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					                              02.24.10 : : volume 161 : : issue 3

                            T O W E R

Dear Friends,                                to be sung, where the service is to be       range a time to sit down, so that we can
                                             held and whether they wanted a recep-        review the form and get a clear under-
I have an admittedly unusual “gift” idea     tion or not.                                 standing of your wishes. Then we will
that you can give to your family mem-                                                     save the form at church in your family
bers: make your own funeral arrange-         However, when no previous arrange-           file and hope that we won’t need it for a
ments.                                       ments have been made it leaves the fam-      long, long time!
                                             ily to guess at decisions which could
Some may think this as being rather          have, and should have, been made be-         Well over a decade ago my parents pro-
morbid, and others think I may be kid-       fore, at a time when they are least able     vided me with their funeral arrange-
ding, but it is not and I am not. In truth   or interested in making those kinds of       ment forms and immediately I knew
it is a very good idea for all of us, re-    decisions.                                   what a great gift it was to me and my
gardless of our age and the condition of                                                  sisters. When the time of their deaths
our health, and I assure you, it will be a   Enclosed in this Chimes is a “Funeral        come, we want to be free to be about the
gift to those you leave behind who will      Arrangement Form” which we use at            work of grieving, not the busy work of
have to make decisions with regards to       Tab. Additional copies are available         trying to figure out which hymns and
your remains and wishes.                     upon request. This is not intended to be     Scriptures they would have wanted. Let
                                             a will or last testament; rather it is in-   me encourage you to give a similar gift
There have been several times in the         tended to be a very helpful guideline as     to those who will make arrangements
past year when we have been notified of      to what you desire for your own ser-         for you.
a death that we have been able to go to      vices. I encourage you to thoughtfully
the Tab family file which we hold on         consider what your wishes are and            Likely not the kind of “gift idea” you
each member and pull out a completed         make them known on this form. I’d            were looking for, but one that will be
“funeral arrangement” form. As we            even encourage you, if you feel so bold      greatly appreciated I assure you.
meet with the family to prepare for the      or humble, to write your own obituary,
service of remembrance the information       leaving the last date blank, of course!      See you in worship.
that has been given makes this process                                                                           --Rev. John Gable
so easy. The family knows what Scrip-        When you are ready, I encourage you to
tures are to be used and what hymns are      call either of us as your pastors to ar-

