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									                Amtrak Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2007
                 State of North Carolina
Amtrak Service & Ridership
Amtrak operates four long-distance trains with stops in North Carolina:

•       The Crescent (daily New York-Charlotte-Atlanta-New Orleans)
•       The Palmetto (daily New York-Savannah via Fayetteville)
•       The Silver Meteor (daily New York-Miami via Fayetteville)
•       The Silver Star (daily New York-Tampa-Miami via Raleigh)

Amtrak also operates the following shorter-distance trains through North Carolina:

•       The Carolinian (daily New York-Richmond-Raleigh-Charlotte)
•       The Piedmont (daily Raleigh-Charlotte)

During FY07 Amtrak served the following North Carolina locations:

        City                                            Boardings + Alightings
        Burlington                                             13,646
        Cary                                                   22,919
        Charlotte                                             109,347
        Durham                                                 39,436
        Fayetteville                                           46,986
        Gastonia                                                1,716
        Greensboro                                             72,947
        Hamlet                                                  4,153
        High Point                                             19,003
        Kannapolis                                              9,081
        Raleigh                                               119,024
        Rocky Mount                                            51,195
        Salisbury                                              17,126
        Selma-Smithfield                                       10,436
        Southern Pines                                          4,500
        Wilson                                                 38,054
        Total North Carolina Station Usage:                   579,569

                                                           Amtrak Government Affairs: January 2008
Amtrak expended $11,263,037 for goods and services in North Carolina in FY07. Most of this money
was spent in the following locations:

         City                                                      Amount
         Charlotte                                             $    8,530,385
         Laurinburg                                            $    1,559,591

At the end of FY07, Amtrak employed 141* North Carolina residents. Total wages of Amtrak employees
living in North Carolina were $7,331,081* during FY07.
*Due to a change in methodology, FY07 employment and wage figures are not directly comparable to those reported in prior

State Assisted Services
Amtrak operates the Piedmont between Charlotte and Raleigh under contract with the State of North
Carolina. The state also contracts with Amtrak to operate the Washington-Charlotte segment of the
Carolinian. In late 2004, the Carolinian was reequipped with newly overhauled Capstone train sets.
Also, between 30 and 45 minutes was cut from the total trip length due to the elimination of mail and
express service and track improvements over the state-owned North Carolina Railroad between Selma and

Station Improvements
The state of North Carolina, in partnership with Amtrak, has taken the initiative to rebuild many of its
historic train stations. Recent highlights include:

    •    Cary: A new platform, funded by the state and town, allowed the Silver Star to stop at Cary
         starting on April 10, 2006. Cary already was served by the Carolinian and Piedmont.
    •    Greensboro: The 1927 Southern Railway station in downtown Greensboro, closed since 1979,
         has reopened for passenger services as the J. Douglas Galyon Depot, serving passenger rail and
         local and intercity bus passengers. The $29-million project was completed in October 2005 and
         now serves six Amtrak intercity trains daily.
    •    Hamlet: The former Seaboard station, built in 1900, was rededicated on October 29, 2004,
         completing an extensive relocation and restoration project. The cost was $11.7 million, coming
         from local, state, and federal sources.
    •    High Point: The High Point passenger station was restored by the City of High Point at a cost of
         approximately $7 million and reopened for passenger service on December 9, 2003. Southern
         Railway originally constructed the station in 1907.
    •    Kannapolis: A new, downtown, $2.7-million station opened December 17, 2004.
    •    Southern Pines: This station has been renovated to its 1948 appearance. The waiting room
         reopened on December 17, 2004, and the project dedicated in on February 22, 2005.


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