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									The Perfect fit for your needs

If you are looking for an acrylic frame for your posters, sign holders,
tabletops or refrigerators, have no fear, there are many stores that
offer almost limitless variety of these frames. You may even be surprised
at how many applications these frames can be put to use, some of them
right in your own home. These frames come in any size you can imagine and
in any weight you desire. Most of them can be mounted on either a single
nail or with a double stick tape; it is all up to you. Acrylic frames
come in different styles from large-size poster frames to frame bracket

If you are considering an acrylic frame as a poster frame, then you have
made a wise choice since these frames are made to last. A poster frame
can be used to advertise or promote sales in a retail store. They are
also used to display restaurant specials. A poster frame is sure to
attract attention and is easily visible even from afar making it the
perfect advertisement platform. Poster frames can even be made to feature
a ‘foldover’ design. These designs allow you to easily insert your
posters by simply sliding them from the sides or top of your acrylic
frame. This means you do not need to remove the poster frame from where
it has been placed, whether on a wall or on a permanent surface, simply
slide out your old display and slide in the new one and you are good to

A magnetic acrylic frame is yet another poster holder that has a wide
usage. These can be displayed on your refrigerator or on tabletops.
Magnetic frames are excellent in, for example, displaying your child’s
grades or in displaying your family photos or vacation photos. The fact
that they are constructed with acrylic means that they will last for
years. Again, you get to select from a variety of sizes based on
convenience and needs. There are even frames that are manufactured that
have brochure pockets. These frames are ideal when conducting ‘take one’
campaigns. Since they employ combination displays, they offer customers
additional information as well as the poster display to attract
attention. An acrylic frame construction makes these posters durable
withstanding use for years allowing you to use them widely. There just
does not seem to be an end to the uses of acrylic frames, just use your

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