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									Last Minute Merry Christmas Decorating Tips
Christmas is almost here and you're busy with work, the kids' Christmas concerts and all the shopping for the Holidays that you know you've got to do.
How can you possibly find the time to re-decorate your home for the Holidays? It's simple if you remember a few simple tips.

First remember you're not trying to build the Taj Mahal. It's Christmas, so don't let the desire to re-decorate your home destroy your holiday spirit,
remember "ho-ho-ho" and don't sweat the small stuff. You're not going to be able to add a room or even re-paint so what can you do? The key to last
minute Christmas decorating is to think small. Small touches that you can do easily that won't break your Christmas bank account.

Nothing says Christmas like bright Christmas bows. Bows on Christmas gifts bring the excitement of the Season into your home so why not extend the
look by adding bows to other items in your home? Bows can be hung around mirrors or if you're up to the challenge, make a big, big bow and hang it
on the back of a prominent chair or if you dare; on top of the TV. The key is to use bows sparingly, save most of the dazzle for under the tree. But a
bow in an un-expected spot in your home can bring a Christmas smile to the meanest Grinch.

Another simple Christmas tip is one of the most obvious things and one of the most over-looked. Christmas lights are on the outside of many homes
during the Holidays but few designers think to bring them inside. Like using bows, the key to using lights is to use them sparingly. Find the kind of
small twinkle lights that blink (all white or multi-colored as you prefer) and string them across the mantle, around a clock or in the bathroom on top of
the shower curtain rod. Be sure to hang the lights outside the tub area so there is no possibility of them becoming wet. Be imaginative in their
placement and you'll see the tinkle in the eyes of your guests and family as the tiny lights blink in the cheer of the season.

Sound is an unseen element in the home environment and yet its influence on the way we experience our sense of the space we're in is profound.
Are you listening to Christmas music in your home yet? It's Christmas, so take out your favorite Cds or run out and add a few more to your collection
and make sure that your home rings with the joyous sounds of the Season. It's funny how the cheerful songs of Christmas can revamp your old living
room furniture into an inviting place to reminisce of Christmas past.

And of course, what would Christmas be without the smells? No need to wait for Christmas dinner to enjoy the great smells of the Season. A low cost
atomizer of Pine or your favorite Christmas smell is a definite way to change the décor of your home. Even the most techno-urban environment
somehow transforms under the spell of the smell of the Season.

Christmas is just around the corner but hopefully with these few tips you can experience the rich joys of the Season to the fullest extend in your home.
And remember, Spring cleaning is just around the corner so you'll have a chance to re-paint that room soon enough, until then; Merry Christmas.

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