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									Create Your Own Low Carb Diet Plan

I've been on many diets in my lifetime, but none of them ever seemed to
have a lasting effect. To be sure, some of them were fads that had little
chance of success no matter what I did, but some were sensible plans
based on the sound principles of reducing both my daily caloric and fat
intake. And while I did see some short-term improvements after watching
what I ate, the weight always crept back on. That is, until I finally bit
the bullet and went on a low carb diet plan.

I used to practically live on carbohydrates, especially bread, potatoes,
and pasta, so I couldn't imagine cutting those types of food out of my
life for good. I wasn't about to try anything extreme like Atkins or
South Beach, though, because I knew right from the start that I wouldn't
be able to eliminate carbs to the extent that those plans require. Still,
I thought a low carb diet plan might be the key to finally experiencing
the type of weight loss I was after, so I decided to try to put together
my own guidelines by borrowing from a variety of diets found on the
Internet. I was actually able to come up with something I could live
with, and recommend that you try the same thing.

The first step to creating your own low carb diet plan is to read as much
as you can about the subject. This includes combing through websites for
popular diets, reading books written by credible authors, and even
checking blogs written by regular people as they record the ups and downs
associated with their efforts. By doing all this reading, you'll be
alerted to potential pitfalls that you might not have thought of on your
own, and you'll also be able to glean valuable advice and tips from
different experts. The experiences and words of wisdom from those who
have gone before you will hopefully help you stick to your low carb diet
plan once you embark on your journey.

The second step is to create a menu of suitable meals that you'll be
comfortable preparing and consuming once you begin your weight loss
program. This is crucial, of course, because if you can't control your
cravings and kick your self-control into overdrive, then your low carb
diet plan will be an utter failure. But creating your own menu is one of
the benefits of spending all this time researching diets that restrict
carbs. You'll come across literally hundreds of different meal and snack
ideas, so it ought to be very easy to cull a month's worth of
suggestions. Then, because you already know that you'll be able to
tolerate the food, your low carb diet plan will have a much greater
chance of succeeding.

Believe me, I know that converting to a low carb diet plan is a scary
notion to someone whose life once revolved around sub sandwiches, french
fries, and spaghetti. But the sacrifices weren't as bad as I thought, and
the results speak for themselves. I look and feel great after three
months on a low carb diet plan. You can do it, too!

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