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									Devon County Council
Job Description

Job Title                    Economic Development Manager
Location                     AB2 Lucombe House, County Hall
                             Head of Enterprise and Skills
Reporting to                 Head of Regeneration and Resources
                             Head of Economic Analysis and Strategy
Post Number                                            Grade         T
                             Environment, Economy & Culture: Planning,
                             Infrastructure and Economy
                             3rd December
Effective date of JD                             JE Job Number 928 / 442

1. Job Purpose
Strengthening the Devon economy through stimulating business growth and
unlocking the economic potential of disadvantaged areas is a priority objective in the
County Council’s Strategic Plan. This post significantly contributes towards achieving
this aim through leading on and delivering a broad range of economic priorities. The
scope of the post includes working in the following areas:
    o Develop and maintain a strategic overview of the Devon economy and the
       economic drivers that can unlock the county’s economic potential to improve
       productivity levels and the quality of life for all citizens.
    o Support the development of strategies and the implementation of action plans
       to achieve sustainable communities and a low carbon economy.
    o Undertake research to improve the understanding of the key drivers of
       Devon’s economic performance.
    o Lead on delivering strategic county-wide initiatives and projects with a focus
       on supporting key sectors and priority communities.
    o Promote a spirit of enterprise, innovation and competitiveness to raise the
       profile of the county as a destination of choice to live, work, invest, learn and
    o Maximise leverage of external funding including EU sources, partner
       organisation contributions and private sector funding to deliver strategic
    o Develop, lead and actively engage with a number of key partnerships, locally,
       regionally and internationally to further economic growth and regeneration.

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Devon County Council
Job Description
 2.   Main Duties and Responsibilities                                          %

      1.     Lead on and develop economic and regeneration strategies to        15
             support the delivery of the Council’s Strategic Plan and develop
             and maintain strong and effective working partnerships with
             public and private sector organisations. Undertake research and
             analysis to support strategy development.

      2.     Manage the development and delivery of specific projects either    50
             directly or through partners to develop the County’s identified
             priority sectors and unlock the economic potential of
             disadvantaged communities, including managing external
             consultants, budgets and partners. Examples include managing
             economic analysis and research programmes, the Devon
             Reinvestment Service, the Devon Brand project, the Local Area
             Agreement, EU funding policy and processes, skills projects and
             the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Devon
             Economic Strategy.

      3.     Contribute to the management, motivation and development of a      20
             team of staff, including setting work programmes and priorities,
             supporting staff development and undertaking appraisals and
             performance reviews. Manage key budgets including setting
             spend profiles and monitoring expenditure and income targets.

      4.     Contribute to the measurement of the Directorate’s and             15
             Economy Unit’s performance and the communication of key
             achievements to internal and external audiences. Co-ordinate
             responses to external consultations, national policy reviews
             impacting on priority sectors and communities.

      5.     To conform to, actively commit to and promote DCC Customer
             Service Standards both with internal and external 'customers'
             when using any communication media including telephone,
             email and face to face.

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Devon County Council
Job Description
Person Specification:

                                                                                 Method of
    Attribute                  Essential                  Desirable
                        o    Significant
                             experience of
                             developing and
                             working in
                             partnership with a
                             wide range of
                             partners and a
                             proven track record
                             of engaging the
                             private sector.
                        o    Experience of
                             undertaking and
                             managing successful
                             economic research,
                                                      o   Familiarity with
                             development and
                                                          public sector legal
                             regeneration projects
                                                          and financial
                             / initiatives.
                                                          systems.              Application
                        o    Significant
Experience                                            o   Experience of         /Interview/
                             experience of
                                                          organising            References
                             securing external
                             funding and a
                                                          events and
                             excellent knowledge
                             of mainstream
                             funding programmes.
                        o    Experience of
                             working with SMEs
                             and Community
                        o    Significant
                             experience of
                             working in economic
                             regeneration and
                             economic analysis.
                        o    Experience of
                             communication plans
                             and strategies.
                        o    Significant
                             experience of
                             managing people
                             and budgets,
                             motivating and                                     Application /
Practical Skills
                             empowering staff.                                  Interview
                        o    Significant
                             analytical and
                             interpretative skills.

