; MATERIAL OK COMMENTS Grass Cuttings Yes Do not add to compost if
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MATERIAL OK COMMENTS Grass Cuttings Yes Do not add to compost if


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									             MATERIAL                      OK?                         COMMENTS
Grass Cuttings                             Yes      Do not add to compost if treated with weedkiller
                                                    in last two mowings, only add in 6” layers
Woody material- prunings, chippings,       Yes      Cut up and add in small quantities in layers with
pencil parings, etc                                 fresh material, best if shredded
Kitchen waste – uncooked food scraps       Yes      Mix with other ingredients
Coffee grounds                             Yes      Acidic
Tea leaves/Tea Bags                        Yes
Vacuum/Hoover bag contents                 Yes      Including paper part of bag
Egg shells                                 Yes      Rinse and crush
Manure – pig, sheep, cow, horse            Yes      Ensure that it composts thoroughly
Manure – rabbit, gerbil, guinea pig        Yes      Any vegetarian pet manure will compost
Mushroom Compost                           Yes      May contain pesticides, A good soil builder but
                                                    low in nutrients
Newspapers, Cardboard, Eggboxes,           Yes      Shred for compost and ensure it is slightly
Paper towels, envelopes, letter paper               damp, excellent for good texture
Leaves                                     Yes      Some leaves may take a long time to decompose
Sawdust/wood shavings/ pine cones          Yes      High in carbon and will use up some of the nitrogen in
                                                    the compost – cones decompose very slowly, acidic
Cut/dead flowers                           Yes
Weeds, Nettles                             yes      Avoid adding weed seeds if possible
Wood / peat ashes                          Yes      Excellent source of potassium. May also be
                                                    sprinkled directly into garden soil
Old plants, growbags                       Yes      Do not add if infected with vine weevil
Hay, straw                                 Yes      In small quantities
Seaweed, algae, garden pond cleanings      Yes      Fine nutrient source. If from salt water, hose down
                                                    or leave out in the rain before adding to compost
Clothes dryer lint, pet and human          Yes
Paper kitchen towels, cotton dishcloths    Yes      Anything made of plant material-wood or cotton
Meat                                       No       May attract vermin
Fish scraps                                No       May attract vermin
Grease, oil, cooked food scraps            No       Low in nutrients, slows composting process, may
                                                    attract vermin
Cat litter                               No         May contain disease organisms
Dairy Products                           No       May attract vermin, does not compost effectively
Manure – cat or dog faeces               No       May contain disease organisms
Barbecue /coal ashes                     No       Contains sulphur oxides and other chemicals
Conifers/ evergreen shrubs             Never      Compost separately and use as acidic mulch
Brown – decomposes over a long period – rich in Carbon     Green - compost activator – rich in
Nitrogen     Mix of brown and green

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