Food and Shoe Distribution
Tabernacle Presbyterian Church is ex-        Feed the Hungry, and the Indiana             God’s love will require many helping
cited to partner with others in our com-     Sports Corporation to extend the Final       hands to help many deserving fami-
munity for a shoe-distribution program       Four’s impact beyond the basketball          lies. Please see Ann Reynolds or John
being held in conjunction with the 2010      court. In a one-day blitz, Tab will host a   Gable for more information as we begin
NCAA Men’s Final Four Champion-              need-based distribution of food and          to gather our Tab volunteers.
ships. On March 31, Tab will be a dis-       new shoes to 250 children and fami-
tribution point for Samaritan’s Feet,        lies. This exciting opportunity to show
        Children’s Education                         Sacred Conversations                  Spring Adult Education Classes -
Thanks to our Missions Unit Volun-             Race, Ethnicity and Religion in a Global
                                                                                                  An Exciting Lineup!
teers: Children’s Ministries has wrapped                and Local Context                  The Tab Adult Ministries Team is very
up another year of the Missions Unit,                                                      pleased to offer an exciting new class in
and its success was due to the large num-                                                  the Spring Quarter, April 11-May 23.
ber of faithful adults and teens who led                                                   The class is called “The Great Themes
crafts, table games, sports and recreation,                                                of the Bible,” and will be taught by a
oversaw the learning centers, played the                                                   special guest teacher, Dr. George Be-
roles of missionary and flight attendant,                                                  bawi. George grew up Jewish in Egypt
and served hundreds of plates of                                                           and was studying to become a rabbi
food! Thanks so much to these stellar                                                      when “Jesus intervened.” Instead he
volunteers, without whom the Missions                                                      taught at universities in the Middle East
Unit wouldn’t be possible: Betsy Bru-                                                      and at Cambridge University in Eng-
nette, Janet Burris, Julia Buchanan-                                                       land until he retired.
Schwanke, Stephanie Buchanan-                 March 21 - The annual Sacred Conversa-
Schwanke, Marion Hoopingarner, Sara                                                        “The Great Themes of the Bible” will
                                              tion event will be held at Holy Trinity
Heitman, Christine Fedor, Colin O’Ban-                                                     include subjects that cover both the Old
                                              Greek Orthodox Church, 3500 W. 106th
yel, Mary Kate Wirt, Sean O’Banyel, Kate                                                   and the New Testaments.
                                              Street, 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. this
Warren, Duane Anderson, Mary Phillips,        year. We will begin with an Orthodox         There will be assigned readings and a
Josh Brunsting, Evan Herring, Christo-        Lenten Vesper Service and tour the new       required textbook, Ancient Israel: Its
pher Wirt, Beth Buchanan, Peg Padgett,        church, focusing on its Byzantine Archi-     Life and Institutions, by Roland de
Eric Shaw, Dave Kingsworthy, Matt Gall,       tecture, Iconography and Orthodox His-       Vaux. We are encouraging you to pur-
Adam Jefferies, Betsy Morse, Joe Ku-          tory.                                        chase your own copy now and begin
kolla, Julie Kukolla, Todd McLean, Suzie
                                                                                           reading. It is available on Amazon, new,
Booker, Carter Booker, Amy McLean,            A Greek meal will be served From 5:30        for the rather steep price of $41.04.
Ruth Lahman, Maurina Baker, Paul              p.m. to 6:45 p.m., and a panel will dis-     However, there are many used copies
Burris, Caryn Costlow, Amy Kingswor-          cuss our theme of Race, Ethnicity and        available on the internet. Good sources
thy, Thomas Wirt, Kevin Burris, Diego         Religion.                                    are which has used cop-
Urfalian, Heidi Hoopingarner, Linda
                                                                                           ies for only a few dollars, and book-
Costlow, Jill O’Banyel, Charles Warren,       Panelists include:
                                                                                  One thing to keep in mind
Valerie Finnell, Beth Brunsting, Ryan         Dr. Maria Khoury -- a Greek Orthodox
                                                                                           is that the book actually consists of two
O’Banyel, Ann Ost, Honi-Jean Schroeder,       Christian living in Palestine (featured on
                                                                                           volumes: Volume 1, “Social Institu-
Liz Strodtman, Paula Daum, Bart Ost,          60 Minutes)
                                                                                           tions,” and Volume 2, “Religious Insti-
Nate Mylin, Christine Gall, John Thomas,
                                                                                           tutions.” The new books combine these
Heather Mylin, Kristin Gable, Jen Tho-        The Diminishing Presence of Christianity
                                                                                           two into one book, but when searching
mas and Mary Dougherty.                       in the Holy Lands
                                                                                           the internet, you may find the books
                                              Father Gounaris of Holy Trinity Greek        listed separately, as it is an older work
Congratulations to: Sam Gall, Eric            Orthodox Church and Fr. Richard Doer,        and has been published in different
Dieterich, and Joel Padgett for memoriz-      Pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel             editions. If you have questions regard-
ing enough Bible verses to earn a spot on                                                  ing ordering, please contact Miriam
this quarter’s Mystery Night out-             Orthodox and Catholic Spirituality and       Guidero at 842-2884.
ing. These boys memorized and recited         Global Hospitality in our Local Context
                                                                                           Other classes will also be held, though
41 verses over a period of 14
                                              Mr. Josh Abel: Neighborhood Christian        note that some locations will change.
weeks. Children’s Ministries is proud of
                                              Legal Clinic                                 The Great Themes of the Bible with
these young scholars!
                                                                                           George will be held in the Dining
                                              Immigration Reform in Indiana and the        Room. Beacon of Hope will continue,
Mark your calendars: Tab Children’s           USA                                          but will be held in the Parlor. Family
Ministries will again this year be hosting                                                 Bible Fellowship will also continue in
an Easter Egg Hunt from 10 to noon in         Father Nabil Hanna (St. George Ortho-        the small room off Lower Level B. Bible
LLB and Tab Park on Saturday, April           dox Church) The Rev. Dr. Brigette            Study will also be held in the Choir
3rd. This event is open to all children       Black   (African Methodist Episcopal         Room. It is taught by Dan Hamilton
through Grade 6 and will include crafts,      Church)                                      and meets from 9:15 a.m.-10:15 a.m.
snacks, games, the Resurrection story,        Rev. Della Stanley Green, Indiana Net-       This seven-week quarter is a great op-
and of course, the big Egg Hunt! Friends      work for Higher Education Ministries         portunity to give Sunday school a try!
and visitors are welcome, and no reser-
                                                                                           We’d love to see some new faces.
vations are required.                         Michael Delph, Indiana State Senator                                                     2
                Alpha Returning to Tab!                  serve on other church commit-                      review the basics of our faith.
                                                         tees who already have commit-                      Topics of discussion:
            A new Alpha class is starting at Tab         ments on other week nights.                           Christianity: Boring, True or
            on Wednesday evenings, beginning           Others who are looking for a                            Irrelevant?
            February 24, the first Wednesday in          mid-week study/fellowship                             Who is Jesus?
            Lent and running through Wednes-             opportunity.                                          Why Did Jesus Die?
            day, May 5. The class will held                                                                    How Can I Be Sure of My Faith?
            from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Dining        Alpha is a ten-week practical intro-                          And more.
            Room.                                  duction to the Christian faith which
                                                   offers practical answers to questions                    This Alpha class will be co-led by
            This date and time has been chosen     all of us ask using a DVD and dis-                       Rev. John Gable and Bart Ost, and is
            particularly to encourage participa-   cussion format. Alpha is particu-                        open to Tab members and friends in
            tion by:                               larly helpful for new believers and                      the community. For more informa-
               parents with teens in the youth   those who are exploring the Chris-                       tion or to register for this Alpha class
                 program (identical schedule)      tian faith; however, it has great bene-                  contact
               choir members and those who       fit to mature believers who want to

