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                             What a Chicken Coop Has To Be
Chicken coop is a special building usually made out of wood that is home to our chickens and chicks.
We know many different designs of chicken coops; small, portable, big…you name it. There are some
very basic things a chicken coop has to have to call it that.

Its first job is to protect animals from different weather conditions. It’s very important we include all
the necessities in our hen house plans before building. It’s has to be big enough with a strong roof
and sealed walls. Isolation is a must. In winter it has to be warm and in summer it has to be cool. It
must have windows that can open and close. Most hen house plans are made for chicken coops
made out of wood. And for a good reason, wood is a great isolator, it’s very easy to work with it and
it has a long durability.

Also, what we must include in out hen house plans is lightning and ventilation. When it’s dark hens
don’t lay so many eggs and it’s also very hard to get eggs at night if you forgot to do it before. At
least you must build a glass window so that light can come from there. Ventilation is also a big part,
when it’s got in the summer animals need a cool place to stay at. If you make 2 windows you can
open they will contribute to good ventilation and keep the place cooler.

Also, our feather friends are sometimes a meal of a lot of animals so we have to include security
choices in our hen house plans. If you are going to place your chicken coop near forest, be extra
careful. Foxes, raccoons… might come at night and take away your poultry. A good metal fence is
usually the surest way to go. Also if you have any domestic animals like cats or dogs, they might
usually also find the way to get into your backyard hen house and ransack it.

For the usability of the hen house, include big doors that open inwards, so it’s going to be easier for
you to clean it. Consider a special flap for easier access to eggs a good choice. There are plenty of
other options that can make your chicken coop really easy to use and maintain and also very
comfortable for your chickens.

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