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            British Gas        0845 965 0650
                                                                                         Saving Energy, Money and

                               0800 096 9966

                                0800 022 220

                                                                                              the Environment
             Powergen           0500 201 000

         ScottishPower          0800 332 233
                                                                                                                                                         The Nottinghamshire and
                                                                                               You can get this                                               Derbyshire Energy
      Southern Electric        0845 777 6633
                                                                                                information in                                            Efficiency Advice Centre
                                                                                                                                                            presents your guide to
 Switching Suppliers           0800 404 7988
                                                                                                  large print                                               grants, discounts and
                                                                                              Call 0800 512 012                                          sources of information for
                                                                                                                                                          making your home more
          SOME INTERESTING WEBSITES FOR YOU TO VISIT                                            for your copy                                           energy efficient. We are an
                Energy Saving Trust                                                                                          independent advice centre,
Office of Gas & Electricity Regulation                                                                                                  funded by the Energy
                                                                                                                                                          Saving Trust, working in
            Boiler Efficiency Ratings                                                                                               partnership with all the
Heating & Hotwater Industry Council                                                                                            Local Authorities in
                                                                                                                                                             Nottinghamshire and
               Gas Safety Watchdog                                                                                               Derbyshire. We provide
                                                                                                                                  free and impartial advice
   Light bulbs - all shapes and sizes!                                                                                                                     on all aspects of saving
                                                                                                                                                            energy in your home.
Find out the real cost of running your
                   electric appliances

                          Green Tariffs

             Grow Your Own Energy

          Renewable Energy Grants

   Centre for Alternative Technology

          DEFRA’s carbon calculator
                                                                                          Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire
                                                                                          Local Authorities Energy Partnership
 Everybody’s Talking About
           Climate Change                                                                This information is for residents of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. If you don’t live in either of these
                                                                                                    counties you can get similar information for your area by calling 0800 512 012.
  SPECIAL       Buy dawn/dusk sensor and dimmable energy saving                                   Homeowners, communities or developers can apply for
OFFER BULBS     light bulbs from Scottish Power at LESS THAN HALF                 RENEWABLE
                                                                                                  grants of varying amounts through the Low Carbon
0845 602 3876   PRICE. You don’t have to be a Scottish Power customer.              ENERGY
                                                                                                  Buildings Programme. Grants are for all types of
                                                                                                  renewable micro-generation technologies (i.e. solar
                Boilers bought through the Magic Boiler Scheme start at             MICRO-
                                                                                                  photovoltaic, wind turbines, small hydro, solar thermal hot
                the discounted price of £485.95 inc VAT (not including            GENERATION
DISCOUNTED                                                                                        water, ground/water/air source heat pump, bio-energy,
                installation) with £20 cash-back on top of discount. Choose                       renewable CHP, micro CHP, fuel cell). For more information
BOILERS AND                                                                       0800 512 012
                from Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi-Potterton, Alpha, Ideal,                           go to
                Vokera, Ariston, and Glow-worm boiler models using
                natural gas, LPG or oil. With all boilers being ‘A’ rated                         Local firms that install solar thermal hot water systems in
                condensing type (to comply with new building regulations)         SOLAR HOT       Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire include:
 0800 512 012                                                                       WATER
                they’re all over 90% efficient. Danfoss heating controls also                               SUNGAIN 0115 985 9057(
                available through the scheme at a discount.                        SYSTEMS
                                                                                                  Energy Advice UK 0800 023 1383

