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Register of Environmental Activities_ Aspects and Impacts


									                                       Liverpool students union
                            Environmental activitities ,aspects and impacts

                                                                        Environmental Impacts (positive
               Activities            Environmental Aspects                      and negative)

      Electrical usage               Energy end use                   Increase in co2 Produced through
      (Office lighting                                                generation of electricity.
      IT equipment
      Chillers, vending and                                           Increase in, solid waste, and water
1     games machines etc)                                             used through generation of electricity.
                                                                      Add to disruption of seabed by oil

      Electricity tariffs            Renewable energy option          Add to amount of renewable energy
                                                                      used. + (15%)
2                                                                     Aids reduction in electricity, oil, coal, or
                                                                      other fuels (+)
                                                                      Aids reduction in CO2,
                                                                      produced through generation (+)

      Gas heating systems            Electricity                      Add to amount of CO2 produced
3                                    Gas usage                        through generation of energy.
                                     Waste heat                       Energy efficiency issues.
                                                                      Depletion of gas resources.
                                                                      Disruption of seabed

      Use of staff cars              Resources use                    Emission of CO2, carbon monoxide,
4     Delivery vehicles              Transport fuel                   Influence climate change.
      Business travel                use                              Car share,+
      Public transport

      catering services              Food production                  sent to landfill
5                                    use of packing                   landfill/recycled
                                                                      co2 emissions
                                     transport use                    returned to supplier( turned to biodiesel)
                                     waste catering oil
                                     water usage                      adds to strain on water resources

      Bar sales                      Production of waste glass         recycled +
                                     Packaging                         Recycled
                                     Transport fuel use(deliveries)    C o2 emissions
                                     Electric usage(chillers, pumps    Add to co2 emissions
6                                    etc)
                                     Water usage                      Adds to strain on water resources
       Purchasing                   Waste recycling                Packaging as waste
 7                                  Disposal of general waste      Waste recycled or reused (+)
                                    Disposal of waste electrical   Add to transport. Emissions of co2
                                    and electronic equipment
                                    Transport fuel use

      Photocopying.                 Paper use, recycled and        Add to landfill activities.
      Printing of promotional       new                            Add to use of recycled paper (+).
 8    material.                     Disposal of paper
      Printing of annual reports.   Resource use i.e. envelopes    Deliveries and electricity use add to co2
      Printing of letters.          Electricity use                Produced.
      flyers                        Disposal of ink cartridges     recycled

      cleaning                      Water usage                    Adds to strain on water resources

 10                                 Chemical usage                 Possible pollution of water
                                    Disposal of packaging
                                                                   Recycle packaging

11    Use of IT equipment           Disposal of electrical
                                    equipment                    . Recycled or reused
                                    Disposal of hazardous waste. (weee regs)

Liverpool students union
September 2009


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