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The Defence Industry in the North East of England


The Defence Industry in the North East of England

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									The Defence Industry in the
North East of England
Did you know...?

• Over 1,000 companies based in the North East are involved in supplying the defence
• 85% of North East companies supplying the defence market are in manufacturing.
• Over 7,000 people are employed within the sector - the North East accounts for about
  10% of the UK’s jobs in defence manufacturing.
• The estimated total regional defence turnover, net of local spend is £665m - £820m.
• The estimated regional defence exports are £146m - £180m.
• The Northern Defence Industries Ltd provides business opportunities, business
  intelligence and supply chain services to customer communities.
• The University of Newcastle’s Regional Centre for Industrial Design (RCID) has a strong team
  of professional engineers providing design solutions over a broad spectrum of analysis,
  simulation and virtual prototyping.
• SMD Ltd is a world leader in design and manufacture of specialist, remote controlled subsea & ship
  mounted equipment.
• An innovative Offshore Energy Centre promotes the UK’s unrivalled offshore skills and engineering talent
  on the international stage.
• Swan Hunter (Tyneside) Ltd has recently been awarded a contract for the design and build of two Landing
  Ship Logistic.

The vision for the region is ...’to be the UK’s leading region for advanced engineering technologies building
on our knowledge, expertise and competitive advantage’.

Key Strengths
Companies locating in the region benefit from the dynamic, forward-looking business base available:
• Pro-business attitudes
  • Low operating costs
     • A flexible, skilled and intelligent workforce
         • Strong academic support with an intelligence network of 5 universities
            • Competitive financial incentives
              • A range of high-tech offices in campus style locations
                • A robust infrastructure to meet the needs of industry
                   • Significant project integration and management expertise supported by a robust supply

                     Labour force in the North East of England

                      With competitive labour costs and a strong work ethic, the North East has a readily
                      available pool of skilled labour for employers to call upon. This is coupled with a highly
                     developed network of business support services, educational links and dedicated
                     training courses. Access to a strong research base from initial idea through to trials,
                     ensures the North East offers a complete package to support a company setting up in
                     the region, or agreeing a collaboration with a university in the region.
                     Education - Focus on the Region’s universities

                     With 5 top class universities with a diverse range of specialisms, and an annual graduate
                     output of over 14,000, the region has a strong intelligence infrastructure. This is supported
                     by a network of 23 further education colleges, offering more vocational courses such as
                     HNDs and HNCs, and courses developed in conjunction with the region’s major employers,
                     which have been recognised for their excellence.

                     Northern Defence Industries

                   Northern Defence Industries (NDI) represents the interests of over 1000 companies in the
                 North East of England. It is comprised of specialised groups in marine, aerospace, land sys-
                tems, electronics, suppliers and services, NDI provides:
                • Opportunities for networking and exchange of best practice
              • Access to information and advice in winning contracts in the UK and overseas
            • Brokering supply chain partnerships in order to win contracts
        • NDI is unique in the UK, it operates across UK regions and Internationallly

 Companies within the defence sector located in the North East of England

 Company                 Activity

 Filtronics              Design and manufacture of microwave components and
 Components Ltd          subsystems for military applications.

 SMD Ltd                 Design and manufacture of specialist, remote controlled subsea &
                         ship mounted equipment providing remote controlled solutions to
                         the oil & gas, cabling, mining & military markets.

 Express                 Design, manufacture and project management of precision
 Engineering Ltd         machined, high integrity components in most materials including
                         exotics, mechanical sub assemblies and complete assemblies.

 Alvis Vickers Ltd       Armoured vehicles

 Joyce-Loebl Ltd         Electrical and electronic controls

 Filtronic plc/BAe       Gallium arsenide microprocessors

 Michell Bearings        Marine drive shaft bearings                                                       
 Swan Hunter/THC         Ships - construction, repair, refit

Success of the sector

Companies based in the North East of England clearly benefit from the regional linkages
with the 5 universities. These are a key source of talent and ideas which allow companies
supplying the defence sector to develop their product base. Investment in the region can
be through jont ventures or alliances between companies or direct investment. This is
managed by One Northeast Inward Investment Team.


Business Team, One NorthEast, Stella House, Goldcrest Way, Newburn Riverside,
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE15 8NY
Tel: +44 (0)191 229 6200                           Fax: +44 (0)191 229 6201

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