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                                     Basic E-Mail Information
                                       Rush County Schools

Accessing GroupWise
   1. GroupWise is the program used to handle e-mail at RCS. It can be accessed at school or at
       home via the Internet.
   2. Open either browser, Netscape or Internet Explorer. The address contains NO www. Please
       type the address to access the program.
   3. At login you will be prompted to use the English language. If you wish to add GroupWise to
       bookmarks or favorites, this would be the page to do that. Click Go.
   4. The next screen will ask for a login and password. This screen would not be a good screen to
       add to your “bookmarks” or “favorites” to expedite future visits.
   5. Enter your username and password. Your username is typically your last name and first initial.
       Enter these and select “Login.”

Changing Password

   1.   Click the icon shown above (Options icon), which is at the top of the GroupWise screen.
   2.   Make sure that you are at the Password tab.
   3.   Type in your old password, then your new password twice.
   4.   Click on Save.

Adding Signature
   1. Also in the Options icon, click on the Signature tab.
   2. If you would like to have a signature option for your outgoing e-mail messages, click in the
      Activate signature box.
   3. Type the Signature that you wish to have in the box below the check mark.
   4. Click whether you want an automatic signature or a prompt.
   5. Click on Save.
   6. Click on Close.

Opening and Reading Mail
   1. You are here! Your most recent 25 messages will be displayed (if you have not deleted or
      stored your messages.
   2.    Bold messages will have a picture of an unopened envelope. These messages have never
      been read.
   3.    Messages that do not have bold type should show an opened envelope. These are messages
      that have been read in the past. If you are done with these messages, you should either delete
      them or file them in a folder.
   4. Look closely for a picture of a paperclip next to the envelope. This paperclip tells you that
      some type of attachment is attached to the message. Be careful because computer viruses are
      often hidden in attachments. If you have ANY DOUBT about an attachment, DO NOT OPEN
      IT OR VIEW IT. Ask for help!
Opening Attachments
   1. Open an e-mail with an attachment.
   2. When attachments are sent with an e-mail message, they are listed above the box where the e-
      mail message is located.
   3. Next to each attachment are two options. One is View and the other is Save As. The best way
      to open the attachment is to click on Save As.
   4. A screen will appear with options of what you would like to do with the attachment next. The
      best thing to do is to click on Open. The attachment will open at this time.

Deleting Messages
   1. Click in the box to the left of the opened or closed envelope. (You may click in more than one
       box.) If you wish to select all messages, click on Select All. If you decide you want to
       unselect, click Clear All.
   2. Click           after selecting the messages to be deleted.

Adding Folders to the Filing Cabinet
   1.   The file cabinet, to the left of the messages, is a place to store messages that you wish to
      keep and not to delete.
   2.   You may add folders to the Cabinet to organize your emails. Choose Add Folder.
   3. Type in the Folder Name.
   4. Choose the location of the folder.
   5. Click on OK.

Moving E-Mail Messages
  1. Click in the box to the left of the opened or closed envelope. (You may click in more than one
      box.) If you wish to select all messages, click on Select All. If you decide you want to
      unselect, click Clear All.
  2. Click         after selecting the messages to be moved.
  3. Choose the location you want to move the e-mail message(s).

Address Book (Basic Topic)

         This picture shows the icon for the address book. Click it if you need help with e-mail
addresses. Everyone in GroupWise will have 2 address books. One is a system address book (called
GroupWise Address Book) that shows everyone in the school district that has an e-mail address. You
cannot make any changes or add to this address book. You also have an address book that is specific
to you. You can add people or groups to your address book. Your address book is titled by your last
name. Click the down arrow under the title address book to change between address books. There are
various ways to search an address book. The best way comes up automatically with “Last Name” and
“Begins With”. Type as many letters that you are positive about, and put an * at the end. If you are
positive about the spelling of the last name you are searching for, you may type the whole last name.
EX Typing cha* reveals two matches, Chambers and Chapman.

Adding addresses to your personal address book
   1. Click the address book icon shown earlier.
   2. Click on the Add Entry button to put new entries in the address book.
   3. The new entries can be members of GroupWise or any other e-mail addresses. You must
      complete the three spaces that have red asterisks. The other boxes can be completed, but they
      are not required. This is a good location to store mailing addresses and phone numbers also.
   4. Click               .
   5. To see all entries in you address book, type nothing in the search box and hit the search address
      book. It will display 25 entries at one time.

