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									     The Presiding Officer

     Who is the Presiding Officer?

     The Presiding Officer is the Chairperson of Parliament. He or she makes sure
     that the business of the Parliament is carried out on time, fairly, within the
     rules and in an orderly manner. There are also two Deputy Presiding Officers.

     Find out who is the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament

     1. Go to


     2. From the home page, click on the About the Parliament section

     3. When you are on the About the Parliament page, in the menu on the left hand
     side there is a section called Presiding Officer. Click on it to find out the name
     of the Presiding Officer and the two Deputy Presiding Officers. If you can,
     copy the pictures and stick them beside their names.

     The Presiding Officer is ______________

     The Deputy Presiding Officers are



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