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					SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                     SOCIAL SCIENCES

                              SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES
             For the Social conditions, etc., of particular countries or localities, see the appropriate
             headings at 474-488 and 512-689.
 200         Social sciences: general works [Superseded by decimalised classes, Jan. 2000]
                     Sociology. Social psychology. Social classes. Mass media: political and social
                     aspects. Evaluation research. Social communication. Underdevelopment: social
 200.01              Series
 200.1       Philosophy and theory of social sciences. Sociology (incl. postmodernist theory)
 200.2       Historical, geographical treatment. Biography
 200.3       Social communication and interaction: semiotics, mass media, social psychology, class. For
             linguistic aspects of Communication, etc., see 760.3; for Journalism, see 705; for Television
             and Radio broadcasting, see 415.4
 202         Statistics
                     Stochastic processes. Random variables. Biometrics.
                     For Probability theory, see 351.5
 202.01              Series
 204         Demography. Population. Censuses. But for demography of the USA, see 664.5
 204.01              Series

                                     POLITICAL SCIENCES

 206         Politics. Political science and theory: general works. See also 536 [Superseded by
             decimalised classes, Jan. 2000]
 206.01              Series
 206.1       Political philosophy and theory (incl. The State; separation of powers; comparative
             government; sovereignty)
 206.2       History. Biography and criticism of political scientists
    .3       Political ideologies: liberalism, etc. See also 216, 231
 207         Central government. Public administration. See also 536
 207.01              Series
 208         Local government. For Local government in the USA, see also 668.6
 208.01              Series
 210         Church and State. See also 57.3
 210.01              Series
 211         The State and the Individual (incl. freedom of the press, censorship, human and civil rights,
             animal rights. Fascism, terrorism)
 211.01              Series
 212         Imperialism. Colonialism. Decolonisation. Immigration (political aspects)
 212.01              Series
SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                       SOCIAL SCIENCES

 214         International relations. World politics. United Nations and dependent bodies.
             Intergovernmental bodies. Pacifism. Disarmament [Superseded by decimalised classes, Jan.
 214.01              Series
 214.1       International bodies: United Nations, etc.
 214.2       International relations: theory, history, geography, biography
 214.3       Arms control. Disarmament. National security. War. See also Military science, 422. For
             History of warfare, see 507-509; for Military history of individual countries, see those
 215         International law. Treaties
 215.01              Series
 216         Political parties: theoretical and comparative studies. European political parties
             For particular parties or countries, see under the relevant country
 216.01              Series
 219         Political movements: theoretical and comparative
                      Revolutions. Nationalism. Islam in the non-Islamic world (political aspects)
 219.01              Series
SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                      SOCIAL SCIENCES

 220         Economics. Economic history. Economic theory. Political economy. Economic
                   development. Capitalism [Superseded by decimalised classes, Jan. 2000]
 220.01              Series
 220.1       Economics, general and theoretical aspects. Economic theory. Political economy.
             Economic development. Macroeconomics. Microeconomics
 220.2       Historical, geographical treatment. Biography
 220.3       Econometrics: mathematical and statistical aspects of countries. For Statistics
             generally, see 202
 221         Agriculture, economic aspects. Agrarian history. Land. Land reform. Rural
                             sociology. Peasant studies
 221.01              Series
 222         Public finance. National Debt. Taxation. Tax law
 222.01              Series
 223         Money. Inflation. Balance of payments. Saving and investment. Money markets
 223.01              Series
 224         Insurance. Pensions
 224.01              Series
 225         Transport and Communications: organisation and economic aspects
                     Post. Ports. Air transport. For technical works, see 423-430
 225.01              Series
 227         Trade and industry: economic and social aspects [Superseded by decimalised
             classes, Jan. 2000]
                      Industrialisation. Commerce. Wholesale and retail. Nationalisation.
                      Privatisation. Prices. Consumer affairs.
                      Weights and measures. For scientific studies of measurement, see 352
                      For business, marketing, and management skills and methods, see 425
 227.01              Series
 227.1             Trade and industry: general and theoretical aspects, incl. industry and the state
                   (e.g. privatisation, nationalisation)
 227.2       Historical, geographical treatment. Biography
 227.3       Special topics
 228         International trade. Protectionism. Free trade. GATT
 228.01              Series
 229         Industrial relations. Labour. Wages. Income distribution. Trade Unions. Industrial
                     democracy. Unemployment [Superseded by decimalised classes, Jan. 2000]
 229.01              Series
 229.1       Industrial relations, industrial democracy, trade unions: general and theoretical
 229.2       Industrial relations: historical, geographical aspects. Biography
 229.3       Income distribution. Wages
 229.4       Labour market. Employment. Unemployment. For Women in employment, see 245.4
 230         Cooperative movement. Building societies. Friendly Societies
 230.01              Series
 231         Socialism. Communism. Anarchism. The Left
SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                       SOCIAL SCIENCES

 231.01              Series
 232         Social welfare. Poverty. Poor relief. Social security. Social work. Disabled.
                     For the National Health Service, see 334.2
 232.01              Series
 235         Economic issues (e.g. Housing. Careers. Tourism. Energy crisis. Green issues)
 235.01              Series
 236         Crime and policing. Espionage. Security
 236.01              Series
 238         Social institutions (e.g. Clubs. Guilds. Societies. Freemasons)
 238.01              Series
 240         Education. Literacy [Superseded by decimalised classes, Jan. 2000]
 240.01              Series
 240.1       Theory, philosophy of education. Teacher training. Administration. Individual
             subject teaching (at school level), incl. literacy
 240.2       Historical, geographical treatment. Biography
 240.3       Pre-school, primary and secondary education, incl. special (gifted/handicapped)
             eduction (current practice)
 240.4       Higher, continuing education (current practice)
 244         Social issues and problems. Community studies (e.g. Alcoholism. Drug abuse.
             Racism. Slavery. Refugees. Marriage. The Family. Homosexuality. The Aged.
             Ethnic communities) [Superseded by decimalised classes, Jan. 2000]
 244.01              Series
 244.1       Social groups by age, sex, orientation, race (incl. the family)
 244.2       Social problems (e.g. alcoholism, death, suicide, drug abuse, sexual problems)
 244.3       Racism. Refugees. Slavery. For slavery in the USA, see 664.9
 245         Women's studies. Feminism. Women's Rights [Superseded by decimalised classes,
             Jan. 2000]
 245.01              Series
 245.1       History and theory of women's studies, feminism. Biography. For women in
             literature, see literature classes
 245.2       Women: historical and/or geographical treatment
 245.3       Women's civil, political rights: cultural aspects, incl. sexuality (not limited by time
             or place)
 245.4       Women and employment (not limited by time or place)

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