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									                               Making Christmas Ornaments

                               Simple Pine Cone Ornaments
Materials needed: pine cones, paint, glue, glitter, pipe cleaners or ribbon
Instructions: coat pine cone scales with glue and then roll in or sprinkle on glitter. Allow
to dry thoroughly. A piece of ribbon run under the top and tied in a bow can serve as the
hanger. Or simply glue a pipe cleaner to the top to use as the hanger. For a more
finished look, pine cones can be spray painted before applying glue and glitter. Using
glitter glue saves a step.

                                    Reindeer Ornament
Materials needed: candy canes, brown pipe cleaners, 1/8-1/4 inch red pompoms, small
wriggle eyes, glue
Instructions: glue pompoms and wriggle eyes to the candy cane above the tip end, but
before the curve of the cane. Bend pipe cleaner in half and wrap around the cane at the
top of the curve; straighten the two ends so they point upwards (serving as antlers).

                                 Christmas Ball Ornament
Materials needed: clear glass ball ornaments, paint, glitter (optional), Christmas ribbon,
paper cups.
Instructions: begin by taking the top off the ornament and putting it aside (do not
discard). Drip in 3 to 10 drops of the first color of paint into the glass ball ornament.
Swirl the ornament so the paint begins to coat the sides. If you want to use more than
one color of paint, add a few drops of your second color and swirl again. Do this until
the entire inside surface is covered. Using white paint with a colored paint will give a
marbled appearance. Place the glass ball ornament upside down in a paper cup so
excess paint can drip out the bottom and leave for several hours to dry. Then put the
top back on the glass ball ornament and add some Christmas ribbon as a hanger. In
order to tie a bow for the hanger, you’ll need to do a square knot ( right over left and left
over right) and then tie the bow. This way it will not come out when the ornament is
hanging on the tree.

                                  New England Carpet Ornaments
Materials needed: felt, scissors, buttons, needle with a large eye, glass or other circular
object to use as a pattern, ribbon, glue
Instructions: using your circular object as a pattern cut out 2 circles of felt (contrasting
colors). Sew the circles of felt together using a hem stitch. Place a button in the middle
and sew it to the felt. Form a piece of ribbon into a loop and glue it to the felt for

                                        Evergreen Center Piece
Materials needed: a rectangular piece of florists foam, shallow vase or dish to hold the
bottom of the foam, gold spray paint, dried ferns or pods or berries, boughs of small-
leaved evergreen like boxwood or Japanese Holly
Instructions: Place the bottom (base) of the foam in the shallow dish (pick a vase or dish
that will hold the foam firmly in place or use floral tape). Starting at the base of the
foam, place branches of greenery into the sides of the foam. Work in a circle, going
from the bottom of the foam to the top, making successive layers of branches smaller
and smaller so that the resulting arrangement has the shape of a Christmas tree. Spray
paint the dried ferns or berries, allow them to dry, and then insert them into the
arrangement for ornamentation. To water, remove the branches from the very top,
place under a water faucet, and let water drip slowly onto the top of the foam until it is
saturated. Your center piece should last several weeks if the greens are fresh, the foam
is kept wet and the branches are freshly cut before sticking into the foam.
                                             Margaret Hagen
                                                  Dec 06

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