Saving Groups
   1. Before saving any groups to your Personal Address Book, they must first be in the GroupWise
       or your Personal Address Book.
   2. Search for the first address you wish to have in your group.
   3. Click on the         icon.
   4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 to add additional members to the group.
   5. When all the members of the desired group are in the         column, click            .
   6. Type in the Group Name.
   7. Click                 .
       *When searching from groups in your address book, make sure to search for Name and not
       First Name or Last Name.

Writing Messages

       This picture is used to write (or compose) a message. Click this picture if you would like to
send someone an e-mail. You will need to know the e-mail address of the person that you are writing.

E-mail addresses
Most faculty members at Rush County Schools can simply be written as the last name. To e-mail
Dennis Chambers at his GroupWise account for example, you can just put “Chambers”. THIS IS NOT
TRUE IF YOU ARE NOT USING GROUPWISE. If you are not using GroupWise, you need the full
address such as If there are two faculty members with the same last
name, you will need to use a first initial. An example would be Mark Scheidler and Kara Scheidler.
You would need to type scheidlerm or scheidlerk to send e-mail from GroupWise. Sometimes the last
name and first initial are both the same such as Karen Brown and Kerry Brown. In this case, you need
to add letters to the first name to break the tie. EX. brownka and brownke For more help with
addresses, see address book.

If you have a home e-mail account such as Lightbound, you need to send messages to the whole
address such as This is also the way that you tell people not using
GroupWise to send e-mail to you.

Using the Address Book When Writing Messages
   1. Click on the Compose Message icon.
   2. Choose the                  button.
   3. Search for an address.
   4. Click in the box(es) to the left of the person you wish to send a message.
   5. Choose         ,      , or      .
       *Here is a brief description on using each. Use To: for all main recipients of a message.
        Use CC: just as you would to Carbon Copy a regular letter. This is typically someone that
        you want to make aware of the message without expecting any action.
        Use BC: if you want someone to get a copy without the others knowing about it. BC stands
        for Blind Copy meaning that no one will see that it also went to this person.
   6. Click on                 . (This will take you back to your message.)

Writing Messages
   1. Type in the subject line.
   2. Add any attachments. (See below.)
   3. Type in the message.
   4. If you have an automatic signature, decide if you want it activated for the message.
   5. Click              .

Adding Attachments
   1. Click on the                 button.
   2. Next click on Browse and find the document that you wish to send.
   3. Click on Open.
   4. Then click                . If you want to send more attachments, click on Browse again and go
      through the same steps.
   5. When all of the attachments you wish to send are in the list below, click on             . You
      will then be returned to the message. The attachments should be listed above the message box.
   6. Finally, click on                .

Deleting All Messages Permanently
   1. Delete messages from the       Mailbox.
   2. Delete messages from the       Unopened Items.
   3. Delete messages from the       Sent Items.
   4. Open the      Trash.
   5. Either select items and click on                 or click on                to permanently delete
       everything from the trash.
   *Please delete messages from each of these areas periodically.

     You may click the help icon near the top of the screen. This button contains much help about
using every feature in GroupWise. Please understand that GroupWise was developed for a very
comprehensive office environment. It has many, many more features than we use in Rush County
Schools. The topics that are available to RCS can be explained very well here, but understand that
every feature cannot be done on our system. If you need further help, ask a colleague or give things a
try when you don’t mind making a mistake.

Logging Out of GroupWise
     This button shows the picture of the proper icon to leave the e-mail program. Many of you are
probably accustomed to using the X in the upper right-hand corner to leave a program. PLEASE DO
NOT LEAVE GROUPWISE WITH THE “X”. When you are done with e-mail, click the icon that
looks like the picture to the above. This icon will actually log you out of the program properly.
(Remember you had to use a username and password to log in.) Leaving any other way may cause an
error on the e-mail server and inconvenience everyone using e-mail until the server is reset. YOUR

**Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
      Office Phone: 932-2961 (Rushville Elementary School)

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