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									                                         Earl Herr
                                     VM: 602-449-8461
                                     Skype: earl.william

          IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert – IBM System P4/P5
                                 Advanced Technical Expert P5

                                       IBM Cert Listing

Full Time      Tempe Arizona                      11/2006 – CURRENT
UNIX AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1 + REDHAT AS3/4/5 - VERITAS
Build Engineer OSE5 - P-Series Power4/5 Regatta, HMC, P570,590 P690, P615,630,650

- Work with all aspects P-Series enterprise environment Hardware Setup/Service to LPAR build,
NIM, AIX OS Migrations, AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.1 - Multi Terabyte HDS Storage experience at the
OS with HDLM Multipathing / DMP, HMC Setup’s, LPAR Build’s, Provide assistance to Oracle
DBA’s, VERITAS Cluster Server Configuration/Design/Configuration and Administration.

      Build, Standardize and tune enterprise AIX, VCS, Oracle Clusters
      Support the UNIX Group in Administration Duties including 7/27 on-call rotations for all
       OS platforms, Solaris, HP, Linux, AIX.
      Custom Build Configuration
      IBM Blade, HP Blade and DL Class Servers.


Contract      APS                         6/2006 – 11/2006
UNIX AIX 5.3 Senior System Engineer HMC, P570, VIO

- Work with all aspects P-Series enterprise environment Hardware and Software - LPAR builds,
NIM, AIX OS 5.3 - HACMP 5.2, NetApp File Storage. Assist Oracle DBA’s to build up initial 10G
RAC environment on AIX.Support custom installs of Oracle Application Server OAS. Travel to
vendor site to advice, perform and support AIX servers and the environment for DOMS Energy
management system.

      Tune and Standardize AIX, HACMP, HMC & LPAR environment (DOMS)

Full Time      FirstHealth/Coventry Phoenix                     5/2004 – 6/2006
UNIX AIX 5.2/5.3 + some Tru64 - REDHAT AS3/4 - HPUX 11
Senior System Engineer 200+ P-Series Power4/5 Regatta, HMC, P570,590 P690,

- Work with all aspects P-Series enterprise environment Hardware Setup/Service to LPAR build,
NIM, AIX OS Migrations, AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 - HACMP 5.1, 5.2, Multi Terabyte EMC Storage
experience at the OS with PowerPath, Clariion, Symmetrix hdiskpowers, HMC Setup’s, LPAR
Build’s, Provide assistance to Oracle DBA’s as related to OS with RAC 9i, version 8 and 9, GPFS
2.3 Configurations and Administration.

Contractor   Wellsfargo Tempe Arizona     Mesa, Arizona         1/2003 – 5/2004
UNIX – HP UX AIX - Tivoli – Project Lead
Lead Unix Admin for Server Platform Swap HPUX to AIX ( 2500+ ) Win2k Server to AIX
- Manage all the technical activities of 50 + Technician in the field nightly. Diagnose, troubleshoot
RS6000 and HPUX hardware and software. Duties include Telnet to sites to configure application
and OS packages. Resolve issues remotely and or walk the Technicians through complex repairs
over the phone.

- Work closely with Project Managers and identify required IT resources throughout corporation.
- Make critical Technical decisions that determine the outcome of the conversion, or to back out
and reschedule.
- Identify Specific IBM Hardware and Software problems, if unable to resolvable open IBM
support call.

- Troubleshoot Tivoli Software Distribution and LCF Endpoints during conversions.
- Generate Technical Documentation – UNIX HPUX / AIX RS6000 / WIN2K SERVER
- UNIX OS & Application Support – troubleshoot and implement automated procedures and
- Production Pager Support / UNIX Hardware, Software (3000 + Branches)
Required Shills: HPUX – AIX – Win2000 Server – UNIX Shell Scripting – Perl – DOS Batch

Consulting                        Mesa, Arizona                    4/2002 - 1/2003
UNIX - Windows – Exchange - Web Development

- Install, Develop and Manage <GNU> Commerce.cgi Web Store Software, Connected to
MySQL, Integrate New Functionality to meet the needs of online customers.

Prepared Database from Ms Excel to Ms Access, then to a final 5800 SKU pipe-delimited flat-file
for production with all the necessary HTML tags, then import to MySQL Server for final use.

Converted from the Linux Based MySQL Database Server to Oracle 8i on the RS/6000 F50 and a
DBA to manage the daily duties.

