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					                                University of Michigan
                            Board for Student Publications
                      Minutes of the November 5, 2007, Meeting
                     Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building
                                   420 Maynard St.
                                 Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Board Members Present: Jim Reische, Chair, Chip Peterson, Chair, Mark Bealafeld,
Courtney Morales, Steve Kagan, Phil Nussel, Steve Selbst, Gene Hartwig, Robin
Secretary / Treasurer: Sam Offen
The Michigan Daily reps: Karl Stampfl, Andrew Grossman, Daniel Cheung
Michiganensian reps: Mike Marzano
Gargoyle representatives: Max Eddy, Jennifer Garfinkle, Zach Beauvais
Others: Karen Brender, Gayle Steiner, Jeremy Davidson, Lisa Hiatt, Paul Johnson, Debra

Chip Peterson, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm. He mentioned that there
would be an opportunity to discuss last weekend’s dedication ceremony and reunion at
the end of the meeting once we get through other business.

Introductions: Karl Stampfl introduced Paul Johnson, the new Public Editor for The
Michigan Daily. Paul provided some personal background information. When asked,
Karl indicated that terminating the Public Editor requires a 5/6 vote of the MDesk. Max
Eddy introduced Zack Beauvais, a staff member of the Gargoyle. Sam Offen introduced
Daniel Cheung, the Associate Finance Manager of the Daily and Debra Power of Power
Marketing who will present a proposal later for a market survey for the Daily. Lastly,
Sam introduced Andrew Grossman, the Daily Editor in Chief-elect.

Minutes: The minutes of the October 8, 2007 meeting were approved.

Public Comments: none

Daily Marketing Survey: Daniel Cheung, The Michigan Daily Associate Finance
Manager, presented a proposal to contract with Power Marketing to conduct a marketing
survey of Daily readers in the next few months. Daniel distributed a memo which
highlighted the goals of the survey, features of each of bid and the reasoning for the
recommendation of the business staff for Power Marketing. The cost of the proposals
ranged from $7,700 to $14,000. The cost for Power is $12,000 which is $2,000 over the
budget of $10,000. The project would survey 300 students and 300 faculty/staff and
provide a +/- 5.6% margin of error. Daniel indicated that he had contacted one reference,
the Ann Arbor Business Review, which provided a positive response. The board
recommended that he contact two additional references.

Several board members expressed interest in including non-student, non-faculty/staff
online readers. Ms. Power indicated that she could accommodate that, but it would likely

raise the cost. Ms. Power suggested that she could work with a “not to exceed” clause in
the agreement. Board members also requested to see the final list of questions prior to
fielding the survey. The board passed a resolution providing for final approval by the
Daily committee once a few contingencies are met.

New Publications Committee: Phil Nussel presented the letter that he prepared which
highlighted seven benchmarks which the board will use to evaluate whether to add the
Crier as a student publication by September 2008. These benchmarks include:
    1. Continued operation with robust content and paid advertising.
    2. Ability to recruit and retain talented staff.
    3. Executing a viable marketing and advertising strategy.
    4. Providing the board with monthly financial statements and operating reports.
    5. Pursuing a viable editorial niche.
    6. Creating a distinguishable identity and mission.
    7. Agreeing to not overtly recruit staff from sister publications.

Phil also mentioned that the Crier should consider a name change due to the negative
connotation to publications named “Crier” and the importance that a name connotes.
Jeremy Davidson said that there are no surprises in the letter and he agrees with the need
to establish an online identity.

Steve Selbst indicated that he believed that the publications could co-exist very well and
suggested the Crier staff ask the Daily senior staff to provide advice. Lisa Hiatt reported
that the business staff has been contacting advertisers and several have shown interest.
The current goal for the staff is to create advertising space on the site. She also
mentioned that the site is hosted by an Australian server and they have had no issues so
far. The staff is approximately 35 students according to Jeremy. After significant
discussion the board unanimously agreed to accept the letter and authorized Sam Offen,
Board Secretary, to sign it.

Publication Reports: Sam Offen provided the September and October snapshot
financial results of The Michigan Daily due to David Goh’s absence. While both
months’ results were positive, Mark Bealafeld expressed concern that printing costs were
over budget and he reminded the board that David needs to supply a report illustrating the
advertising percentages for each paper. Sam Offen offered to obtain the reports for
September and October and forward them to the board by email.

Karl Stampfl commented on the load time for the website since some board members had
been experiencing long times. After some discussion the board concluded that the load
time was reasonable and most likely a function of other activity on the server or internet.
The board expanded the discussion to include the goal of migrating from College
Publisher, the current Daily web host, to other alternatives, such as hosting its own site.

Karl mentioned that Andrew Grossman will be focusing on that issue during his term as
EIC. Steve Kagan pointed out that the Daily need not create their own site; they could
identify an existing quality newspaper site and ask to use their code as a basis. The board

agreed that Andrew should stay in contact with Courtney Morales and the Daily
Subcommittee as it reviews alternative websites. The board would like an update each
month on the status of the website review. Karl and the board noted that the current
contract with College Publisher is for one year ending on July 25, 2008, and will
automatically renew itself unless 90-day notice is given. Karl and Andrew will present a
plan and initial budget for the website migration at the December board meeting.

