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									Course 086

                          WALKING AND WORKING SURFACES

                                     MR. VINCENT DUNY

                             AIR FORCE MATERIAL COMMAND
                             AIR FORCE FLIGHT TEST CENTER
                                GROUND SAFETY DIVISION
                                  CHIEF, GROUND SAFETY

INTRODUCTION: Slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents.
They cause 15% of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of
fatalities. The OSHA standards for walking and working surfaces apply to all permanent places of
employment, except where only domestic, mining, or agricultural work is performed.

BODY: Development of this briefing is "supplemental training material" for beginning level
students and attendees. Upon completion of this lecture, you will possess OSHA knowledge on the

       Walking/working surfaces requirements
       General requirements for aisles and passageways
       Floor loading requirements
       Stairway, ladder way, wall, and open-side openings requirements
       Stairway requirements
       Portable ladders requirements
       Fixed ladders
       Scaffolding requirements

CONCLUSION: Whether working in industrial or administrative work areas, slip, trips and fall
are a major concern. The information provided will ensure you have the general knowledge of
walking and working surfaces in order to assist you in preventing future mishaps.

OSHA Standard
29 CFR 1910 Subpart D (1910.21 to 1910.30)

OSHA References/Resources
Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1900 to 1910.999

OSHA Training Institute Publications
OSHA Standard for General Industry, 1910.21 Walking-Working Surfaces

DISCLAIMER: "The opinions and conclusions in this paper are the author's alone and do not
necessarily reflect those of the United States Air Force, or the Federal Government."

AUTHOR INFORMATION: Mr. Vincent Duny, DSN 527-7016, Comm (661) 277-7016,

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