                For properties without cavity walls you can insulate internally                   Encraft are providers of independent, impartial, professional
 SOLID WALL                                                                         ENCRAFT
                using a product called Sempatap. A foam wall covering,                            energy evaluations for your property. This includes detailed
 INSULATION                                                                       01926 312 159
                10mm thick supplied in rolls and put up like wallpaper. Call                      advice on low carbon technology options
 0800 512 012
                us about the Magic Wall Scheme for a 20% discount!
                                                                                                  Get your gas/electricity from an ethical not-for-profit
  RADITOR       Reflective panels are easily fitted behind your radiators to         EBICO
                                                                                                  company. You can offset your carbon emissions at the same
   PANELS       reflect more heat into the room. Cost less than £5 per            0800 458 7689
                                                                                                  time! For more information go to
 0800 512 012   radiator to fit and could reduce your heating bills by 10%
                                                                                                  The Stay Warm tariff from Powergen offers fixed price gas
                Government grants for those on qualifying benefits. If                            and electricity bills. To be eligible you, or someone in your
                you own your own home or rent it from a private landlord           STAY WARM
WARM FRONT                                                                                        home must be over 60, your home must have 3 bedrooms
                then you can apply for a grant up to £2700 to pay for ‘warm       (POWERGEN)
0800 316 2814                                                                                     or less with no more than 4 people living in your home. Your
                improvements’ i.e. insulation and changes to your heating         0800 169 4694
                                                                                                  agreed tariff is reviewed annually – after 12 months your
                system (grant is £4000 if oil central heating is involved).                       new prices will be based on the previous year’s usage
                If you are over 60 and not on benefits that qualify for the
                main Warm Front grant, you can get a £300 rebate off the                          Energywatch ( offer impartial
WARM FRONT      cost of installing central heating, or repairing or replacing a                   advice on switching energy supplier. They can also help if
£300 REBATE     broken central heating system. You must own or privately            ENERGY        you have a complaint to make about your supplier. Also for
0800 316 2808   rent your home and you must have no heating system or                WATCH        free gas services or help with reading/moving meters ask
                one that is inoperable. The work must be carried out by an        0845 906 0708   energywatch for the Priority Service Register. To be
                installer who is registered on the scheme.                                        eligible you must be of pensionable age, have a disability,
                                                                                                  long-term ill health or be blind/visually-impaired.
HOME ENERGY     Complete our “Home Energy Check” questionnaire to
   CHECK                                                                                          There are trust funds that can help you with your energy
                receive a written report with personalised tips for saving
 0800 512 012                                                                                     debts but also with other household bills and costs such as
                energy and money. Complete online           CLEAR FUEL
                                                                                                  telephone arrears, rent arrears, new household items,
EVERYBODY’S     Ever wondered about climate change and what you                                   bankruptcy deposits etc. The payments are grants, not
                                                                                  0800 512 012
  TALKING       could do personally to help us avoid the predicted                                loans, and do not have to be repaid! Administered by your
   ABOUT        climate chaos? Everybody’s Talking is a local public                              energy supplier, call us for more information.
  CLIMATE       awareness campaign, supported by DEFRA.
  CHANGE                                                                                          Call the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Energy Efficiency
                                                                                  NEED MORE?
                For practical tips and to make a pledge visit our website                         Advice Centre on 0800 512 012 or you can email us:
                                                                                  0800 512 012
 0800 512 012                                              
For general information on insulation products and a list of approved                              Grants for Insulation
manufacturers you can contact the National Insulation Association on                                 October - November 2007
  01525 383313 or visit
                                                                            Free and discounted loft and cavity wall insulation
Loft Insulation - can save up to £110 on annual heating bills!
(~£30 for top-up only)                                                         All companies listed over the page will insulate privately
   The recommended thickness for loft insulation is 250mm (10”).
                                                                               owned/rented houses (landlord’s permission required). But only a
   Existing insulation should be topped up to this amount. A layer will        few companies may be able to insulate council or housing association
   need to be laid over the joists in your loft space.                         properties (these are Hillserve, Westville, Energy Advice UK and
   Works will usually be carried out using glass or mineral fibre              Scottish Power).
   insulation products but more environmentally friendly loft products
   such as sheep's wool are available on request at extra cost from            All prices are quoted as a guide for a typical 3 bed semi-
   Heat Project (call 0800 512 012 for info).                                  detached house. The actual cost of work depends on the size and
   All loft insulation materials are treated with fire-retardant               type of your property. Funding for these schemes is constantly changing
                                                                               and guide prices are updated regularly. For an up to date list please call
                                                                               us on 0800 512 012.
            Loft insulation can be a D.I.Y. job too!
      It may work out cheaper for you to do your own loft
    insulation especially if you have some up there already.                   All companies listed will do a free survey for you. You’ll
                                                                               receive a quote, after which there’s no obligation to proceed.
     Unfortunately you cannot get a grant for DIY work but
         look out for half price offers in places like B&Q
                                                                               For loft insulation, more funding is available to
                                                                               households with no existing insulation (i.e. virgin loft). Guide
Cavity Wall Insulation – can save approximately £90 on annual                  prices quoted for loft insulation are for virgin lofts.
heating bills!
   Most houses built after 1930 will have cavity walls. New build
   houses will already be insulated. Please call 0800 512 012 for              All companies listed will insulate your home for free if
   advice on wall types including insulating solid walls.                      you are on qualifying benefits. The qualifying benefits are:
   The most common material used is rock or mineral wool. The                  (other conditions may apply)
   material is broken down and blown into the cavity using a specialist
   machine. Foam or polystyrene beads can also be used, often in                 •   Council tax benefit               •   State pension credit
   unusually large/small cavities.                                               •   Housing benefit                   •   Attendance allowance
   All cavity insulation materials are resistant to water penetration and        •   Income support                    •   Disability living allowance
   won’t transmit water across the cavity or absorb it from below the            •   Child tax credit                  •   Disablement pension
   damp course.                                                                  •   Working tax credit                •   War disablement pension
   Work is guaranteed for 25years by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee             •   Income based job seekers
   Agency (call 01525 853300 or visit for more                        allowance
        Company                Telephone        Loft        Cavity

