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					Treaty of Versailles – Finish!         Trench

Start…..                             A series of treaties that dealt with the
Entente wanted Germany to admit this defeated countries after WWI
after WWI

War memorials                          1914 – 1918

Both sides dug these ditches to        These were built after the war to
shelter in during the stalemate of WWI remember the dead
Clemenceau        Germany

WWI               The leader of France at the end of the
                  war. He represented France at the
                  Treaty of Versailles

USA               France

Defeated in WWI   Came into the war in 1917 to support
                  the Entente and helped them to win by
                  supplying troops and weapons.
Austria Hungary                       Empire

Invaded by Germany after they had     The key ally of Germany.
passed through Belgium.

Arms race                             Schlieffen Plan

Countries owned by another country. Before WWI both Germany and Britain
Used for trade and make the countries had been trying to outdo each other by
richer. Britain had a large one!      developing the most weapons.
Dreadnought                            Triple Entente

A plan that was devised to prevent     An iron battleship.
Germany having to fight a war on two
fronts with both France and Russia.

Triple Alliance                        Archduke Franz Ferdinand

An alliance of Britain, France and     An alliance of Germany, Austria
Russia                                 Hungary and Italy.
Barbed wire                            Tanks

The heir to the Austro Hungarian       Used to prevent troops climbing over
Empire                                 the parapet into their opponents

Sniper                                 Trench foot

Weapon used at the end of the war to   A skilled rifle man who took a forward
ride over trenches.                    position to take out individuals.
Lice                                       Dug outs

A condition that affected soldiers feet    Infected the clothing of soldiers who
after they had been standing in water      used matches to burn them from the
for a long time.                           seams.

Poison gas                                 Woodrow Wilson

                                           Released to affect the breathing of
Hollows dug deep in the trenches to        soldiers. Rather unpredictable though;
protect soldiers during artillery attack   if the wind changes it could blow back
and for rest periods.                      to affect your own side.
League of Nations                       Parapet

                                        Set up after WWI to try to make sure
The President of the United States      another war didn’t happen.
during the signing of the Treaty of

Sarajevo                                Russia

A mound at the front of the trench to   The city in Bosnia where the Archduke
protect the soldiers from attack.       Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
                                        were killed.
Belgium                                Guilt

Part of the Triple Entente, this country This small country was supposed to
was on the eastern border of Germany let German troops march through on
                                         the way to France. It resisted and
                                         delayed the advance until the French
                                         and British could prepare.