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
                      o      Excellent strategy
                             and bid writing skills.
                      o      Ability to
                             demonstrate good
                             partnership building
                             skills with both the
                             public and private
                      o      Demonstrate a high
                             level of team work
                             and ability to use
                             own initiative and
                             make decisions
                             without referring to
                             senior manager.
                      o      Excellent written, oral
                             presentation and          o   Experience of
                             interpersonal skills.         handling the
                      o      Experience of                 media.
                                                                           Application /
Communication                developing and            o   Experience of
                             implementing                  implementing
                             communication plans           destination
                             and strategies.               brands.
                      o      Effective negotiating
                             and influencing skills.
                      o      Excellent
                             organisational skills.
                      o      Ability to prioritise
                             work, resolve
                             conflicting priorities
                             and meet deadlines.
                      o      Demonstrate
                             effective leadership.
                      o      Demonstrate
Personal                     problem solving and                           Application /
Qualities                    ability to develop                            Interview
                             creative solutions.
                      o      Ability to travel in
                             county, UK and
                             overseas and to work
                      o      A commitment to

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description

                      o      Ability to develop
                             concepts and put
                             theory into effective
                             and successful
                      o      Experience of
                             formulating                                         Application
                             successful                                          /Interview/
                             strategies, action                                  References
                             plans and funding
                      o      Ability to translate
                             data and analytical
                             evidence into
                             strategic objectives.
                      o      Excellent IT skills           Experience of
Technology / IT              and familiarity with all       developing and
Skills                       MS suite of software           managing
                             packages.                      websites.
                                                        o   Project
                      o      A relevant degree or
                                                            Qualification such
Education and                equivalent in                                       Application /
                                                            as Prince 2.
Training                     Economic and / or                                   certificates
                                                        o   Post graduate or
                                                            research based
Equal                 o      Commitment to
Opportunities                Equal Opportunities.
                      o      Commitment and
                             conformance to DCC
                             Customer Service

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
1.     Supervision and Management:

Managing a team of up to seven people, plus external consultants and external project
partners. This involves developing staff through training and personal development,
coaching and motivating staff through setting performance targets and carrying out
appraisals and supporting workloads through setting work programmes. Managing multiple
projects and external partnerships, including setting project briefs, selecting consultants,
managing budgets and evaluating performance. Examples of the extent of this supervision is
the management of the European team’s work programme and playing an active part in
responding to EU policy initiatives and funding opportunities, and the implementation of the
Devon Brand which involves engaging a wide range of businesses and communities in a
variety of communications campaigns and successfully implementing these.

2.     Creativity and Innovation:

Offering creative thinking and innovative solutions are a daily requirement of this post.
Finding solutions on a daily basis to solve issues and barriers to developing the Devon
economy and its communities, having a good understanding of the different needs, opinions
and priorities that need to be considered by all stakeholders. Examples of this are matching
strategic priorities and activities with complex external funding programmes, bringing
together the public and private sector in effective and strong partnerships and networks,
such as to deliver the LAA and the county’s destination management organisation – Visit
Devon Limited. Supporting the development and implementation of the County’s ICT
Strategy and an Innovation Action Plan are further examples of the need for the post holder
to be creative and innovative. Problem solving is required on a regular basis, for example
overcoming barriers to growing sectors and unlocking the economic potential of deprived
communities. Examples are the adoption of ICT and communicating this in a creative way to
motivate and engage SMEs and delivering community assets and facilities. Taking a pro-
active approach to encourage collaboration between organisations and internal departments
to ensure effective support through networking and using own knowledge and experience to
bring new ideas to activities. An example of this is leading on the development of strategies
and action plans such as Workforce Development Plans, the Regeneration Role and Action
Programme and the Devon Brand Implementation Strategy.

3.     Links with other officers, Service users or Members of the Public:

The nature of the work involves daily contact with a variety of people and organisations at
different levels, within the public and private sectors, including internal colleagues. The role
requires developing strong and effective working partnerships to overcome complex and
contentious issues, such as agreeing roles with partners, joint delivery of solutions and
funding. The role requires practical experience of diplomacy, negotiation, persuasion,
influence and sensitivity and understanding of the County Council’s financial and operational
guidelines. Contacts will include:-
        i)      Public agencies – SW Regional Development Agency, Regional
                Employment Skills Partnership, South West Observatory, Peninsula
                Enterprises (Business Link), Universities and FE Colleges, Sustainability
                South West, Tourism Skills Network, Adult and Community Learning, the
                Learning and Skills Council, Devon Rural Network, Connecting SW, Wired
                West, local authorities and sector support agencies – such as SW Food and
                Drink, Artsmatrix, Marine South West                                 : Daily
        ii.     Private sector – individual SMEs, training providers, Visit Devon Limited, SW
                Tourism, Area Tourism Partnerships, Devon Economic Partnership,
                Productive Skills for Devon, Devon Ambassadors and Devon Brand Working
                Group                                                                : Daily

