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					               Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Steering Group
                          Monday 22 March 2004, 10-12am
                             Best Centre Morecambe

   Cllr Gina Dowding          GD     Lancaster City Council
   Alison Page                AP     Furniture Matters
   Richard Grave              RG     Lancaster & Morecambe Trades Union Council
   Mark Robinson              MR     E-scendency
   Wendy Thompson             WT     Lancashire County Council
   Jenny Coy                  JC     Lancashire County Council
   Gill Smith                 JS     Youth and Community Services
   Robin Horner               RH     R.S.P.B.
   Sandra Elsworth            SE     Local resident
   Richard Tulej              RT     Lancaster City Council
   Jim Robson                 JR     Lancaster City Council
   Joy Grayson                JGr    Lancaster City Council
   Donald Read                DR     Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust (MBPCT)
   Mary Chabrel               MCh    Friends of the Earth

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Apologies           Trevor Singleton, Ann Morris, Audrey Jones

3. Minutes of LA21 Steering Group meeting 20 November 2003 & matters arising

   LA21 posters put out on display for group to view. Favourable comments made. No
   decision made as to whether additional posters are required for each chapter of Agenda
   for Action.

4. Lancashire Environment Strategy

JC from the County gave a presentation and briefly outlined progress to date with regard to
the production of an Environmental Strategy for Lancashire. JC explained that a draft had
been completed and County now wanted to consult on the draft and in particular seek the
views of the LSP. The group considered that as they represent LA21 as a building block of the
LSP they should be the consultative body. It was further agreed that a facilitated workshop
would be the preferred form of consultation.

Meeting for workshop to be arranged.

GD to seek the approval of the LSP Executive Group to the proposed consultation

Copies of the presentation and further information are attached to these minutes

5. Brief reports from the LA21 Topic Groups - Aims, objectives & work programmes

The four LA21 Topic Groups have now set their Aims and Objectives, 2004/5 Work
Programmes and listed their members.

It was agreed that the work programmes should be attached to the minutes and be discussed
at the next meeting.

Recycling Forum

JG gave update. Forum looking to carry out project work. DEFRA funding may be available to
bid into. GD would like to attend next meeting of the Forum.

WT informed Group that she was working to bring schools and recycling initiatives together
and was soon to meet with Jenny Loydall of Lancaster City Council to discuss.

AP informed Group about a Lancashire Community Recycling network meeting in Preston on
the 24 March.

An issue regarding the need for improved communication between the various forums was
highlighted and needs addressing.

Wildlife Forum

RH updated group. The Forum has also recognised it is time for ‘actions on the ground’.
Perhaps one or two projects each year. This years focus will be on the production of a wildlife
directory. At present the group is considering how best to do this – one document or two? –
one an organisations directory the other a ‘site’ directory. Other identified objectives include a
biannual ‘open evening’ and putting up some content on to the City Council’s web site.

RG expressed some concerns regarding the process of producing the directory and felt that
the aims and objectives of the directory were unclear. There was a general discussion about
the work programmes of the Forums and the need for focus.

Sustainable Transport Forum

JR updated Group. Agreed to have quarterly meetings based on themes. First theme was
rural transport and a very successful meeting has recently been held at Carnforth Railway
Station. A range of issues was discussed and concerns were expressed regarding
deregulation of the industry.

JR advised the group that the majority of the additional funding being made available to the
LSP through ‘second homes’ Council Tax was being used to support improvements to the
transport ‘infrastructure’ including a project to improve bus stops and provide better
information re timetables etc. Expressions of interest from three parishes are being invited.

Themed meetings on Travel Plans (in May) and Demand Management are being planned for
later in the year.

A project to produce a detailed cycling/ walking map(s) is planned.

There are a number of groups established which are looking at various transport related
issues. These are making great demands on JR’s time. There perhaps needs to be some

JR to report back

Food Forum

JG reported back. This forum is also considering the production of a directory / action pack
and possibly the production of a leaflet aimed at stimulating more interest in the ‘Farmers

MBPCT and the Healthy Living Centre have produced a leaflet ‘Food Matters in Morecambe’
relating to local food issues (identified during a recent Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)
project in Morecambe). It identifies local projects addressing these issues.
JG advised the Group of a food event for schools being held at Ryelands House on Wed 24
March. Representatives from the Wildlife Forum would be attending.

Health and Sustainability

RT updated the group. Limited progress as the most recent meeting was cancelled owing to
the need to respond urgently to the cockling disaster in Morecambe Bay.

Joint areas of working together have been identified with transport, procurement, waste
management, employment and facilities management likely areas of activity.

Corporate Plan

GD advised the group of the City Councils 2004/05 Corporate Plan and in particular the target
to deliver a joint working with health project and an LA21 Project. The group need to consider
what that project should be.

To be discussed at next meeting

6. Community Strategy / Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)

The launch of the Community Strategy is on Thursday 25 March 5:30pm – 6:45pm Lancaster
Town Hall. LA21 would be hosting a display at as a building block of the LSP.

Agreement that a separate meeting would be held (to which all are invited) to consider the
allocation of targets and objectives in the Community Strategy.

Meeting set for 29 April (afternoon) to consider both the Lancashire Environment Strategy and
the allocation of targets.

7. Community Engagement in ‘Agenda for Action’

To be considered at next meeting to take forward this work. MC requested that the item be
moved higher up the agenda as it always appeared at the end with very little time being made
available for discussion. MC, JG, MR, GD and WT volunteered to meet to develop
‘Communication and Education’ with Communications Officer from the City Council prior to the
next Steering Group meeting.

‘Communication and Education’ to be developed at sub group meeting and next Steering
Group meeting as a priority

8. Business Engagement

Is there a need for another topic group/forum?

To be discussed at next meeting
9. Any Other Business
SE (as the LA21 representative on the West End Partnership updated the Group with regard
to work of the Partnership and in particular the appointment of BDP as consultants.
10. Date, time, venue, agenda items of next meeting
5 May 10am – 12 noon, venue to be confirmed. Agenda items – Our work programme
2004/5, LA21 Business objectives & format, Education & communication, LA21 project for
Council Support, Local Issues LA21 should be involved in