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					                      Sewage treatment Plant

A: General Survey of the Cooperative of Project:
1. Description of the Project: Newly building an intermediate water recycling project
   daily treating 80 thousand sq. m. with 7.7kilometers of water pipeline.
2. Form of Cooperation: Joint Venture, cooperation, sole proprietor-ship
3. Estimated Total Investment: USD12.5million
    a) Chinese Investment: USD million
    b) Foreign Investment: USD million
4. Main Products Output: Tieling power plant is a large user of water in the industrial
   region, quantity of daily recirculated water make-up water for washing fly ash is
   nearly 67 thousand sq. m., the distance between the two plants are only
   3.4kilometers. The regeneration utilization of intermediate water may not only
   save water resource but also increase the availability of water. Meanwhile, it may
   also lower water-use cost of power plants. Construction of the project will have
   huge development potential, and will creat excellent economic benefit and social
   benefit. At present, an agreement has been signed with user on the project of
   intermediate water recycling. The project is being implemented.
1. Main Raw Materials and Resources:
B: General Survey of the Enterprise:
1. Name of the Enterprise: Tieling Sewage Treatment Plant
2. Address: Longshan County, Yinzhou District, Tieling City.
3. Ownership: state ownership
4. Registered Capital: 4 million RMB
5. Scope of the Operation: Sewage Treatment
6. Number of Employees: 95 persons
7. Main Products and Scale:
8. Main Equipment and Capacity: daily garbage cleaning 40 tons
9. Annual revenue: 0.1 billion RMB

Contact: Liu Yuping
Tel: 0410-4570878
Fax: 0410-4570801