Hardware RS/6000 / 2x 43P-150 Web Servers and 1x F50 Single CPU DB Server
- Maintain META Tags #2 Rank on Yahoo
- Work with on-line customers when needed.
· Maintain Credit Card Interface to Card Services International.

Skills Required:
- UNIX                                            - KSH
- RS/6000                                         - HTML
- AIX 4.3.x                                       - Apache / IIS / Netscape Enterprise Server
- Red Hat Linux                                   - Java Script
- MySQL                                           - FTP
- SQL                                             - TELNET
- BASH, SH, KSH / Shells                                  - VI
– DNS                                             - FRONTPAGE 2000
- I/P Networking                                  - Perl
- Sendmail / Ms Exchange 2000 Administration      - Cron
- Win2k AD Administration

Motorola                                 Scottsdale, Arizona               4/2001 - 4/2002
Software Analyst / Tivoli Administrator – Framework, TEC/Oracle, DM
UNIX AIX, SUN Solaris and Windows NT 4/2000 Server Administration Support.
- Install and Maintain Tivoli Framework Server / Tivoli Enterprise Console / Distributed Monitoring,
Managed Nodes and Endpoints on all platforms Globally at Motorola.

- Implement / Install / Manage TEC / RIM Object Running Oracle DB Server
       Work with System Administrators to analyze system resources. Develop custom and
        packaged DM Monitors, DMZ endpoints and UNIX / NT-2000 tecad TEC Logfile
        Adapters, rulebase modifications to meet event notification requirements.

Analyze and develop complex software configurations to monitor and alert Administrators of
impending or immediate notification of outages, based on failures, process, CPU utilization,
services, disk usage.

Position required, Administration abilities on various OS platforms, Korn Shell, Perl and Dos/NT
scripting abilities.

BASH, SH, KSH / Shells
   - Research new methods of system resource monitoring.
   - Resolve standing issues never corrected by Tivoli implementation group.
   - NT / UNIX Logfile Adapters.
   - Using Distributed Monitoring to gather statistics on servers on the Windows 2000 / NT 4

MicroAge Computer                    Tempe, Arizona
UNIX/AIX System Administrator - Enterprise Systems Automation / Tivoli
UNIX IBM AIX 4.3.x RS6000, 43-P, F,G,H Enterprise and some SP series systems.

Primary Tasks:
     Tivoli Administrator to maintain current failing UNIX TMR / Framework
(3.6.x and 3.7.x / DM / TEC / Remote Control / Inventory / Software Distribution). The TMR was
moved via (IBM's Sysback), the hostname and IP were changed to give the final blow. After a
month of support attempts to resolve, IBM Tivoli as a group in writing concluded there wasn’t any
possibility of recovering the TMR.

       Support the UNIX Group in Administration Duties including 7/27 on-call rotations.
       Upgraded Tivoli Environment to 3.7.x
        Extensive Experience with Tivoli, Framework, TEC (Tivoli Enterprise Console), DM
        (Distributed Monitoring),
       Light SD (Software Distribution), RC
        (Remote Control), Inventory, Framework.
       Implement / Install / Manage TEC / RIM Object Running Sybase DB Server
       Build parallel TMR w/ Framework 3.6.2-b, TEC 3.6.2 (Sybase) Distributed Monitoring 3.6,
        Remote Control Build Gateways, migrate Endpoints to new TMR region. The
        failing TMR had to be reverse engineered to meet the current expectations of
        customization and expected enhancements.
       Installed Netview 6.0.
       Implemented Netview Web Browser Java Interface.
       AIX 4x Systems Administrator
       Enterprise Operations I/O Concepts Console Consolidation, MVS Consoles Servers
       Installed Netview 5.0 on SP Node and configured to meet Network Group Requirements.
       AIX, NT and Windows Tivoli Endpoints Administration
       Rebuilt AIX, NT, Windows Tivoli Lab.
       Train peer UNIX Administrators on Tivoli, FW - DM - TEC, Install to Custom DMZ
        endpoints and UNIX / NT-2000 tecad TEC Logfile Adapters, rulebase modifications to
        meet event notification requirements.
       AIX System Administration, Box building, SSA Raid, ADSM, RS6000 Hardware
       Maintain Sun Sparc Ultra Workstations, Application and OS Solaris 7 and 8
       Manage IBM Shark SAN OS390, WinNT-2000, AIX
       Backup ADSM / TSM Administrator

Apply maintenance level PTF's when necessary to correct a bug or update the OS level.
Downloading individual or several to create a set, or by standard IBM overnight delivered custom
media by PMR.