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
       iii     Internal colleagues – within directorate and corporately       : Daily
       iv      Community and Voluntary Sector – Devon Towns Forum, Wessex
               Reinvestment, Community Council for Devon, Councils of Voluntary Service,
               Citizens Advice Bureaux,Social Enterprises                     :Daily
       v)      European, National, Regional and local funding organisations    : Regularly
       vi.     Councillors                                                    : Regularly
       vii.    Press and Media                                                : Monthly
       viii.   Directorate Management Board                                 : Occasional
       ix      Senior Managers                                                : Daily

4.     Levels of Responsibility:

The post holder is responsible for defined areas of work and the effective delivery of key
projects and priorities. The post holder is required to make decisions on a daily basis for
these defined areas without referral to senior managers. Decisions will be taken within broad
strategic guidelines. The methodology and delivery mechanisms used will be at the
discretion of the post holder, including expenditure of allotted budgets and the allocation of
staffing resources. Decisions will be taken within the County Council’s defined financial and
legal guidelines.

5.     Effects of Decisions:

The impact of the above types of decisions will have an impact on the performance of the
Economy Unit and the Environment, Economy and Culture Directorate. Decisions will also
impact on the image and profile of the Unit and the Directorate, internally and externally. The
nature of external funding requires the post holder to deliver these projects within set
guidelines of funding agencies; non compliance or failure to meet targets can expose the
County Council to financial and reputational risk. Decisions made by the post holder will
impact on the County Council’s budget and staffing resource.

6.     Resources:

The post holder is responsible for managing significant budgets, including external and
partner funding. This includes the authorisation of expenditure and raising income. There is
a requirement to establish and use effective budget monitoring techniques, including setting
spend profiles. The post holder will also be responsible for a variety of information
resources, including research and analysis reports, some of which will be confidential and
commercially sensitive. The post holder will be responsible for the Devon Brand and the
promotional collateral developed, including the correct application and use of the brand and
a funding database, Grant Finder.

7.     Work Demands:

The post does operate under some pre determined deadlines, for example reports to
Executive or Directorate Management Board, submitting a funding application or monitoring
the LAA and Devon Economic Strategy at pre determined periods. Other elements of the
post cannot be planned and require a high level of work prioritisation, resolving conflicting
demands and working flexibly. Examples are where a partner withdraws from a joint project,
external funding is delayed or there is a need to respond to a specific event impacting on the
Devon economy and its priority communities, such as a key employer closing down, or an
inward investment enquiry to relocate to the county. Much of the work carried out will also be
of interest to the media and responding to reactive media requests will be unplanned but a
priority for the post holder. These examples include the need for the post holder to support
their staff with work prioritisation and conflicting demands.

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
8.     Physical Demands:

The majority of work will be undertaken from an office although attendance at events and
meetings requires some physical effort including setting up stands and equipment. The post
also requires the ability to travel, with the county, UK and occasionally overseas.

9.     Working Conditions:

Work normally performed in a heated, lit and ventilated indoor environment; may be exposed
to occasional noise or outside conditions. Occasionally the nature of work requires visits to
construction sites to view new infrastructure developments such as new workspace and
community facilities.

10.    Work Context:

The majority of work will be undertaken in the office with some work carried out off-site. Any
hazards will be identified on risk assessments as required. Working with external partners
may also require overseas travel and understanding different cultures and working methods.
Events are carried out at various locations and often the post holder will be involved with the
setting up and management of the event dealing directly with the public.

11.    Knowledge and Skills:

The post holder is required to have a detailed knowledge of economic research and
analysis, economic development and regeneration. Effective project development and
delivery skills together with knowledge of the issues facing micro / small medium enterprises,
rural communities, market and coastal towns are areas of specialist knowledge required.
Knowledge of funding programmes, the Devon economy, and key productivity drivers such
as skills development, ICT and infrastructure and developing community assets are all
requirements of the post holder. The post holder will also need to be experienced in
undertaking a variety of advanced tasks such as forming effective partnerships and writing
funding applications, to develop projects that will have a positive economic, social and
environmental impact in Devon.

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07

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