Top 20 Childrens Picture Books Feb 09

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					February 2009 Top 20 Children’s picture books
      Title                                        Author

  1   Penguin                                               Dunbar, Polly

  2   Shark in the park!                                    Sharratt, Nick

  3   Aliens love underpants!                               Freedman, Claire

  4   Tiger in the snow!                                    Butterworth, Nick

  5   Man on the moon : a day in the life of Bob            Bartram, Simon

  6   The snail and the whale                               Donaldson, Julia

  7   All afloat on Noah's boat!                            Mitton, Tony

  8   The gruffalo / Julia Donaldson                        Donaldson, Julia

  9   Eliot Jones, midnight superhero                       Cottringer, Anne

 10   I completely know about guinea pigs                   Child, Lauren

 11   Pants; Giles Andreae                                  Andreae, Giles

 12   The smartest giant in town                            Donaldson, Julia

 13   Dogger                                                Hughes, Shirley

 14   I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed              Child, Lauren

 15   Maisy goes to the library                             Cousins, Lucy

 16   The elephantom                                        Collins, Ross

 17   Duck's key : where can it be?                         Alborough, Jez

 18   Full, full, full of love                              Cooke, Trish

 19   Go to sleep, Russell the sheep                        Scotton, Rob

 20   Silly Billy                                           Browne, Anthony

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