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                                         November 17, 2009

Governor Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
State Insurance Building
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701
Fax: (512) 463-1849

Dear Governor Perry:

At a time when Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi have pushed a Health Care Bill which will establish YET
another government bureaucracy that will exceed a trillion dollars over the next ten years, I want to
urge you to oppose it. This plan has many aspects that will contribute to a medical, social, financial
and economic disaster for America, for Texas.

Not to mention the total intrusion of government bureaucrats into our personal lives by allowing
them to check into our bank accounts, medical records, IRS records, business dealings, etc., all
without our express permission. What will that do to HIPPA? Doctors and hospitals will not be able
to practice, or want to practice, as they will not be able to safeguard the privacy of their patients.

HR 3962, the proposed Obama/Pelosi plan, will:

    Increase the annual cost of insurance to every individual and household
     Nationalize health care, putting one-sixth of our economy under government control
    Damage the Medicare program of currently covered seniors with cuts of near $500 billion
     under the false promise of removing waste
    Create a shortage of doctors who will find less financial incentive to practice
    Mandate government financing of abortion
    Lead to a rationing of health care, primarily to seniors, due to insufficient funds
    Mandate the cost of Medicaid to the States, resulting in an increase in personal taxes to cover
     the costs
    Generate unfair competition between private enterprise and government-run programs, thus
     forcing employers to adopt the government option
    Exempt members of Congress and other government employees from a plan which is inferior
     to their own health insurance

Other great ideas are being ignored because they are presented by the opposition. Such things as:

    Allow competition between insurers across State lines, thereby lowering costs
    Law reform (tort) to removed one of the biggest drivers in the system
       Guarantee coverage of preexisting conditions, providing more security
       Deny coverage to the 25 million plus illegal immigrants
       Reward efficiency and quality in health care, thus reducing waste
       Establish a more efficient electronic medical record system that protects patient privacy
       Create tax-free health savings accounts
       Reward healthy lifestyle choices by giving discounts
       Allow longer coverage for young, single adults under parents’ plan

Changes that are made: (1) should follow The Constitution, (2) should not create a new bureaucracy
that leads to massive taxation, (3) should cover only legal citizens of the U.S., (4) and should not lead
to a redistribution of wealth, moving us further toward socialism.

If you have not already done so, I urge you to READ THE BILL, HR 3962, The Affordable Health
Care for America Act. I have read much of the 1,500+ pages. Carefully consider the alternatives to a
government-run health care system. Other nations have followed this fallacious approach and wound
up worse than before “health care reform.” In spite of all the criticisms and faults of our health care
system, American citizens have by far the best health care system in the world.

Let’s not ruin it by letting “Pelosi/Obama care” be forced upon us! Texans must mobilize now as
never before! We must prepare for the possibility that the U. S. Senate will pass this bill (from which
you and YOUR family will not be exempt but THEY will!!) and be ready to immediately defend the
health and well-being, and sovereignty, of the great state of Texas and her citizens.

You, Governor Perry, must act now. Call a Special Session of the Legislature, to address the
nationalization of healthcare to nullify those actions by Congress undermining the sovereignty of

Governor Perry, you’ll follow in good company of the governors of many other states who have sent
their legislators to session (either calling a special session or during the regular course of legislation),
passing similar state sovereignty (10th Amendment) bills.

Alaska (introduced 3/19/09, passed both houses, signed by governor 07/09);
Georgia (SR 632, introduced 3/20/09, enacted);
Idaho (HJM 004, introduced 3/4/09, enacted);
Louisiana (SC 2, introduced 5/26/09);
North Dakota (HCR 3063, introduced 3/20/09, enacted);
Oklahoma (HCR 1028, introduced 5/5/09, enacted); and
Utah (introduced 1/2/95, enacted).
[See http://www.states-rights.com/ ]

These states have proposed state sovereignty (10th Amendment) bills:

