be required to complete a
series of events in and around Rochester. In teams of two our alumni will venture out, follow-
ing clues and completing tasks in the hopes of being the first to cross the OSTM finish line!
Keep a lookout for more details to follow!
Calendar of Events
May 5 AMTA Presentation at OSTM Rochester (12:00pm)
May 10: Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup (9:00am)
May 26 Memorial Day
May 31 Deadline to submit application for August Boards exam
June 7 Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup (9:00am)
June 13-15 Continuing Education, Posturology 101 (see Continuing Education section)
June 20 Day and Evening Graduation (5:30pm)
July 26 Career Fair (11:00am – 2:00pm)
August 9 & 16: Review classes
August 21: NYS Boards for LMT


                    May/June Sale
                                                                    •   Doing a chair event? Don’t own a massage chair? Rent
•    Check out our new and improved OSTM shirts! They are               a massage chair or table for $25 a day from the OSTM
     comfortable and stylish. Starting at only $18.00.                  bookstore. Please call ahead to check for availability.
•    OSTM Students and Alumni receive 10% off their
     massage table or chair purchased through OSTM.

Announcements                                                                                   May/June
Evening classes start July 1, 2008. Day classes start July 2, 2008.
                                                                                          Sara Finucane                5/1
Call for your tour today! Admissions Director, Sarah Mulhall can an-
 swer all of your questions and start you on the road to becoming a                       Sarah Mulhall                5/2
                     Licensed Massage Therapist!
                                                                                          Greg Pizzillo                5/3

      OSTM is continually updating its Alumni contact information.                        Paula Schank                 5/4

     Please call or email to update your new address, phone, email                                                    5/12
                                                                                          Allen Galante
      address and employment information. Drop off or mail your
    business cards and brochures. You just may get a referral from                        Darlene Taggart             5/18

                                 OSTM!                                                    Dawn Cochran                5/28

                                                                                          Katelyn Cox                  6/7
    Do you have exciting News? Drop a note in the “Announcement
   Box” located in the student lounge behind the lockers. Your                            Mary Bradford                6/8

 announcement will appear in the next newsletter! Engagements,                                                         6/9
                                                                                          Marie DeRosa
weddings, birth Announcements, special events, accomplishments,
              etc…Students and Alumni are welcome!                                        Dale Adamo                  6/11

                                                                                          Colin Coffey                6/11

                                                                                          Laura Zufelt                6/12

                                                                                          Lorraine Zecchino           6/18
                        Stock photos courtesy of
             This edition of OSTM News was prepared by Kate Wake.                         William Greene              6/25

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