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									       Number 6     THE NEWSLETTER OF BEACON RISE PRIMARY SCHOOL                  May 2009

                                                Nursery      Sue Perry
It was great to see so many pupils and their     Reception Sian Thomas           Julie Murphy
parents enjoying the Bike It Breakfast this      Year 1      Carolyn Brain       Celia Blaber
week. Later on Thursday the whole school got     Year 2      Jenn Lyle           Kim Venn
together for the formal opening of the bike      Year 3      Celia Zlobec        Cath Thorne
shelter ( a historic moment). I have been        Year 4      Sarah Millward      Joe Wills
                                                 Year 5      Helen Tanner        Rob Tindell
really impressed with the way our Bike It        Year 6      Steve White         Rachel Leonard
Leaders have supported their fellow pupils
during the launch of this initiative and the     It has not yet been decided
whole project has been such a success due to the which pupils will be in which
cooperation between teachers, pupils and         class. As soon as this is
                                                 decided you will be notified.
Our pupils have recently performed
exceptionally well in their statutory and
optional tests. The hard work and dedication                   Health & Safety
shown by the children has been wonderful.
This has seen the last ever Year 6 Science test,                 In the interests of Health &
an occasion that has cheered up our current                      Safety please do not allow
Year 5’s no end.                                                 your children to climb on the
                                                                 walls of ramp entrances into
Who’s Teaching Who?                                              Avon and Severn Buildings.
                                                 Many thanks
Miss Jenn Lyle has been promoted to the
post of Leader of Learning for KS1, a role
she has fulfilled to an exceptionally high
standard on a temporary basis since
Christmas.                                       Bike It Breakfast
Next year will see the arrival of two new     Yesterday we enjoyed a
teachers. Mrs Rachel Leonard will be          Bike It Breakfast early in
joining us following three very successful    the morning for pupils, staff and parents. It
years at Wick Primary school and Mr Joe       was lovely to see so many of you there and
Wills will be re-joining us following the     we look forward to having many pupils
completion of an excellent year of teaching   cycling to and from school next term. Well
in Bristol. Some of you may remember Mr       done to Mr Tindell who has helped organise
Wills working with us for a term last year.   this event. Remember we advise all our
                                              pupils and parents to wear a cycle helmet
As in previous years certain teachers will be and have a secure bicycle lock whilst they
changing the year groups they teach from      are using the Bicycle shelter at Beacon Rise.
September. The new arrangements will be
as follows:

Diary Dates
                                                    league trophy this week. Congratulations to
Mon 1st        School Photographer – Group Photos
                                                    Mr Tindell and all the players who have done
Thurs 4 th
               INSET DAY – SCHOOL CLOSED            so well.
Mon 8-Fri 12th Book Week
Mon 15-Fri 19th Year 6 Residential Visit          Bumped Heads
Mon 22nd       Year 5 Visit Willsbridge Mill
Tues 23rd      Reception Visit Bristol Zoo        It is our schools policy to phone home to
Wed 24th       Year 3 Visit Caerleon              parents/carers if their child has a bump to
Mon 29th       Nursery Visit Bristol Zoo          the head whilst they are in school. If the
Tues 30th      Year 2 Visit Weston Super Mare     child feels fine and returns to normal school
JULY                                              activity then we leave messages on either
Sat 4 th
            Summer Fair                           the home phone or mobile answer phone
Tues 7th    Year 1 Visit Noah’s Ark               however if we are concerned about your
Fri 24th    End of Term
                                                  child’s injury we endeavour to
                                                  actually speak to parents/carers
                            Life Skills Van       and request they come to the
                            This Term we had a school to make their own
                            visit from the Life   assessment. If you have any
                            Skills Education      queries or feel the need to alter this
                           Van. Nursery,          arrangement please call into the school
Reception, Key Stage 1 pupils and parents office and update your child’s records.
were all able to enjoy the benefits from a        Please keep the school up-to-date with any
very worthwhile educational visit. Feedback change in contact details.
has been extremely positive and we are
looking into the possibility of running this      Arriving At School
programme for all year groups during the          In the last few weeks certain children have
next academic year.                               been playing in unsupervised areas in
                                                  inappropriate manner. When arriving at
                                                  school pupils should line up in their classes
In-Service Days                                   and wait for their teacher. It is a shame to
                                               th see areas of our school, such as the access
The school will be closed on Thursday 4
June for staff training                           ramps, being refurbished only to be spoilt by
                                                  children climbing on them.

Action Aid                                                          Conservation Area
Year 4 have collected contributions for this                        FBR have done an amazing
year Action Aid and raised a massive                                fund raising job this year
£141.95 towards this very worthwhile                                and we have gratefully
cause. Well done to everyone who took                               received the money needed
part in the fundraising.                                            to refurbish our
                                                    conservation area. If you would like to help
League Winners                                      with our new conservation club please get in
Our football team have                              touch with Mr White or Miss Lyle.
been presented with the
South Gloucestershire


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