Arizona (HCR 2024, passed House, now in Senate; SCR 1038, accepted by Committee 7-Y/3-N, going
to Senate floor Jan. 2010);
Alabama (HJRs 298, 403 & 10 are in various stages of debate, or committee assignment);
Florida (HM 19, introduced 7/1/09);
Georgia (HJR 280, introduced 2/12/09, awaiting floor vote in 1st house);
Iowa (SCR 1, introduced 1/27/09, in Rules & Administration);
Indiana (HCR 42, introduced 3/19/09, passed Senate Resolution 42);
Kansas (SCR 1609, introduced 3/11/09, in Judiciary Committee-SJ 148);
Kentucky (HCR 168 and HCR 172, introduced 2/24/09, both in Elections, Constitution &
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee);
Massachusetts (introduced 5/26/09, with House Clerk);
Michigan (HCR 4, introduced 1/22/09, in Committee on Government);
Michigan (SCR 4, introduced 3/3/09, in Senate Committee on Judiciary);
Minnesota (SF 1289, introduced 3/9/09, in Judiciary Committee);
Missouri (HCR 13, introduced 1/22/09, in Senate Rules Committee);
Mississippi (HC 69, introduced 3/5/09, passed House, died in Senate, to be re-introduced in 2010);
Montana (HR 3, introduced 4/8/09, tied vote in House, may be re-introduced);
New Hampshire (HCR 6, introduced 1/8/09, voted down in House on 3/4/09, may be re-introduced);
New Mexico (HJR 27, introduced 3/2/09, postponed indefinitely);
Ohio (HCR 11, introduced 3/19/09, in House State Government Committee);
Ohio (HCR 13, introduced 5/7/09, passed Senate 9/29/09, now in House);
Oregon (HJM 17, introduced 3/10/09, status unclear as of this writing… will clarify);
Pennsylvania (HR 95, introduced 3/23/09, in Committee on State Government);
South Carolina (H 3509, introduced 2/12/09, passed House, in Committee in S.C. Senate; also, S 424 is
in the S.C. Senate, awaiting a floor vote);
Tennessee (HJR 108, introduced 2/18/09, enacted, SJR 311 introduced 4/16/09, approved by Senate,
stuck in House);
Texas (HCR 50, introduced 2/17/09, passed House; SCR 39, introduced 3/4/09, in Senate State Affairs
Utah (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
West Virginia (HCR 49, introduced 3/27/09, in House Rule Committee); and
Wyoming (to be introduced in Jan. 2010).
[See http://www.states-rights.com/ ]

These states have proposed “health care freedom” bills:

Alaska (to be introduced Jan. 2010); Alabama (to be introduced Jan. 2010);
Arkansas (to be introduced Feb. 2010);
Arizona (on Nov. 2010 ballot);
Colorado (to be introduced Jan. 2010);
Florida (HJR 37, to be introduced sometime in 2010);
Georgia (two different bills to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Iowa (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Idaho (two different bills to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Indiana (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Kansas (to be introduced Jan. 2010);
Louisiana (to be introduced in March 2010);
Michigan (HJR CC, introduced 9/9/09, referred to Committee of Health Policy);
Minnesota (two different bills to be introduced in Feb. 2010);
Missouri (three different bills to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Mississippi (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Montana (two different bills to be introduced, one in Nov. 2010, the other in Jan. 2011);
North Carolina (H 849, introduced 3/26/09, in House Committee on Rules);
New Hampshire (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
New Jersey (to be introduced Jan. 2010);
New Mexico (to be introduced Jan. 2010);
Ohio (HCR 3, introduced 8/27/09, pending Committee assignment);
Ohio (HCR 7, no further information);
Oregon (to be introduced in Jan. 2011);
Pennsylvania (to be introduced late 2009/early 2010);
South Carolina (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Utah (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Virginia (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Washington (to be introduced in Jan. 2010);
Wisconsin (SR 6, introduced 4/9/09, in Committee on Ethics Reform and Government Operations);
West Virginia (HB 3002, introduced 3/9/09, in House Judiciary Committee); and
Wyoming (to be introduced in Jan. 2010).
[See http://www.states-rights.com/ ]

With action by YOU, Governor Perry, our highest elected State official, Texas can solidify arguments
for sovereignty in healthcare and against HR 3962 on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

The federal government has no constitutional authority in healthcare. Texas and Texans will care for
Texas and Texans. Judge Andrew Napolitano said this weekend, “When [the U. S.] Congress takes
away our freedoms, they will be gone forever.”

Governor Perry, what will YOU do to prevent this from happening?


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