Walgreens                                Mt. Prospect , IL               10/1999 - 4/2000
UNIX Systems Administrator w/NT Support
Architecture Department - Main Data Center

- 7/24 UNIX System Support rotation of all Walgreens, Pharmacy Application and Database

(4) Clustered NUMAQ 1000/2000 multi Quad Database Servers - Dynix/PTX 4.4.7 / Oracle 8 /
EMC Disk Sub System

(5) NUMAQ 1000 multi Quad Application Servers - Dynix/PTX 4.4.2 /Intercom Plus

The NUMAQ Consoles are WinNT 4.0/SP5. Was at the time only Admin in the Department who
knew Windows NT enough to train the others on common NT 4.0 problems as they arise. Also,
suggest and implement best practices for that OS.

Only Certified AIX Administrator on site: Two other NUMAQ Admins ingroup had been working
the roll-out remarkably. I was able to give some light to common issues and time saving solutions
from my experience.

“Able to resolve an open Operations issue and with some C support from the on-site Unix Guru
"Dana". We ported over SUDO, which I had suggested to Dynix PTX 4.4.x. They had SUID
scripts put in-place by (Arthur Anderson Consulting) on the Dynix PTX systems during the
Mainframe transformation at Walgreens. These scripts wouldn’t port to the newly obtained
RS6000’s and would be necessary to give the required level of common functionality and security
access to Operations group.

After working the SUID Pearl scripts on the RS6000 for a while, I was able to find out why they
weren’t working. In the release of AIX 4.3.x SUID calls were disabled in the Kernel.“

(6) H70 Enterprise Servers - AIX 4.3.2
(2) S7a Enterprise Servers - AIX 4.3.2

*** Y2K Year - Apply maintenance level PTF?s when necessary to correct a bug or update the
OS level.

- Project implementer of (ddri ACE-SNMP), snmp Network Management software. Using
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation as Master Monitor and various Agents on SUN, NT, Dynix/PTX,
AIX, SCO and Linux. Also, train others to understand the web interface, read event and emails.

Security Application: Guardian Administration / SunOS 5.7 Backup/Archive Software:
REELbackup / SunOS 5.7

- Implemented and maintain two Web servers with my modified version of Docitweb for AIX and
Dynix PTX, HTML based system inventory scripts for all the servers. With these scripts any UNIX
system can be completely inventoried and presented in a HTML document. Having these
documents online for easy access to configuration information.

- At the time working on my C skills aggressively!

IBM Global Services                 Schaumburg, IL             4/1999 - 10/1999
Complex Deals Web Administrator
UNIX / NT Systems Administrator - Complex Deals Systems Administration

Primary, only Webmaster, System Administrator and Technical Project Manager for IBM's top
Web Hosting Customers - Cooper & Lybrant - Goodyear Tire and Rubber and more, w/ IBM
Global Tie line phone in my Condo was working 7/24 as <Project Manager, Webmaster> by day
and <Webmaster and Systems Administrator> by night.

- Complex Deals System Administration
Primary (only) SysAdmin for:
40 + Mission Critical AIX 4.2.x and 4.3.x Web Server, Domino Go, Notes 4.5, 4.6, NetComerce,
Apache, MQSeries, ADSM Server and Client, DB2 Ver 5, eND Network Dispatcher. 8 NT Web
Servers / MSCS High Availability Server, IIS 4.0, Site Server and all new projects assigned to
<clear floor space to live production>.

- Work with developers to resolve Web Page Scripting errors, CGI/PERL, ASP.
- When on call Solaris Support for the Complex Deals Department.

Standard workweek 75+ hours day and night, working every weekend on off-hour changes tickets

*** Y2K Year - Apply maintenance level PTF's when necessary to correct a bug or update the OS

This position has widened my "Wide Area Networking" skills. Every system under my control was
in other regions of the country. The ability to determine router, switch or port connectivity issues
were mandatory.

Southwest Supermarkets              Phoenix, Arizona                       6/1997 - 4/1999
Network Administrator
Network / Senior Systems Administrator

Acting as Director without choice most of the time, performing nearly all the computing and
networking for the entire corporation while working there. As I had mentioned three Directors
came and went. It was an exciting and rewarding time to accomplish and learn so much.