         Absolute             0800 652 3777     £269         £269                     The Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Energy Efficiency Advice
                                                                                      Centre provide a referral service for the following companies.
    Affordable Energy         0800 096 6356     £229         £229
                                                                                      Call   0800 512 012 we’ll pass on your request for a survey.
    Energy Advice UK          0800 023 1383     £149         £149
                                                                                       For Millfold you can specify an appointment date 2 weeks in advance.
     Energy Support           0800 389 3238     £139         £139
       Heatsavers             0800 585 437      £139         £139                                  Company                         Loft               Cavity
                                                                                                  Heat Project                Top-up £189         Pre1976 £139
         Hillserve            0800 622 415      £249         £249                       Homes with electric or coal heating   Virgin £FREE        Post1976 £225
       Keep Warm              0800 612 9553     £149         £149                                 Heat Project                                    Pre1976 £255
                                                                                          Homes with gas or oil heating                           Post1976 £289
           KHI                0800 731 1881     £149         £149
                                                                                                Miller Pattison                    £199                £199
          Mark                0800 616 302      £199         £189
                                                                                                Snug-as-a-Bug                      £269                £269
   Tameside Insulation        0800 093 0998     £385         £385
                                                                                                     Millfold                      £249                £249
        Westville             0800 454 419      £125         £195
       British Gas            0845 971 7731     £274         £250
 British Gas (Customers)      0845 971 7731     £249         £225
                                                                                                        INSULATION IS FREE IF YOU ARE ON
  EDF (Customers only)        0800 096 9966     £255         £255                                               QUALIFYING BENEFITS!
                                                                                                      If you’re on a benefit you can call any of the
         npower               0800 022 220      £365         £419                                     companies on this list. They will check your
                                                                                                           entitlement during the free survey.
   npower (Customers)         0800 022 220      £150         £150
                                                                                                   Or you can apply for a Warm Front grant where
        Powergen              0800 479 0162     £230         £275
                                                                                                    you can get up to £2700 for both heating and
 Powergen (Customers)         0800 479 0162     £200         £230                                             insulation measures. Call
                                                                                                                    0800 316 2814
     Scottish Power
                              0845 601 7836     £199         £199
   (Customers or not)
Southern Electric, Scottish
                              0845 777 6633       -          £311
Hydro, Atlantic, SWALEC
                                                                                          All companies listed here are members of the National Insulation
Southern Electric, Scottish
                                                £35-                                     Association (NIA) and so subscribe to a code of practice regarding
Hydro, Atlantic, SWALEC       0845 777 6633                  £190
                                                £210                                        workmanship and customer care. Call NIA on 01525 383313

 This list is only a guide. We cannot recommend one company over another. There may be other companies offering similar services that we don’t know about.

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