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					SLA MN Chapter Bibliography
Updated 5.09

In February 2009, an email was sent to the MN Chapter discussion list asking, “Have you been
published? We are hoping to compile a bibliography of works by SLA MN Chapter members. This
can include books, articles, presentations, chapters, etc.”

Included here are responses to that request, and we hope that this can be a living document. If
you want things to be added, or have items published in the future, please let us know so that we
can keep it updated. Please send additions to

And while we haven’t included MN Chapter Bulletin submissions in this bibliography, what better
way to practice? See for current and past

Editing notes: In some citations the MN Chapter member was moved to the front of the author list.
Citations have not been edited for consistent formatting to make it easier to update with future

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Bagshaw, Maria, Reviewer for Library Journal--History (since 1999); various (have done around
40 reviews)

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Services Quarterly and ARBA (American Reference Books Annual).

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[Cited 12/5/2008]
Available from

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SLA MN Chapter Bibliography                                                                        2
Updated 5.09
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Eileen Quam written about in:
   Vivisimo, Inc. “Minnesota Plans New Web Hosting Service.” March 2009.

SLA MN Chapter Bibliography                                                                       3
Updated 5.09
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SLA MN Chapter Bibliography                                                                              4
Updated 5.09
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SLA MN Chapter Bibliography                                                                        5
Updated 5.09