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Bricks & Mortar
                                                   Bricks & Mortar
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  Eton Union Workhouse
  Kedermister Library                              The Mere, in Upton Park, was built for George
  St Andrews Shared Church                         Bentley in 1887. Bentley owned a publishing
  Slough's Mosques                                 firm that published books by Charles Dickens,
  Sikh Temples in Slough                           Wilkie Collins and Disraeli, among others.
  The First Hindu Temple in
  Baylis House
                                                                                                                                The Mere, about 1984
  Slough Railway Station
  The Mere
  Upton Court                                                                    After the death of George Bentley in 1895, his son
  St Mary's Church, Langley                                                      Richard continued living in The Mere until his own
                                                                                 death in 1936. Richard Bentley was a keen amateur
                                                                                 meteorologist, and had a weather station built in the

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                                                   Milestone at The
Slough Through the Ages                            Mere
Living in Slough
Famous Slough                                      In 1964, The Mere became the headquarters for the National Foundation
Smoke, Steam and (Computer)
                                                   for Educational Research, and it remains so today. It was here that the
Chips                                              National Curriculum for schools was developed.
Bricks & Mortar
Green Fields of Slough
Victorian Slough
Slough at Leisure
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