Karl mentioned that he is getting more frequent requests to remove articles from the
Daily website since the articles are near the top of the list supplied by a Google search
and the requestors are embarrassed by them. The Daily’s policy is to not remove the
articles. It will, however, correct inaccuracies. Karl will post the policy on the website
soon. The board asked if there were anyone to prevent Daily editors and others with web
access from taking down articles. Currently there is not, however, Karl will explore the
concept of a log to record who takes items down. Steve Kagan also suggested a limited
time window to allow changes, e.g. 30 days. Jeremy Davidson indicated that there a
software programs that provide varying levels of authority to load or delete articles from
a website. Karl will check to see if College Publisher has this feature.

Lastly, Karl indicated that he will be meeting next week with the new Vice President for
Communications, David Lampe, here at the Stanford Lipsey Student Publications

Mike Marzano reported that 1,289 Michiganensian yearbooks have been sold to date
compared to 1,229 last year. He indicated that Housing is done even though Baits and
Cousins never responded to any of the efforts to reschedule them. He will try to continue
to contact them and report to the Housing officials that they are unresponsive. Mike
indicated that senior portraits and mailer sales are down. Board members encouraged
Mike to promote the senior portraits.

Mike reported that he and Sam Offen met with Trey Boynton of the Housing Office and
consequently has restructured Housing photos for 2009 and confirmed other issues in
their agreement. Chip Peterson expressed his concern that the Ensian was going to lose
the one of the best opportunities for yearbook sales. He strongly encouraged Mike to try
to renegotiate this portion of the agreement. He also suggested that Mike contact Carl
Wolf to see if they could provide additional photographers for those critical days. Mike
also reported that he has received a quarterly report from Direct Digital Online indicating
that the Michiganensian is the second most accessed yearbook on their site, earning us a
small commission which will be paid when it reaches $100. DDO is attempting to
increase the advertising for the site to generate more access.

Jenny Garfinkle reported that the Gargoyle sold enough t-shirts during the dedication
weekend to cover their costs. Additional sales will all go to the bottom line. They also
intend to open an online store very soon. Jenny added that the Daily’s Gargoyle account
executive sold three ads which appear in the most recent issue of the publication. The
board mentioned that the account exec should get a t-shirt and give the advertiser some t-
shirts and stickers as well.

Sam Offen reported that the Student Directory has been printed and delivered and is in
the process of being delivered. Members were welcome to take a copy if they wished.

Board Financial Report: Sam Offen also indicated that unfortunately there are no
financial reports for August or September due to the extended work required by the
external audit. Reports will be prepared and distributed as soon as possible.

Manager’s Report: Sam Offen stated that he will be meeting with the Director of the
University Library Digital Production Services on Friday, November 9, to discuss the
status of the project. He also indicated that the building renovation is nearly complete
and there are very few outstanding items left to complete before the project can be closed.
The University’s External Elements Design Review Committee did not authorize the
installation of John Dobbertin’s Gargoyle centennial windows. Sam Offen will work
with John and the Gargoyle staff to find an alternative acceptable site. The external audit
by PricewaterhouseCoopers is continuing and consuming a considerable amount of the
accountant’s time.

Development Update: Gayle Steiner reported that 19 students, Sam Offen and she had a
very productive trip to Buffalo, NY, to visit Stan Lipsey and the Buffalo News. They
met with senior editors of the newspaper, photographers and other staff members; visited
the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo wings, on Friday for dinner; and traveled to
Niagara Falls on Saturday morning. The weather was excellent. No snow!

Gayle mentioned that there were close to 400 individuals attending the various dedication
and reunion events, including approximately 320 at dinner on Friday night. She then
provided a preliminary financial report from the dedication and reunion weekend. There
is approximately $29,000 in revenue and $40,000 in expenses. She hopes to increase the
revenue by selling the light pole banners to alumni who attended the reunion.
Unfortunately, Gayle was unable to sell any sponsorship to the dinner primarily due to
the difficult financial times for many Michigan businesses. She did indicate that several
alumni expressed interest in meeting with her in the very near future. Gayle will start to
plan trips to these individuals.

Dedication and Reunion Feedback: Chip Peterson distributed a document to stimulate
discussion regarding the recap of the dedication and reunion activities on October 26-28.
It summarized the feedback board members had received from students and alumni.
Nearly all the comments were very positive. There were a few suggestions on how to
improve a similar event next time. The board discussed how often events like this should
be held. The board also recognized that it has assumed greater responsibility in the
development activity and perhaps some training on development skills would be

The board discussion turned to the priorities identified by alumni and guests. These were
also included in the discussion document. Some of the key priorities were new
technology, diversity among the student staffs and the board, financial strength and

professional development. The board asked Sam to investigate the possibility that
students could be told about Student Publications during orientation and tours of campus.

Chip Peterson adjourned the meeting at 9:25pm.

Actions taken:
Motion: Accept the minutes of the October 8, 2007, meeting.
Moved: Courtney Morales; Seconded: Steve Selbst
Passed: Unanimous

Motion: Approve an agreement with Power Marketing not to exceed $15,000 to conduct
a survey of readers of the printed and online editions of The Michigan Daily subject to
the receipt of two additional positive recommendations from client references and
including a methodology for including non-student and non-faculty/staff online readers.
Moved: Mark Bealafeld; Seconded: Steve Kagan
Passed: Unanimous

Motion: Accept the letter of affiliation with the Crier and authorize Sam Offen to sign the
letter on behalf of the Board.
Moved: Phil Nussel; Seconded: Courtney Morales
Passed: Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Samuel G. Offen
Secretary / Treasurer


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