At Southwest Supermarkets for a 6-month period, assumed the MIS Director position having eight
IT Techs, Programmers and arranging purchases with vendors during a 40-store POS rollout.
Reported Directly to President of the Corporation, Colberg Group

Plan / Implement all AIX UNIX Upgrades and NT Domain, Exchange Server 5.0 then to 5.5 and
Applications solely in the corporate office on 7th Street. Train, assist and standardize all hardware
at corporate and software in 40+ Store and Satellite Offices. Work with vendors. Plan for
upgrades. When not at work, either logged in over the Internet with PcAnywhere.

Manage Shares, Users, Switches / Routers. Connectivity to IBM AIX Servers,
Administration of AIX, NIS, DNS, NFS, manage AIX printing, Informix 7.21, 7.32 engine as
backup, support to daily DBA duties. Complete NT Server integration from scratch. Implement
Microsoft Exchange 5.0 then Upgrade to 5.5, plan the roll out of all 120 corporate employees and
40 stores. Manage Retail file movements using and installing Excellenet client and server apps.
Involved in developing scripts to interface from Unix to Windows NT. Direct user support for 120,
Win95/Win98 and NT 4 Workstation clients and 20 assorted HP and Lexmark Network printers.
Maintain ODBC configurations to Informix database for Microsoft and 3rd party PowerBuilder
Apps. Maintain backups, UNIX ADSM 3.0 and NT Seagate BackupExec 7.0 Enterprise Solely
responsible for creating custom NT image, method to clone it and SOP to deploy in 40 Southwest
Supermarkets store locations.

- Completely integrated over newly implemented Frame Relay, sister company New Deal Markets
/ Bay Area Foods, Modesto, Calif. Installed NT 4.0 Domain Controllers, Managed NT Trusts,
access to UNIX Apps across the WAN, Lawson Financial Software and UNIX Printing from
Modesto to Phoenix AIX print servers.

MicroAge Computers                Tempe, Arizona                  5/1996 - 6/1997
Lead Technician III
MicroAge Quality Integration Center <The MicroAge listed above as a rehire>
Lead Tech III, RS6000 / Digital / Motorola Starmax / Special Projects.

- Configured with other technicians to troubleshoot all problems in my group.
- Manage daily activities on projects with 20+ technicians; Manage tight delivery schedules.
- Project and Technical responsibilities
IBM RS6000 Line, complete hardware software integration, OS load AIX 4.1.x, trouble shooting
issue as necessary.

Digital, MX5 Line, complete hardware software integration

- Custom Configure, every major brand of PC, Laptop. Install software and hardware, resolve
compatibility issues, driver issues to make what ever is on the order work! Direct technicians on
hardware and software issues.


IBM                                    Tempe, Arizona                     7/2006
AIX 5L Certified Advanced Technical Expert

IBM                                     Tempe, Arizona                    4/1999
AIX 4.1 Certified Systems Administrator Certification

University of Palmers Green              London, England                           8/1999
Bachelor's Degree
Computer Information Science (CIS)

Microsoft                                                                 5/1997
Certified Product Specialists NT Server 4.0 Certification

ITT Technical Institute                                                   3/1992
E.E.T (Completed 3 out of 4 quarters 3.6 GPA)
I had just won custody of my 6-year-old son - needed to start working

Skill Name              Skill Level           Last Used              Experience
VERITAS Cluster Server Intermediate           Currently used         2 years
AIX 5.x/4.x/3.25        Expert                Currently used         11 years
Korn Shell              Intermediate          Currently used         9 years
GPFS 2.3                Intermediate/Expert    Currently used         3 year
Configuration and Administration.
Cisco Pix 501,506,515 VPN/DMZ Intermediate Currently used             2 years
Windows NT 4.0                   Expert       Currently used 12 years
Tivoli Framework        Expert                Currently used         8 years
Sun Solaris 2.x 7 8     Intermediate          Currently used         7 years
Windows 2000
Server/Professional     Intermediate          Currently used         8 years
Exchange 5.x            Expert              Currently used           10years
Exchange Server
2000                    Expert                Currently used         7 years
ADSM 3.x                Intermediate          Currently used         10 years
Microsoft IIS 3, 4, 5   Intermediate          Currently used         10 years
Apache           Intermediate                Currently used          9 years
HTML Programming        Expert                Currently used         13 years
Perl/CGI Web
Programming             Intermediate          Currently used         12 years


Tomcat, Apache SSL 2x.x.x, Pix 501, 506, ASA 55xx VPN Custom DMZ Design-Programming.
Windows 2000,2003 Server, MsExchange, Light AD experience. Flash/Photoshop/Dreamweaver
Web CGI - PERL, PHP , Light JSP Netbeans Development, MySql4/5 Administration, SQL

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