                                                                         Staff Listing                                      Church Officers

General Church Info                                     Pastoral                                                                    The Session
                                                        L. John Gable        Senior Pastor                                  Sharon Marshall, Clerk of Session
   phone: (317) 923-5458                                Oscar Clavel         Associate Pastor                      Susie Anderson               Dave King, treasurer
   address: 418 East 34th Street                        Administration                                             Andy Costlow                 Eric Lange
            Indianapolis, Indiana 46205                 Kristine Green       Bookkeeper                            Lucy A. Emison               Rosalie (Lee) Lange
                                                        Kristine Seals       Executive Assistant                   Don Heitman                  Linda McCabe
   web address:                                                                                    William Heeter               Amy Peyton McLean
                                                        Music                                                      Jeff Hotchkiss               Kathy Miller
                                                        Matthew Kauffman     Director of Music Ministries
                                                                                                                   Rhonda Jennings              Gary Nickel
Service Times                                           Children’s Ministries                                      Sally John                   John Thomas
                                                        Jennifer Wirt        Director of Children’s Ministries
Sundays                                                 Diane Ivey           Mid-Week Children’s Program
                                                                             Director                                                  Deacons
8:00 a.m.     Communion Service                                                                                                 Dick Luchtman, Moderator
              in McKee Chapel                           Ann Reynolds         Missions Director                     Barbara Boyd                 Christine Gall
                                                                                                                   Beth Brunsting               Nancy Gordon
9:00 a.m.     The Upper Room                            Youth Ministries                                           Beth Buchanan-Schwanke       Paula Luzader
              Connect with God and                      Brodie Sears         Director of Youth Ministries          Kevin Burris                 Emily McDonald
                                                        Media Ministries                                           Teri Conard                  Todd McLean
              with one another in                                                                                  Adina Coomes                 Peg Padgett
                                                        Dave Streit          Director of Media Ministries
              authentic, relational                                                                                Linda Costlow                Debby Pardue
                                                        Recreation Ministries                                      Beth Crozier                 Chris Reinhardt
              worship                                   Ben Hughes          Director of Recreation Ministries      Kathy Donaldson              Brenda Sweeney
                                                        Nigel Foreman       Recreation Assistant                   Paul Finnell                 Liz Strodtman
10:05 a.m.    Christian Education Hour
                                                        Kitchen Staff                                              Valerie Finnell              Ruth Anne Wright
              for all ages.                             Rodney Bebley        Kitchen Manager                                                    John Wimsatt
11:00 a.m.    Traditional Worship                       Tyrone Drake         Kitchen Assistant
              in the Sanctuary featuring                Facilities & Maintenance
                                                        Chris Fedor         Maintenance Manager
              organ and choir.                          Jeffrey Ellis       Head Custodian
                                                                                                                                 Lucy Emison, president
                                                                                                                   Mike Cracraft                Rosalie (Lee) Lange
                                                        Darrell Crabtree    Custodian
                                                                                                                   Lucy Emison                  Mike O’Banyel
Thursdays                                                                                                          Don Heitman                  Larry Simonel

