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									                       Supporting People

                    Care and Support Group

           Minutes of Meeting on 12th March 2009

                       At Autism Initiatives

1. Welcome and Introductions
   Andy chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone. The members all
   introduced themselves.
   In attendance:
   Andy Bowskill                        Autism Initiatives (Chair)
   Ian McGowan                          SMBC
   Lesley McCann                        SMBC
   David Hughes                         New Directions
   Andrea Cooper                        Assit Supported Housing
   Liz Traynor                          Nugent Care
   Richelle Jones                       Warren Care
   Leanne Harrison                      SLC Raglin
   Sara Edwards                         Expect
   Jackie Devine                        Sefton New Directions
   Joyce Harwood                        Glenelg Support

2. Apologies
   Ann Taylor                               Mandy Rawcliffe
   Jenny Lloyd                              Sue Greeney

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

   Were agreed as an accurate record

4. Updates

Supporting People are currently going through an inspection. Auditors
have observed the Core Strategy Group. They have looked at the
timetable of events and will visit the Wide Inclusive Forum on Monday 30th
March. Providers must respond to the invitation to attend.

Lesley McCann reported Core Objectives were around 87%, level B and
above. People are working very hard and moving in the right direction.
Lesley thanked everyone, saying it was a really good achievement.

Ann Bolger (Sefton Women’s Aid) can be contacted regarding
Safeguarding Children Procedures. A training course has been set up.
Those interested in attending were asked to do an expression of interest
through Lesley McCann.
In light of the Baby P case all agencies should have Child/Adult Protection
Polices in place, making sure we are covered regarding procedures.
Lesley mentioned both Review Managers are aware of the policies, adding
the children’s protocol for Sefton is the same as Merseyside’s.

Supporting People

The Supporting People programme runs until 2011.

The Health & Social Care Forum

The Health & Social Care Forum meets at Jospice, Michelle Mainworthing
is the Health & Wellbeing Development Officer, she can be contacted on
0151 920 2233.

5. Consultation for Move on Strategy & Commissioning
Strategy presented by Lesley McCann.

   Lesley discussed the strategies; These are out for consultation.
   feedback required from providers and service user. The service user
   questionnaire is to be completed with the involvement of the service
   user. There is a Move on Consultation finder available until 25th March;
   there is also a Consultation Plan (see website) Lesley distributed an
   easy guide to use the consultation finder. Contact Lesley for hard
   copies. The commission strategy will be available on the system today
   or tomorrow. All information is available in accessible version.

   It was mentioned that service users found it difficult to move on. There
   is a fourteen page easy to read document available. A discussion took
   place regarding service users wanting to move on with an element of

   The provider is to exhaust all routes available first, then attend the
   Move on Group. Views and comments are requested regarding the

   Margaret Milne at present produces the waiting list.
   One Vision Housing also deals with high level offenders.

   6. Communication

   A discussion took place regarding complaints leaflets, all leaflets to be
   looked at and revamped by service users.

   7. Core Strategic Feedback

   Andy reported on the 5 year Move on Commissioning Strategy and
   asked for any comments. If anyone wishes to input into the strategy it
   can be rewritten, just let Lesley know, sooner rather than later.
   The Risk Register has been finalised, it has been in place since 2003
   as a live document. It is updated when something happens and
   changes are then made.

   The Performance Service Plan is also on the website.

   Service User Agreement – There is an action plan by the spin group
   with service users being involved. If service users need support they
   are welcome to come along, they are also welcome to attend by
   themselves. It is a service users group and their views are needed.

   8. Person Centred Planning – Liz Traynor – Nugent Care

   Liz gave a presentation talk on the many modules of Person Centred
   Planning explaining there is a module which Wirral is encouraging staff
   to use. It is service user led involving service users. At present it is
   being piloted for Wirral to see how it goes; it is an easy visual tour
   which will suit service users by helping them to identify their problems.
   The module is flexible, unique and specific to each service user
   enabling them to identify their own goals. You can access it on

   It is a positive engagement tool with service users being able to see
   when they have reached certain objectives it will also be a great
   motivator for them. Service users are asked “what can we do to help
   you more”. Support is linked to the plan which is reviewed every six
   months, unless the service user wants to change things within the plan.

   Any member of the staff team can follow the plan in the absence of any
   other staff members. The plan is easy to follow. The plan will enable
   staff to work pro-actively with other agencies.

   A discussion took place regarding the various plans being used at
   present and it was decided a group be set up to look at PCP’s and
   Star. Ian, Andrea, Richelle, Jackie, Joyce and Leanne will all be part of
   the group. Laura will also be asked. Ian (SMBC) will arrange a room
   for the meeting which will take place at Merton House on Tuesday 7th
   April 2009 at 10.00am.
The aims to be discussed are as follows:
 How to marry things together.
 How to work along side each other.
 Discuss which documentation is to be used.
 Record all outcomes of meetings.

9. Improving Performance

Those present were reminded that if they were struggling and needed
assistance they could approach both Andy and Lesley with any feedback.
It was stressed that files were personal to service users and if an inspector
requested to look at the files the service user’s permission would need to
be sought.

10. Service User Involvement

Service user involvement required to look at policies and procedures, with
the view of trying to get service users on board. Change of service
planning, some providers do not see it as service planning. You change
things because service users have asked for it, this is to be put into your
service plan as evidence.

It was suggested that service users become involved with the Sub Group
and a variety of social events were mentioned i.e. a provider meeting, a
fun day or a summer ball. Due to the service users having not met a
social event evening will be arranged to collate ideas.

Andy suggested the venue could be Goddard Hall. Lesley will produce
posters etc regarding events.

11. Any Other Business

                    Date and time of next meeting

                     Wednesday 29th April 2009

                 Boardroom at Autism Initiatives UK

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