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									                                                                               g) House hold waste should be deposited in the ditch at a
            Serene Hill English Secondary School                                  particular place.
                Third Terminal Examination 2065                                h) The teaching becomes good if a single teacher teaches a large
                                                                                  number of students.
                             Subject: EPH                                      i) The crude death rate of Nepal 3.1 per 1000 is 2058.
Class: 6                                             Full Marks: 100           j) The seven monuments of Nepal are in the list of world wealth.
Time 3 hours                                         Pass Marks: 40         Q.N.3. Match the following. 10
                                                                                   Sneezing                              hot saline gargle
Q.1. Fill in the blanks of the following.                    1 × 10=10             Floods                                conjunctives
   a) It is better to marry after the age of …… for a woman.                       Malnutrition                          scabies
   b) Cholera and roundworm are the diseases caused by the …….                     Diarrhea                              anemia
   c) The complete balance of ……. disturbs the condition of the
      soil.                                                                        Roundworm drugs                       severe bronchitis
   d) …….. introduces any country in the international level.                      Hookworms                             Every three months
   e) Waste water should be…….
                                                                                   Itching                               Handkerchief
   f) Vitamin E helps the ….. functions of the body.
   g) ….. is the biggest source of air pollution.                                  Inflamed eyelids               severe throbbing headache
   h) Group ……. and support makes the really race more attractive                  Common cold                           polluted water
      and competitive.
   i) Digging is a way of receiving and ……. the ball under the wait                Sore throat                           overeating.
      level.                                                                Q.N.4. Name the following .5
   j) The two palm flat on the floor …… the body as it is pushed
      during standing on hands.                                                a) The pass in which the ball is held by both hands and in front of
                                                                                  the chest in basketball.
Q.N.2. Tick ( ) the correct one s and cross (×) the false ones from the      b) The attaching player who calls out kabbaddi, kabaddi.
following. 10                                                                  c) The process of catching the raider by the anti raider.
   a) The player faces the sky with straight knee while walking on             d) The player who tries to touch the runner in cho-kho.
      all fours.                                                               e) The player who tries to escape being touched by the active
   b) There is no need of help of a friend while doing the exercise               chaser.
      standing on the head.                                                 Q.N.5. Draw the following. (2.5 ×2=5)
   c) The fingers should be spread above the fore head to receive the
      ball while volleying.                                                    a. Air pollution
   d) It stands in the centre of the circle and spins a plate during spin      b. Eye
      the platter.                                                          Q.N.6. Write short notes. 2.5 ×4=10
   e) Potassium permanganate may also be used to purify water.
                                                                               a. Environment sanitation.
   f) Calcium and phosphorus are essential for the formation of
                                                                               b. Cultural heritage
   c. Type of teeth.
   d. Balanced Diet.
   e. Strike out the wrong words. 5
   f. Oxygen/Nitrogen forms about 21% of the air.
   g. Filtering / Boiling is the easiest and the best way to purify
   h. The living /non living suspended materials in water are dust
      and dirt.
   i. During day time plants breathe in oxygen/ carbon dioxide.
   j. Most of the Nepalese children suffer from hookworms/
Q.N.8. Answer the following question in short. 9 2×10=20)
   a.   How do roundworms enter the human body?
   b.   What are the methods of water purification?
   c.   What causes lack of vitamin D?
   d.   Why do manual worker require more carbohydrate and fat?
   e.   Write about water sealed pit Latrine.
   f.   What the function of premolars and Molars teeth.
   g.   How do athletes act while performing the high jump?
   h.   What is the role of last player in rescue relay?
   i.   How is the game circle football started?
   j.   What trapping in kabbadi?
Q.N.9. Answer the long questions: ( 5×5=25)( any 5)
   a. What does family mean? Which type of family do you like?
   b. What are the main causes of environmental degradation?
   c. Why there is shortage of fuel with the decline in the
   d. How can population be controlled with low child death rebate?
   e. What are the various methods used for the protect5ion of soil?
   f. Define cultural heritage. How we can condense our cultural
   g. What kind of effect is there with the increase in populations.

                             The End.
            Serene Hill English Secondary School                         h) Extra amount of salt may sometimes be needed during hot
                Third Terminal Examination 2065                          i) Pharynx is the part of urinary system.
                            Subject: EPH                                 j) To maintain good posture it is not necessary to learn to sit
                                                                            stand and walk.
Class: 7                                         Full Marks: 100
Time 3 hours                                     Pass Marks: 40
                                                                      Q.N.3. Match the following. 10
Q.N.1. Fill in the blanks: 10
                                                                         a)   Brown sugar                          sitting position
   a) We should not read in ….. and dim light.                           b)   Gullet                               pole as turning point
   b) The chief function of …… is to supply body building                c)   Ligaments                            William G. Margan
      materials.                                                         d)   Iodine                               13×15 m area
   c) ……. is the biggest source of ail pollution.                        e)   Beri–beri                            5 basic still
   d) The solid wastes and is pasal of refuse can with …… and …..        f)   shot put                             vitamin b1
      method.                                                            g)   corner spry                          Relay seafood
   e) The short is held against the ……near the ……. of the collar         h)   Volley ball
      bone during the grip.                                                                 strong tissue that bind the bone of joint
   f) Turn by turn ….. go forward and come back while playing            i) kho–kho                                 muscular cannel
      dribble relay.                                                     j) sit ups                                 drug
   g) The port ball begins at the centre by …… up I n the air
      between players from each team.                                 Q.N.4. Write one effect of the deficiency of the following. 5
   h) The calling out …….. is called the cant.
                                                                         a) water                    b) vitamin              c) vitamin D
   i) In dodge run Portici pants sometimes left and sometime to
      right.                                                             d) Carbohydrate             e) Protein
Q.N.2. Tick () the correct statement and cross ( × ) the wrong
statements if of the following. 10
   a) Hands and legs act as the spokes of a wheel in cartwheel        Q.N.5. Write short notes. ( 2.5×4=10)
      exercise.                                                          a)   underground water
   b) The book of the thighs always swings in the last stage of the      b)   solid wastes
      single leg swing.                                                  c)   compost manure
   c) In straddle vault the performer lands keeping the knees and        d)   athletics
      hops in a straight position.
   d) The chaser standing at the pole is called the active chaser.    Q.N.6. Answer the following in short. (2×10=20)
   e) Only four players play in the field while playing port ball.       a) How will you stand up while throwing ball?
   f) Human feces and urine provide the breeding ground for several      b) How will you play port ball?
      kinds of germs.                                                    c) What is the role of the centre player while playing line
   g) If there is shortage of water we may suffer from headache.            football?
   d) How are the chasers and the runners divided while playing
   e) How will you perform dodge running?
   f) How will you start the stunt dips?
   g) List the important of Hand travel stunt?
   h) List any four rules of kho–kho?
   i) How do people become drug addict?
   j) What is the important of sense organ?