6:30 p.m.     Community Worship                                                                                                 Endowment Trustees
                                                                                                                               Mark Lubbers, president
              in McKee Chapel. Free meal                                                                           Duane Anderson             Dave Mills
              5:45 p.m.                                                                                            Sue Anne Gilroy            Bob Shaw
                                                                                                                   John Kupke                 Mike Terry
                                                                                                                   Al Mayo                    Steve Weyreter
     March Preaching Schedule                         Home Communion                           What Will Be Your Legacy?
Sunday, March 7                             If you or a loved-one would appreciate         The purpose of the Tab Endowment
Jerusalem Journal: We Need to Talk          receiving Home Communion on Sunday,            Fund is to support the mission of Tab -
Matthew 23; Hebrews 12:3-13                 March 7, please contact the Front Office at    to carry its religious work on into the
Rev. John Gable, preaching                  (317) 923-5458. Our Elders and Deacons         future – and you can help make that
                                            will be visiting some of our homebound         happen.
Sunday, March 14                            members that day who have requested
Jerusalem Journal: Last Things Talk                                                        A charitable gift given to the Endow-
Mark 13; Hebrews 10:24-25                                                                  ment Fund allows you to leave a lasting
Rev. Oscar Clavel, preaching                                                               legacy at Tab. Please remember Tab in
Sunday March 21                                                                            your estate plans through either your
                                                     Please Let Us Know!                   will or other type of deferred gift of any
Jerusalem Journal: First Things Last
Talk                                                                                       amount.
                                            If you or a family member are hospital-
Mark 12:18-34                               ized and would appreciate a visit by one       The most common means of making a
Rev. John Gable, preaching                  of the pastors or a deacon, please contact     charitable gift is through a will or
Sunday, March 28                            the Front Office at (317) 923-5458 or front-   trust. Suggested language might be: “I
There’s a Thin Line                Due to very strict pri-      give, devise and bequeath the (sum of/
Luke 19:29-44                               vacy laws, hospitals and rehabilitation        percentage of/residue of my estate/
Rev. John Gable, preaching                  centers can no longer call us and let us       trust) to the Tabernacle Presbyterian
                                            know of your admittance. Thank you for         Church Endowment Fund (to be used
         Up-Coming Dates                    your assistance.                               for …./or as specified in a fund agree-
                                                                                           ment on file at Tabernacle Presbyterian
   April 1 – Maundy Thursday Service                                                     Church).
     in McKee Chapel at 7:00 p.m.
   April 2 – Mid-North Good Friday          Congratulations                              We want to help you identify ways to
     Service at North U.M.C. at 12:00       Congratulations     to                         meet your own planning objectives
     noon                                   Heather Warnick and                            with making an important difference at
   Good Friday Service at Tab at 7:00     Michael Miller who                             Tab. Please contact John Gable at 923-
     p.m.                                   were married at Tab on                         5458 or Sue Anne Gilroy at 338-7012.
   April 3 – Children’s Easter Egg        February 13.
     Hunt at 10:00 a.m.
   April 4 – Easter Sunrise Taizé Ser-
     vice at 7:30 a.m. in McKee Chapel
   Annual Tab Youth Easter Breakfast                     Thank You!
     beginning at 8:30 a.m.
                                            I would like to thank each of you for your        Tab Financial Report, Ending
   Upper Room Easter Celebration
     Service at 9:00 a.m.                   prayers, your thoughts and your cards                    January 2009
   Traditional Easter Celebration Ser-    during my recent hospitalization and recu-
     vice at 11:00 a.m.                     peration. - Paul Kauffman                      Income:
                                                                                           YTD budgeted income:        $129,373
(There will be no youth or adult Sunday
                                                                                           YTD actual income:           $75,568
School classes on Easter Sunday.)
                                                Rev. Gable Going to CREDO                  Budgeted exceeds actual by: $53,805

