Biomolecule WebQuest_ Proteins and Enzymes by malj


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Biomolecule WebQuest: Proteins and Enzymes
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          a. Explain how heat affects the rate of reaction.
          b. Explain how surface area affects the rate of reaction.
          c. Explain how concentration affects the rate of reaction

   2. Go to the following site:
          a. What types of molecules make up enzymes?
          b. What determines the function of an enzyme?
          c. What is denaturing?
          d. Describe how a reaction takes place without an enzyme and then with an
          e. Explain how you think an enzyme might speed up a reaction.
          f. Explain why you think enzymes are so particular about reactions.
          g. How is the shape of an enzyme important?
          h. Explain how you know an enzyme is reusable.
          i. How does heating an enzyme affect its function?
          j. Does heating a reaction always have the same effect? Explain.

   3. Go to:
          a. Explain the difference between hydrolysis and condensation
          b. Which molecules have we studied that undergo these reactions?
          a. Describe how proteins are made in detail. Sketch a picture.

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