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									Investigators Network UK

                               Codes of Conduct
Members agree to;

   i)      Conduct all investigations and allied matters with integrity and within acceptable
           legal, professional guidelines. Exercise the highest moral principles and never be
           guilty of conduct which will bring reproach upon the profession of Incident/Fraud &
           Claims Investigators and The Investigators Network UK.

   ii)     Require a client's undertaking that all information provided by members is for lawful
           use only and to verify the credentials of clients and that they have lawful and moral
           reasons to instruct an investigation.

   iii)    Respect the privacy of clients and their lawful confidence and to attend to all
           instructions within the principles of the prevailing privacy legislation and in
           particular if controlling personal data to be so notified with the Information

   iv)     Ensure that services are adequately secure to protect privacy and to guard against
           inadvertent disclosure of private information and deal professionally in all matters
           with discretion, courtesy and confidentiality within ethical constraints.

   v)      Respect the best interest of our clients by maintaining the high standard of
           proficiency and reporting to our clients all the facts ascertained whether they be
           advantageous or detrimental, and nothing be withheld from the clients save by the
           dictates of law.

   vi)     Work together with all members of our Network towards the achievement of the
           highest professional objectives of the Network and to observe the precepts of truth,
           accuracy and prudence.

   vii)    Require that all employees and others assisting in an investigation abide by the
           Investigators Network UK Code of Ethics and to accept responsibility therein.

   viii)   Practice only in matters for which they are qualified and/or competent and maintain
           CPD within the current Investigators Network UK guidelines. Not misrepresent or
           exaggerate the activities and services offered by the profession.

   ix)     Refer all matters of conflict between members or work providers to the Network’s
           governing body for arbitration, whose decision will be accepted as binding.

   x)      Not deny any professional services to any client for any reasons of race, colour,
           religion, sex, handicap, sexual preference or national origin.

   xi)     Comply with the regulatory and legal requirements within their operational
           jurisdiction and by obtaining professional indemnity insurance, public liability
           insurance, legal expense insurance and register as a data controller.

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