Q.N.7. Draw the following. 10
   a) Polluted water
   b) Resource of underground water.
   c) The brain box

Q.N.8. Answer the following question in ling.
   a)   How does food get to the different parts of body?
   b)   What will happen in case of deficiency of vitamin C,D and E?
   c)   How we can control the pollution of water?
   d)   Why should we maintain healthy environment.?
   e)   Explain the position of the player while playing dodge ball?
   f)   Draw a diagram of the kabaddi ground?
   g)   Explain the process of performing straddle vault stunt.

                             Then End..
            Serene Hill English Secondary School                                j) We must pass urine and stool only in the latrine.

                Third Terminal Examination 2065                              Q.N.3. Match the following. 10
                                                                                a)   Diarrhea                             malnutrition
                            Subject: EPH
                                                                                b)   Dysentery                            runny nose
Class: 5                                              Full Marks: 100           c)   Tuberculosis                         loose motion
Time 3 hours                                          Pass Marks: 40            d)   Cholera                              common disease
                                                                                e)   Common cold                          abdominal pain
                                                                                f)   Chicken pox                          infectious diseases
Q.N.1. Fill in the blanks. 10                                                   g)   protein                              prevention of diseases
                                                                                h)   minerals                              energy given
   a) We should not forget to ……. the lavatory with water after                 i)   vitamins                             body building
      suing it.                                                                 j)   Carbohydrates and fat                healthy bones and teeth.
   b) We shouldn't be upset and discouraged when we face ……
   c) Vitamins and minerals are found in …… and ……                           Q.N.4. Find out the wrong words from the following sentences. 5
   d) ……. of the earth's surface is covered with water.                         a)   Air/ water help us in burning.
   e) Tuberculosis starts with ….. and light fever.                             b)   Water? Air picks up dust when we sweep our houses.
   f) Chickenpox causes light….. and rash which undergoes various               c)   Smoke coming from kitchen pollutes/ doesn't pollute the ari.
      changes.                                                                  d)   Smoke irritates / doesn't irritate your eyes.
   g) The token is passed down the line from …. to player in wheel              e)   The most important source of water on land is rain/ sea.
   h) The last man to cross is given ….. while playing last man.             Q.N.5. Draw the following. 3×2=6
   i) The ball is ….. from behind the service line in Netless                   a) digestive system
      volleyball.                                                               b) heart
   j) Keep the back nearly …. in head balance.
                                                                             Q.N.6. Answer the following is short. 2 ×10=20)
Q.N.2. Tick () the correct statement and cross ( × ) the wrong                 a) What do you understand by nutrition?
statement of the following. 10                                                  b) How much surface of the earth I covered with water?
   a)   Padmasana is executed from the standing positi9on.                      c) What do you understand by water borne disease?
   b)   Chest and thigh will be raised while performing Dhanurasana.            d) What are the symptoms of dysentery?
   c)   Slide legs gently away from each other to perform splits.               e) Why is ti unsafe to drink pond water?
   d)   The ball dropped in the Neutral zone is called bat ball while           f) How does player perform in wheel relay?
        playing net less volleyball.                                            g) How does the player stand to play find your partner?
   e)   The pair that sits first at the call fined your partner is given a      h) What will happen if a captain commits a foul while playing
        blank mark.                                                                captain ball?
   f)   In diarrhea, mucus and blood are mixed with stool.                      i) How will you perform the stunt splits?
   g)   Cholera continues for three to four weeks.                              j) How will you start the Padmasana?
   h)   Water is used in form of ice stem and water.                         Q.N.7. Write short notes. 2.5×4=10)
   i)   We should control ourselves when temptation comes.
   a)   Air borne diseases
   b)   water
   c)   sit ups
   d)   chickenpox
Q.N.8. Answer in long. ( 5×5=25) any five.
   a)   What are the advantages and disadvantages of cooking food?
   b)   What are the various uses of water?
   c)   Why is air necessary for us?
   d)   Describe PADMASANA?
   e)   What are the causes of diseases?
   f)   Describe the game triangle football?

Q.N.9. Complete the following. 5
   a) Name three method of looking.
   b) Name three method of food preservation.
   c) Name three nutrients present in the food…

                              The End

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