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State Representative North Dakota

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									                                               JOB DESCRIPTION

                                  State Representative—North Dakota
Term:               Two years

Appointment:        By Regional Chair-stream

Qualifications:     A NAFSA and Region IV member

                    Previous experience in international education

                    Willingness to serve as a part of the regional leadership by working with the chair-stream on the needs of
                    the State of North Dakota, membership inclusion and conference planning

                    Support and encouragement of home institution to carry out responsibilities, while in the State
                    Representative position including participation in,
                            Region IV fall conference, Region IV team meeting NAFSA town meeting
                            Coordinate and host a breakfast table at the Region IV conference
                            Spring team training (expenses covered)
                            National NAFSA conference including State Representative meeting, Region IV team meeting,
                            NAFSA town meeting and in organizing a dinner for the State of North Dakota

Responsibilities:   1)      Serve to represent the interests of individuals in Region IV but focusing on the State of North

                    2)      Serve as an information source for issues and topics in international education to all individuals in
                            Region IV and the State of North Dakota

                    3)      Distribute information to individuals on opportunities offered through NAFSA for individuals
                            interested in NAFSA

                    4)      Follow the check list provided by the team and make revisions

                    5)      Serve at the North Dakota Coordinator
                                      • Update and manage the North Dakota list serve (Ray and Naomi I can contact Aaron
                                          for this information)
                                      • Access the needs within the State of North Dakota
                                      • Encourage participation in the Region IV conference
                                      • Write a welcome letter to all new members from the State of North Dakota who join
                                          NAFSA at the conference and through out the year

                    6)      Each year organize a state training or co-sponsor meetings with other active groups of international
                            educators in the state

                    7)      Have regular communication with the active networks in the State of North Dakota focusing on
                            international education to promote NAFSA events, publications, and membership

                    8)      Participate in monthly e-mail conversations to be update the State Coordinator on issues within
                            Region IV focusing on needs within the State of North Dakota and in membership

                    9)      Develop a plan for membership either for Region IV or within in each state at the spring team

                    10)     Maintain a list of higher education institutions in the State of North Dakota
11)   Collect information on action or proposed action of the State Legislature or other state agencies
      that might affect international education. Develop a plan of action in conjunction with the Public
      Policy Representative

12)   Compile activities within the State of North Dakota into a report to the State Coordinator to be
      placed on the Region IV website

13)   Contact all institutions in the State of North Dakota and indicate willingness to serve as an
      information source for issues and topics in international education. This would involve being aware
      of the activities and opportunities offered through NAFSA and knowing who to contact for further
      information about them

14)   Serve as a public relations person for NAFSA by providing information on membership, meetings,
      and professional development opportunities to institutions in the state of North Dakota

15)   Works with the conference-planner and chair-stream on conference planning by:
             Assist the State Coordinator in developing and implementing the mentor/mentee
             Serve as a mentor in the mentee/mentee North Dakota, such as workshop topics and
             session topics for the regional conference
             Assist at the registration desk during the conference
             Coordinate audio visual for the workshops and sessions

16)   Prepare written reports of activities for the fall conference and spring team training

17)   Provides necessary information and reports, as requested by the chair and the NAFSA National

18)   Performs duties as assigned by the chair

19)   Assist Region IV chair-stream in identifying potential candidates as a successor

20)   Ensure a smooth transition for the successor to the Region IV State Representative-North Dakota
               • Store all material used or developed on the NAFSA National e-community for
                  Region IV State Representative-North Dakota folder
               • Add any additional remarks to the check list

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