Work From Home Moms Can Create Victorian Wreaths and Garlands To Market by samanthac


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									Work From Home Moms Can Create Victorian Wreaths and Garlands To Market
As a home based business owner,I enjoy the creativity of Victorian decorating especially designing Victorian wreaths and Garlands.

I find it delightful and exciting to bargain shop for items to decorate a wreath or garland. One of my favorite things to do prior to Christmas is watch the craft store ads for Victorian ornaments when they go on sale.

I decide on a color scheme and purchase accordingly. Some of the ornaments or items I look for are decorative gold beads, jewelry, angels, small metal bows, Victorian buttons, miniature teapots, miniature atomizers, old fashioned perfume bottles, silk rosebuds and many other items.

I shop in variety stores and boutique shops for Victorian trinkets and lace throughout the year. Yard sales are a great place to look for wreath accessories.

It is fun to work with a victorian classic or country design. I usually purchase a heart shape grapevine wreath either new or used. Use a heavy piece of floral wire bending it in a hook shape, glue it into the "V" of the wreath for a hanger. I love to cover the wreath in a white or cream color 1 1/2" - 2" cheap ribbon. Then I use a Victorian blue, pink or mauve 1 1/2" - 2" ribbon and wrap around the wreath leaving about a 2" space between wraps. When I begin wrapping, I use hot glue to hold ribbon in place and when I end I apply glue. Next, I start gluing the items on the wreath.

When making a garland, you can buy the eucalyptus already wired together or you can buy 2 bunches and wire them together yourself. If you prefer the wooden stem garlands they decorate nicely with a beautiful hand tied bow of a Victorian hue or silk flowers. Decorate the eucalyptus with a bow or over lay it with a smaller silk floral garland, such as roses or magnolia.

I make these wreaths and garlands to decorate my own house and to give away as gifts to my friends who enjoy Victorian décor. Stay home moms could have a nice cottage industry by making and selling the wreaths.

When you have the passion of creativity but don't have the time or money, it becomes very frustrating. Because of my home based business, I have the time and financial freedom to really get more involved in my Victorian craft works.

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I am a work from home business owner. Making crafts, especially Victorian is a favorite past time for me. I also have an Internet Home Based Business that I do part-time. My husband, German Shepherd and I live in northern California where we enjoy the agriculture surroundings.


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