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					                                            Cure Tinnitus

While it's often merely a nuisance, tinnitus can be an indication of a more serious problem, such as an
aneurysm or brain tumor, although these instances are extremely rare. In general, tinnitus can cause a
loss of concentration, cause difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, increase anxiety and make it
difficult to hear. Tinnitus is best described as a noise, most often ringing, that seems to originate from
within the person's ear or inside the head. For others, tinnitus is more like a swooshing sound and it can
even manifest as a pulsating sound, like that of a heartbeat.

Believe it or not, some sounds do occur within the head, and this is completely normal. Most of us aren't
aware of these sounds on a day to day basis, because the outside noises of the world mask them.
Tinnitus is usually temporary and will often go away on its own without any efforts to cure tinnitus.
However, in some cases, tinnitus can be persistent and it is in these cases that patients seek ways to cure

Most of us have experienced tinnitus at one time or another. If you've ever been to a rock concert or other
event with a lot of loud noise, you've likely experienced tinnitus afterwards. In this case, tinnitus is the
result of damage to your hearing nerve. Inner ear infections and fluid in the ear can also contribute to
tinnitus. Finally, certain medications, including aspirin, have been known to cause tinnitus.

To cure tinnitus, it is typically a matter of identifying and eliminating the underlying cause of the problem.
For example, tinnitus caused by an ear infection is easily cured by curing the infection. However, in cases
where the cause is not known, curing tinnitus can be a bit trickier.

                                                   The good news is, you don't have to learn to live with
                                                   tinnitus. It is entirely possible to cure tinnitus completely
                                                   naturally, without the addition of more medications or
                                                   costly treatments. A number of herbal remedies have
                                                   been credited with the ability to cure or at least improve
                                                   tinnitus, including ginkgo biloba, black cohosh, ligustrum
                                                   and even a common herb such as rosemary.

                                                     Tinnitus has been linked to high blood pressure, so it
                                                     makes sense that diuretics and a low sodium diet have
                                                     been shown to help cure tinnitus. Lingustrum is a natural
                                                     diuretic, so using this herb in conjunction with a low
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                                                     sodium diet may improve your condition if high blood
pressure is a contributing factor. A low sodium diet means avoiding foods high in sodium content –
following a general rule of less than 100 mg – and not adding salt to your diet through the use of table salt.

If you feel you must add flavor to your foods, try using seasonings such as garlic and herbs like rosemary
to add flavor. Yet another alternative is sea salt, which doesn't have the negative effects on blood
pressure that regular table salt does. However, table salt contains an iodine additive, which is an essential
element to human health, so if you choose to substitute sea salt for table salt, it is recommended that you
choose sea salt that is enriched with iodine or find alternate ways to add iodine to your daily intake.

Learn three easy steps to curing your tinnitus naturally!

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