        Marquette University                Rev. John Gable will be attending a            Expenses:
          Choir Concert                     CREDO conference in Canton, North              YTD budgeted expenses:      $127,772
                                            Carolina from Monday, March 8-                 YTD actual expenses:        $112,409
Join us on Saturday evening, March 20,      Monday, March 15. CREDO, translated            Actual is under budgeted by: $15,363
at 7:00 p.m. for a special concert pre-     from the Latin “I believe”, is a conference
sented by the Marquette University          sponsored by the Board of Pensions of the
Chorus. This group of 50 men and            PCUSA. The conference is designed to
women has performed across the United       allow pastors in this particular age group
States and we are privileged to have        and stage of ministry to address the four
them with us for this special con-          major life areas of health, vocation, fi-
cert. You will not want to miss this fine                                                             Deadline for next
                                            nances and spiritual well-being, with                      issue March 15
group of vocalists so mark your calen-      other colleagues and a trained faculty.
dars now for this very special event!
Women’s Ministries
Attention all Tab women!

Do you enjoy knitting, crocheting and other needlework or would you like to                                   Easter Flowers
learn? Join us on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Par-
lor. Even if you do not know how to knit or crochet, join us and our “experts”
will show you the ropes or simply come and join in on the fellowship!

                 Join us for a fun day of making beautiful crystal sugar eggs                              This year the Worship Committee will
                 just in time for Easter. This workshop will be led by Kathy           fill our worship spaces with an array of beautiful potted
                 Miller and take place on Saturday, March 13, from 10:00 a.m.          azaleas and greenery for Easter Sunday morning. The
                 until 2:00 p.m. in Lower Level A. Registration is required for        azaleas may be donated “In honor of” or “In memory of”
                 this event and the class will be limited to the first 15 ladies to    a special loved one, friend or ministry and may be taken
                 sign-up. You may register by calling Debbie Kauffman at 885-          following the services Easter Sunday morning. If you
                 1975 and she will let you know what supplies you need to              would like to help contribute to this year’s decorations,
                 bring for the workshop.                                               please fill out the form below, enclose your contribution
                                                                                       for $17.50 per plant and return it to Tab no later than
Here it is ladies – a chick night filled with fun and fellowship for all! Join us on   Sunday, March 28.
Friday night, March 27, beginning at 6:30 p.m. for a “chick-flick” and salad
pitch-in at the home of Betsy Brunette, 7644 William Penn Place. Please bring a         Given By:
salad, bread or dessert to share. Don’t forget to dress really casual for a really
laid back night. Come, bring a friend and join us for an evening of great fellow-                       (please print clearly)
ship.                                                                                            o In Memory of:       o In Honor of:

Reserve the date – Wednesday, May 5 – Tab’s 2010 Mother/Daughter Banquet!

Questions about Women’s Ministries? Contact Debbie Kauffman at 885-1975 or                               (please print clearly)

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