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Save Headaches, Save Money
Ask prepress operators what
causes most of their
headaches and they’ll tell
you file errors. Customers
send ostensibly print-ready
digital files that are often
riddled with errors. For
prepress, this equals hours
of extra work, stress, and
danger of missing deadlines.
It also means money lost.

This also causes headaches for file        have to rest in the hands of prepress.
suppliers. They’ve sent the file, moved    Instead, file suppliers can perform this
on to another project, and then the        task prior to sending a file.
phone rings. Their file has major errors
and they don’t know how to make it         Why is this scenario better? First, it
match the publisher’s specifications.      saves time for prepress. Rather than
And even if they can, it’s more wasted     fumbling with a sender’s file, they get
time and money.                            right to business, operating efficiently.
                                           Second, it saves the file supplier time
A print-ready, error-free file not only    because he or she won’t receive
contributes to headache-free, efficient    countless calls from the printer/
employees, it also equals cost and         publisher asking for new files. Then
time savings. And the good news is         there’s the sticky issue of who pays
it’s actually quite easy to achieve for    for the fixes. That situation is avoided
both parties.                              when the file is correct upon sending.

Preflighting is the key                    AdSEND AdPORTAL:
                                           Free tools for file suppliers
You may have already guessed the
solution lies in preflighting. But what    So how can publishers convince
you may not have realized is the           clients that they should take on
responsibility of preflighting doesn’t     preflighting?
                                                                       . . . continued
Save Headaches, Save Money cont’d

Easy—tell them it’s free!

AdSEND’s AdPORTAL is a one-stop
shop for preflighting, ad sizing, job
ticket (metadata) information, and file
transfer. And it won’t cost a file
supplier a dime!

Find and fix errors ASAP

                                          Publishers and printers provide free tools to clients with AdPORTAL.
When ad suppliers have access to a
publisher’s or printer’s AdPORTAL,
time and money are saved all around.
After all, the earlier in the workflow
that errors are spotted and fixed, the    New: HTML Job Tickets, Previews
smoother and more efficient the entire
                                          Publishers: are you still logging into
                                 to retrieve your
                                          ads? There’s now an even better way
See a demo and learn more
                                          to do this. AdSEND Manager is a new
                                          convenient inbox that includes HTML
File suppliers receive valuable free
                                          job tickets with thumbnails and file
tools and publishers and printers
                                          previews. All of the file information is
increase employee efficiency and save
                                          right there, and with a quick click of
money. It’s really that good. To learn
                                          the “download” button, the ad is yours.
more about AdPORTALs, call us                                                         HTML Job Tickets include thumbnails
for a consultation and demo at                                                                                   and previews.
                                          We’ve implemented the latest in
1-800-2-ADSEND (1-800-223-7363)
                                          security encryption so you’ll need to      these items. Once in hand, you can
or email
                                          contact us to obtain your new              access the new AdSEND Manager at
                                          username and password. Reach our  Under the
                                          support center at 1-800-8-ADSEND           Customer Login heading click the
                                          (1-800-823-7363) or by email at            Publishers button. Don’t wait another
                                 and one           day to take advantage of this free
                                          of our specialists will provide you with   service available to you!

    Newspaper Glossary

New to the business or need a quick
  refresher? We’ve compiled a short
glossary of newspaper design, layout
          and printing terms for your

    Air: White space in a design.               Caption: Sentence(s) with descriptive
    Attribution: Line identifying the source    information about a photo. Also known
    of a quote.                                 as a cutline.
    Banner: Wide headline extending             Clip art: Copyright-free images you
    across the entire page.                     can modify and print repeatedly.
    Bar: Thick rule used for decoration or      CMYK: Acronym for Cyan, Magenta,
    to contain subheads.                        Yellow and Black—the four ink colors
    Baseline: Imaginary line where type sits.   used in color printing.
    Baseline shift: Software command            Column rule: Vertical line separating
    where baseline is raised/lowered.           stories or running between legs within
    Bleed: Page element extending to the        a story.
    trimmed edge of a printed page.             Continuation line: Type informing the
    Blend: Mixture of two colors that fade      reader that a story continues on
    gradually from one tint to another.         another page.
    Body type: Type used for text. In           Continuous tone: Photo or drawing
    newspapers, usually from 8 to 10            using shades of gray.
    points.                                     Copy: Text in story.
    Border: Rule used to form a box or          Crop: Trimming the shape or
    edge a photograph.                          composition of a photo.
    Box: Ruled border around a story or art.    Cutout: Photo where the background
    Broadsheet: Full-size newspaper,            is removed, leaving only the main
    measuring about 14” x 23”.                  subject.
    Bumping/butting heads: Headlines            Deck: Small headline below the main
    from adjacent stories that collide with     headline. Also known as a drop head.
    each other (to be avoided). Also            Doglegs: L-shaped columns of text
    known as tombstoning.                       that wrap around art, ads or other
    Byline: Name of the reporter placed at      articles.
    the start of the story.                     Double truck: Two facing pages on
    Camera-ready art: Page elements             the same sheet of newsprint, treated
    that are ready for printing.                as one unit.           . . . continued
Newspaper Glossary cont’d
Downstyle: Headline style that
capitalizes only the first word and
proper nouns.
Dutch wrap: Text extending into                                                      101 Interchange Plz.
a column alongside its headline.                                                     Ste. 102 Cranbury, NJ 08512
Also known as a raw wrap.                                                  
Folio: Type at the top of an inside
page giving a newspaper's name,                                                      Sales/Marketing
the date and a page number.                                                          800-223-7363 (800-2-ADSEND)
                                          Liftout quote: Graphic treatment of a
Graf: Newsroom slang for paragraph.                                        
                                          quotation taken from a story. Also
Grid: Underlying pattern of lines
                                          known as a pull quote.
forming the framework of a page.                                                     Technical Support
                                          Masthead: Includes staff names and
Also aligns elements on a page.                                                      800-823-7363 (800-8-ADSEND)
                                          publication data and usually appears
Gutter: Space running vertically                                           
                                          on the editorial page.
between columns.
                                          Mortise: Placing one element (text,
H and J: Hyphenation and justification.
                                          photo, artwork) so it partially overlaps
Hammer head: Headline using a
big, bold word or phrase for impact
                                          Mug shot: Small photo showing a
with a small, wide deck below.
                                          person's face.
Jump: To continue a story onto
                                          Nameplate: Name of a newspaper as
another page. The text continued on
                                          it appears on page 1. Also known as
the other page is the jump.
                                          a flag.
Jump headline: Special headline
                                          Pyramid ads: Ads stacked on one
treatment reserved for stories
                                          side of a page, wide at the bottom but
continued from another page.
                                          progressively smaller at the top.
Jump line: Type informing the reader
                                          Refer (or reefer): Line or paragraph
that a story is continued from
                                          referring to a related story elsewhere
another page.
                                          in the paper.
Kerning: Shrinking spacing between
                                          RGB: Acronym for Red, Green, Blue—
                                          a color format used by computer
Kicker: Small, short headline above a
                                          monitors and video systems.
larger headline.
                                          Teaser: Eye-catching graphic element,
Lead-in: Word or phrase in
                                          on page 1 and section fronts, that
contrasting type preceding a cutline,
                                          promotes an item inside. Also known
headline or text.
                                          as a promo.
Leading: Vertical spacing between
                                          Well: Ads stacked along both edges
lines of type, measured in points.
                                          of the page, forming a trough for
Leg: Column of text.                      stories in between.


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