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					 …to your breakfast
 Victorians need to eat more
 fruit and vegetables every day!
 The ‘Go for your life’ Just Add
 Fruit & Veg campaign aims
 to provide quick, easy and
 affordable ways for you to just
 add fruit and vegetables to what
 you are already eating. Here are
 some ideas for breakfast…
Cer eal
 Having cereal for breakfast?
 Just add some fresh grated
 apple, sliced peaches or a
 handful of berries to make
 it taste even better.
T ips
 Choose fruit in peak season
 when it is plentiful, full of flavour
 and best value for money.
 If you have a lot of ripe fruit,
 try stewing it. Simply cut it
 up, add into a pot with a little
 water then bring to the boil
 and simmer until fruit is tender.
 Stewed fruit is great to add to
 your breakfast. It can also be
 frozen and taken out as needed.
 Download your seasonal guide to
 fruit from www.marketfresh.com.au
…to your breakfast
Want to make your breakfast
more tasty and healthy?
Just add some fruit and veg to
the breakfast you are eating.
It is quick, easy and good for you!
Do you like jam or honey on your
toast for breakfast? Just add
sliced banana or mango cubes to
your toast with a thin spread of
jam or a drizzle of honey! Or do
you prefer vegemite toast? Just
add slices of tomato or avocado.
T ips
Mangoes are easy to prepare.
Slice each side of the large
flat seed to obtain two fleshy
cheeks. Cut lines up and down
and across to make cubes in the
flesh. Turn the skin inside out to
remove the cubes— enjoy!
Avocados have lots of good
monounsaturated fats, which
can help lower your blood
cholesterol. Cut avocado should
be covered in plastic wrap in the
refrigerator with a squeeze of
lemon or lime juice to stop the
flesh turning brown.
For more healthy meal and snack ideas
visit www.heartfoundation.org.au

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