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					                     THIRD PARTY CONTRIBUTION


A relative (other than a spouse) or friend may make a Third Party
Contribution towards fees when a client has opted for a placement in
home at a higher cost than the authority’s standard contract rates.


I wish to make a third party contribution towards the fees of:

                              in the sum of £         per week
(Enter Name of Resident)

I understand that the third party contribution will be incorporated into the
accommodation charge and that the amount of the third party contribution
may change if the establishment varies its fees.

I have read the “3rd Party Information Sheet” attached and also have
had explained to me my responsibilities with regard to being a third party

Signed:                                         Dated:


Relationship to Client:
For client
                       THIRD PARTY INFORMATION SHEET

Some private care homes charge more for placements than the standard rate that
Derbyshire County Council can pay for certain types of care. This results in a top up
payment, or third party contribution, being required. Please read the information
below before signing an agreement to pay a third party contribution.

1.    If a client opts to enter a home which charges more for the placement than
      Derbyshire County Council’s standard fee rates, then a 3rd Party Agreement
      must be signed.

2.    A 3rd Party Payee can be a family member or friend. A spouse cannot be a
      3rd Party Payee as this has implications relating to state benefits. Also,
      the resident should not act as their own 3rd Party. The only exception to this is
      if the resident owns a property and enters into a Deferred Payment Agreement
      (DPA). Please see additional material regarding DPA’s if you own a property.

3.    Where it is evident that the client’s weekly personal allowance will be used to
      make payment, either in full or part, of the 3rd Party Contribution, Derbyshire
      County Council will not enter into a 3rd Party Agreement.

4.    When someone agrees to become a 3rd Party Payee, and signs the agreement
      accordingly, they are making a contractual agreement to make the
      appropriate payments from their own resources. This agreement will remain
      in force whilst ever the client is resident in the home and a 3rd Party
      Contribution is required. Non-payment of the 3rd Party Contribution may result
      in debt recovery action being taken against the 3rd Party Payee.

5.    It is important to realise that homeowners can increase their fees at any time
      and therefore the amount of the 3rd Party Contribution is not guaranteed to
      remain the same. Where a 3rd Party Contribution does increase, the
      homeowner is obliged to give Derbyshire County Council 28 days notice of this.
      This should be via the resident’s named worker, who in turn will liaise with the
      3rd Party Payee.

6.    Where the 3rd Party Payee agrees to the revised 3rd Party Contribution a new
      contract (purchase order) will be drawn up with the home on behalf of the
      resident, and a revised 3rd Party Agreement must be signed.

7.    Where the 3rd Party Payee is unable or unwilling to meet the increased fee it
      may be possible to negotiate with the home to either waive or reduce the
      amount of the increased 3rd Party Contribution. Whilst the named worker may
      assist you in any negotiations they have no control, or discretion, over what the
      home charges.

8.    After any negotiations, if the 3rd Party Payee is still unable or unwilling to meet
      the increase, the home can request, with 28 days notice, that the resident finds
      alternative accommodation.

      The named worker will fully discuss the above before you are asked to
      sign a 3rd Party Agreement.                             Version 09/10a

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