Wrekin Golf Club –the role of part time Secretary

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					Wrekin Golf Club –the role of part time Secretary
Wrekin Golf club is owned by the members and aspires to be the friendliest members’ golf club in
England. The objective of the club is to provide the highest quality golf course and services to
members for a reasonable subscription. The club aims to break even whilst maintaining sufficient
reserves to protect the club from unpredictable events. The club is run for the benefit of members,
and whilst visitors are most welcome they will be offered times when members will not be unduly

The Captain is the Chief Executive of a committee (the members of which are directors). In general
the Captain and committee determine policy and the secretary is responsible for the efficient
management and implementation. In addition the secretary has responsibilities for:

Communicating with members, potential members and visitors
        The applicant must be able to demonstrate an open and honest personality and an ability to
        communicate in a friendly and approachable manner with all the members of the club.

        Acting as a conduit between the committee and the members of the club, it is therefore
        important that the secretary understands golf and golf club administration.

        Maintaining the correspondence file and ensuring that all contacts (suggestions book, letter,
        email and phone) are recorded and receive appropriate replies.

        Maintaining waiting lists for scarce resources such as membership and lockers etc.

        Arranging and attending interviews with prospective new members.

Information technology
        Specify changes to and manage the club’s Information Technology facilities (a subcontractor
        carries out the practical work)

        Maintain the clubs web site as a communication mechanism for members and visitors.

        Moving communication with members towards electronic to reduce wastage of paper and

        The secretary supports the Captain and committee, attending committee meetings and
        ensuring that decisions are implemented. The secretary’s role includes preparing agendas
        and taking and distributing minutes for committee and general meetings.

        Developing, maintaining and communicating the club diary to staff and members, including
        the preparation for publication of the annual fixtures book and presence on the club web

        Ensuring that the club and assets are protected by insurance.
      Maintain records including interactions with regulatory organisations, members, suppliers
      and visitors.

      Liaising with the clubs accountants to ensure proper accounting records are kept and that
      proper accounts are prepared and audited.

      Make statutory returns to HMRC etc.

      Managing all supplier contracts from the bidding process through to acceptance, minimising
      cost and risk to the club.

      Liaising with suppliers and ensuring that all purchases by the club are managed according to
      club rules as well as authorising supplier’s payments.

      Balancing bar takings and liaising with the bank to maximise the return on cash balances,
      bank and withdraw cash.

      Monitoring bar purchases, stock levels and gross margin on sales. Arranging for monthly
      stock checks.

      Supervising the accounts clerk.

      Billing and collection of subscriptions and other fees payable by members.

      Maintaining accurate membership records on the club computer system and reporting on
      membership numbers to the committee.

      Devising and agreeing with the committee marketing plans for attracting members and
      visiting parties to the club.

      Implementing marketing plans

Visiting parties
      Agreeing discounts and meal costs for visiting parties and working with the professional to
      attract visiting parties.

      Maintaining a contacts database with details of visiting society bookings.

Health and Safety
      Maintaining health and safety records for the club. The course Manager, Steward and
      Professional will manage corrective actions in their own areas the secretary being
      responsible for areas not covered by others.

Management of staff
      Managing staff employed in the office, currently the accounts clerk and the cleaning staff.
      The other permanent staff and temporary staff employed by the club are managed by:
         1. Course manager, who currently has a permanent staff of 3 plus temporary staff
             during the summer
         2. Steward, who has part time staff to run the bar, NB he also has the franchise for

     The secretary is responsible for ensuring that proper contracts of employment exist and for
     maintaining employment records for all staff and for arranging for them to be paid.

     Ensuring that annual staff appraisals are conducted.

Club professional
     The club professional is not employed by the club. The secretary is responsible for liaising
     with the professional to account for green fees and buggy rentals and ensuring that the
     Professional provides an acceptable level of service and fulfils his health and safety

Terms and conditions
     The hours are from 9:00 until 13:00 for 5 days a week. It is particularly important that the
     secretary is in the office on a Saturday morning.

     Attendance at monthly evening committee meetings, new member interviews and the
     Annual General Meeting (and any Extraordinary General Meetings) is also required.

     The salary is negotiable, there will be annual reviews.

     Honorary membership of the Golf Club whilst secretary (NB the secretary receives courtesy
     of the course at many other English Golf Clubs)

     Holidays of 28 part days per year including bank holidays, holiday dates must be agreed with
     the current Captain.

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