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									Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

You may feel depressed and have no idea what you can do about it. You can
try medications for depression, but if your problem is bigger than just
depression, you may have to have more help than that. There are times
when something happens to us in life that we have a hard time dealing
with and in turn, our brains react in a different manner than usual. You
think of post traumatic stress syndrome as something that someone
returning from war may have, but anyone can witness or go through
something that will leave them with this diagnosis.

Post traumatic stress syndrome can happen when you have been through or
witnessed something that you are not use to seeing and that had a huge
negative turnout. This could be when you are in a car accident, witness
someone being mugged or even killed, or if you have suffered at the hands
of someone you love in a profound way. We are built to deal with certain
amounts of emotional stress, but some things are simply too much for us
to process. When that happens, we end up with post traumatic stress
syndrome. This often comes with depression as well, but not always.

You do not have to be an adult to have post traumatic stress syndrome.
This is something that happens to kids and if they are not helped, they
can carry this with them throughout life. They may not know any better
and they think the way they are feeling is the same way that everyone
else feels. Only when they get help do they realize that they have been
under the effects of something that made them view the world in a way
that others would never think. These are children who have been abused,
witnessed abuse, or suffered from the lost of parents at a young age.

If you are diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, see someone
else to continue care. You want to see someone to talk to as there are
certain methods they can use to make your mind work in a new way so that
your brain is not always on 'alert' and you stop seeing everything in a
negative light no matter what it might be. You can also take mood
stabilizers for a short period of time while going through therapy to
help lessen the stress you are going through and to help your brain
understand that it does not have to afraid of everything, even though
that is the way it is wired thanks to post traumatic stress disorder.

Do not take this type of diagnosis lightly. For one, your life will
greatly improve if you get the problem resolved, and for two, you are at
risk for deep depression and suicide if you continue as you are. If you
feel as if you do not care and see no point in turning things around, you
are already in the danger zone. Let someone know how you feel, even if in
that moment you do not think that they care, so that they can then find
someone to help you. You do not have to live with post traumatic stress
syndrome and you can be happy again. You will feel like a new person once
you have gone through therapy and see the world in the right way again.

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