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                   Commodities Change Flow Chart
                     Impact of Contact (see pages 36-39)
7.2.1 analyze how commodities that lead to economic empowerment have changed
           Treaties                 Fur Trade            European Settlement
 conflicts between First
   Nations & Europeans
 believed making treaties
would help them get along
        in the future
 Britain believed treaties
would make First Nations
    side with Britain in
   conflicts with France
  First Nations believed
   treaties with Britain
 would ensure peace and
  allow them to maintain
      their way of life
   Saw problems in New
   England with settlers
taking over First Nations
     Covenant Chain of
         Treaties or
  Treaties of Peace and
 First Nations agreed to
  act peacefully toward
   British & the British
 agreed to respect First
       Nations rights
   First Nations did not
 agree to give up land or
     natural resources