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									                    THE ITALIAN OFFICE
                    PRODUCTS MARKET
                                 Second Edition: Published July 2003

Since 1986, MPA International has been                          The report is available now, and contains:
widely recognised as the leading research
agency serving the UK office products                           •     A wealth of detail on market sizes in
(OP) market. Our in-depth research                                    2002, segment trends, key players,
reports on the European market are                                    channel shares and market forecasts in
widely regarded as the authoritative                                  nine broad product sectors (see
industry studies.                                                     overleaf).
                                                                •     A chapter on user trends and market
In 2000 MPA International published its                               drivers, such as employment & IT
first report on the Italian office products                           trends.
market.      This groundbreaking study                          •     A chapter on distribution channels,
proved vital reading for manufacturers                                detailing key players, trends and
and distributors who wished to get a firm                             channel shares.
grasp on the development of the OP                              •     An informed view of how the market
market in Italy.                                                      will develop to 2007, in terms of
                                                                      product markets and channel shares.
In 2003, the market has moved on
further: there have been ongoing and                            The 15 chapters of the report are as
dynamic changes in distribution channels                        follows:
and product markets, which companies                            1.    Introduction
looking to service the market must keep                         2.    Market Summary
track of. MPA International’s new report                        3.    Economic Background
- The Italian Office Products Market –                          4.    User Trends (ie population, employment,
offers a unique insight into the OP market                            business, office equipment & purchasing
in Italy, comparing the market in 2002                          5.    Distribution (ie key players, trends & channel
with 2001 and also looking ahead to                                   shares)
2007.                                                           6.    Commercial Envelopes (ie market size &
                                                                      growth 2001-2002, segment trends,
MPA’s unique research methodology                                     manufacturers & shares, distribution channel &
                                                                      shares, forecast to 2007)
collects and cross-verifies data from all                       7.    Books & Pads (as chapter 6)
the major channels, such as:                                    8.    Cut Office Paper (as chapter 6)
                                                                9.    Writing & Graphic Supplies (as chapter 6)
•   OEMs & product manufacturers                                10.   Storage & Filing Products (as chapter 6)
•   OP and consumables wholesalers                              11.   Electronic Office Supplies (as chapter 6)
                                                                12.   Office & Desk Accessories (as chapter 6)
•   Office products & furniture dealers
                                                                13.   Presentation & Planning (as chapter 6)
•   Mail order companies                                        14.   Office Furniture (as chapter 6)
•   Office superstores                                          15.   The Future (ie office trends, product markets
•   Paper merchants & printers                                        and distribution channel trends)
•   Computer supplies specialists
                                                                The cost of the full report is €2,500 + p&p.
                                                                You can also make your own selection of
                                                                individual chapters from the report.
                                                                Simply complete and return the Order
                                                                Form overleaf to make your selection.

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      Tel: +44(0) 20 8832 7770 Fax: +44 (0) 20 8566 4931 E-mail: Web site:
                     A Division of Business Research Group (UK) Ltd – Registered in England No. 2619610
                                                        Product Coverage
Sector                                                                                    Subsector
Commercial envelopes         Commercial paper envelopes
Books & pads                 Exercise books, memo & refill pads, duplicate & triplicate books, manuscript books and analysis books
Cut office paper             Copier/laser grades, top quality writings, specialist inkjet papers, offset and duplicator papers
Writing & graphic            Pencils, ballpoints, rollerballs, fountain pens, fibre tip pens, plastic tip pens, highlighters, markers, refills, erasers,
supplies                     correction aids, pencil sharpeners and rulers
Storage & filing products    Manila files, soft plastic filing, suspension filing, ring binders, lever arch files, archival filing, indexes and dividers
Electronic office supplies   Laser & inkjet printer cartridges, data storage media, fax rolls, transparencies, computer labels, media storage, computer
                             cleaning products, screen filters, copyholders, dust covers, mouse mats, foot/wrist rests, computer security, cables
Office & desk accessories    Adhesive tapes, repositionable notes, paper and card adhesives, scissors, rubber bands, pins, clips, fasteners, staplers,
                             staples, staple extractors, punches, guillotines/trimmers, letter trays/racks and waste bins
Presentation & planning      Planning boards, wallboards, flipcharts & accessories, stock diaries, calendars and year planners
Office furniture             Seating, desking, storage, computer trolleys and screens

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                         MPA International, 109 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5 5TL, UK
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       4: User Trends                                    €170                         12: Office & Desk Accessories                         €250
       5: Distribution                                   €550                         13: Presentation & Planning                           €250
       6: Commercial Envelopes                           €250                         14: Office Furniture                                  €250
       7: Books & Pads                                   €250                         15: The Future                                        €250
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