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									                          REAL ESTATE SALES CONTRACT
                        (Personal Property is Included in the Sale)

        This Contract is entered into this ___ day of _______, 20__, by and between RFD and
LHD, husband and wife, hereinafter referred to as sellers, and RPD and NLD, husband and wife,
hereinafter referred to as buyers.
        1.      Property to be conveyed.
                (a)     Real Estate. The sellers have agreed to convey, and the buyers have
        agreed to purchase, in accordance with the terms expressed herein, the real estate and
        improvements described as follows:
                             (Legal Description of Real Estate)

                (b)     Personal Property The following personal property located in and on the
        described real estate is included in this sale: All appliances, including the refrigerator, all
        window treatments and coverings, the wooden picnic table on the boat dock, and the hot tub.
        2.      Sale and purchase price.         The price for the above described real estate and
improvements is _____________________ Dollars ($ ___________ ), payable by buyers, or on
their behalf, in cash or certified funds at the time of closing as provided hereinafter.
        3.      Taxes and association dues. Taxes and property association dues, if any, for the
year 20__ shall be pro-rated as of the date of closing, and taxes and dues for the year 20__ and
thereafter shall be paid by buyers when due.
        4.      Title insurance commitment and title insurance.
        (a)     A Title Insurance Commitment shall be obtained by the closing agent and a copy
thereof delivered to buyers as soon as possible after the contingency in paragraph 9 has been
removed.      After receipt of the said title insurance commitment, buyers shall examine the
commitment, and approve or reject the same. If buyers reject the commitment, this contract shall be
cancelled and shall be void. Such rejection must be in writing and shall be presented to sellers and
the closing agent within seven days after receipt of the commitment by buyers. If buyers do not
reject the commitment in writing within said seven days, their approval thereof shall be presumed.
        (b)     An owners’ policy of title insurance in the amount of the purchase price along with a
loan policy in the amount of buyers' loan shall be issued after the closing of this transaction.
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