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Tintin Albums – English Collectors List

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									        Tintin Albums – English Collectors List
Please note: The English collection of facsimiles is not yet complete.
  Copies will be added to the website as they are published. Please                  Never                          Not Yet
feel free to email us at tintinshop@btconnect.com to enquire about                  Published                      Published
                 the current status of the facsimiles.

                               Hard     Soft       Mono        Colour                                Hard   Soft     Mono      Colour
        ALBUM                                                                   ALBUM
                               Back     Back       Facs’        Facs’                                Back   Back     Facs’      Facs’

 1 Tintin in the Land of the                                                 13 7 Crystal Balls

   2 Tintin in the Congo                                                  14 Prisoners of the Sun

    3 Tintin in America                                                  15 Land of the Black Gold

  4 Cigars of the Pharaoh                                                  16 Destination Moon

     5 The Blue Lotus                                                    17 Explorers on the Moon

     6 The Broken Ear                                                      18 The Calculus Affair

     7 The Black island                                                      19 Red Sea Sharks

  8 King Ottokars Sceptre                                                    20 Tintin in Tibet

9 The Crab With The Golden                                               21 The Castafiore Emerald

   10 The Shooting Star                                                   22 Flight 714 to Sydney

11 The Secret of the Unicorn                                             23 Tintin and The Picaros

12 Red Rackham’s Treasure                                                  24 Tintin and Alph-Art

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