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					                           Online Renewal

Kentucky’s operators are able to renew their licenses online. As long as
you have earned sufficient continuing education credit hours, you can
renew your operator certification license in just minutes. This new process
eliminates the hassle of completing renewal forms and mailing checks. All
you need is an Internet connection and a valid 16-digit credit or debit card.
After completing the easy-to-use online process, your new wallet card will
be mailed to you.
                  To complete your renewal online, go to
                     and follow the link to “e-Search.”

Follow these easy steps to renew online

   1. Enter your agency interest number, license number or last name in
      the box on the licensee e-Search page. Only enter one of these on
      the search page. If you fill in all of the boxes, you will get an error
      message when you try to search for your records. Then click on the
      “search” button.
   2. When the License Search Results are listed, find the row with your
      name and click on the “Licensee Details” link in the first box on the
      row with your name.
   3. On the screen that opens, review your address to determine that it is
      correct. If the information is not correct, call the Operator
      Certification Program at 800-926-8111.
   4. In the row that lists the license information for the certificate you
      want to renew, you will see “Add to Shopping Cart” or “Cannot Pay.”
      If “Cannot Pay” is shown, you can click on that statement and a box
      will open that explains why you are not able to renew online. If “Add
      to Shopping Cart” appears, click on it to start your renewal.
   5. After you click on “Add to Shopping Cart,” a billing page will be
      displayed. Verify that the license you want to renew is listed. If you
      want to add another license to your shopping cart, click “Continue
   6. When all of the licenses you want to renew are listed, complete the
      billing information fields.
   7. After entering your billing information, continue to the bottom of the
      page and select the “Pay Now” button.

   An e-mail confirmation will be sent confirming that your renewal has
   been submitted to the Operator Certification Program. After the renewal
   is reviewed to ensure the required continuing education hours, your
   new wallet card will be mailed to the operator’s address.